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Tuesday Trunk Tidbitz

Presenting my fourth in the series of Tuesday Trunk Tidbitz is this wonderful Steamer in Damier Canvas.
The Damier was invented by Louis Vuitton himself in 1888 and was the first to be patented. Well, into it's second century the Damier has retained its freshness and continues to delight Vuitton Lovers everywhere. It was resurrected to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the company in 1996 and has become a standard staple since then. In November 2006 a new interpretation of the canvas was introduced, the Damier Azur. The rectangular steamer featured here contains three interior trays and has the previous owner's initials stenciled into the canvas. A band of white and blue winds its way around the whole piece. Truly, a wonderful Vuitton trunk. See auction at ebay. Ended at $6500.00

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Bobbi Brown Nail Polish SS07

Last weekend while the makeup lady at MAC was trying on loads of eye shadow colours on my sister, I wondered over to the Bobbi Brown counter and fell in love with the BB salesgirl's makeup. She had a 'light' (as in not as dramatic as most of MAC's salespeople's makeup,) smokey eye. She proceeded to try it on me but they were out of a certain shimmery, creamy eye shadow base so the eye shadow didn't look at all impressive on me, (or maybe it's just that the salesgirl was really pretty herself -that is so unfair!)

Next I noticed her nails and loved the colour. They were a lovely milky, white-ish, pinkish, champagne colour. They were exactly what I was looking for -something milky, but not plain white or pink. But I didn't realise Bobbi Brown made nail polishes at that point so I didn't ask her where she got her nail polish from. Later on, a friend told me Bobbi Brown did actually make nail polish so I decided to head to another Bobbi Brown counter in the hopes that the salesgirl's nail polish was from BB. After looking through the six shades, half of which were already out of stock, I guessed it was Tutu.

Since I have zero skills in painting nails, I got someone to do it for me while getting a facial. The results were... a bit more pink than I anticipated. Now that I've had time to accustome myself to painted nails, I suppose they don't look as pink as they first looked. Actually I think I may be starting to like the colour! (Haha sorry, this is my 28 hours of thoughts after getting my nails done.)

The one really big thing I must complain however is that BB nail polish seems to chip REALLY easily. Admittedly, I've got three layers on because I wanted the colour to completely cover up my nails so maybe the polish on my nails is really thick. But I've been pretty careful about using my fingers in the past day and it's not like I'm doing any nail-polish-chipping activities. (Although did you know msn-ing people is terrible for your nail polish? Too much constant typing!) BG justifies the chipping to me as "Bobbi Brown isn't exactly known for their nail polish". I know but still, I expected more from the brand and the price! Oh well.

Nail-painting is such an irritating and time-consuming activity, who know? No wonder I only ever experiment with nail polish during school holidays! Please let me know what other nail polish brands chip or scratch easily so we can all avoid them!

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MOCA Museum Murakami Exhibit

There is a buzz that the upcoming exhibit of Takashi Murakami's work at the Geffen Contemporary at Moca will have an exclusive LV boutique that comes with it. As you well all know, Murakami is a great contributor to the Vuitton aesthetic with his whimsical characters and the introduction of the Multicolore line. Exhibit opens on October 29, 2007. How LVoely is that???!!! Hmmm...I think an trip to California is in order.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one...

Posted by melikemochi from the Purse ForumI thought it might be nice for us LV fanatics to make a list of flaws to check for when buying LV. It might be helpful for some. For those, who like my sister, don't care much to check anything when purchasing, just ignore this thread.

Important things to check for (to the extreme):
-alignment: make sure the fleurs and other symbols match up; make sure the material is smooth where they are sewn together and not bent.
- bubbles: make sure canvas is sewn so that the bag stands well and does not have canvas that bubbles up a bit (this sort of looks like a fold) the entire piece of canvas should be uniform in terms of how much it sticks out. I hope this makes sense, its a bit hard to describe. My cousin bought my aunt a hudson and he did not check it well and her bag has this flaw. She noticed it right away but LV is 3 hours from her.
- air bubbles on MC items: you need to look closely for this.
- vachetta: not patinaed and is not dirty, scratched.
- glaze: must fully cover vachetta (I recieved a bag where the glaze didnt fully cover the leather edges and it began to split from that); pay especial attention to the ends of the tabs and where the handles connect to the bag because in those areas the vachetta need the most protection.
- bumps: for example the speedy. there is an inevitable bump by the zipper from the pocket inside (though IMO with good seamstress work that should not be there) all speedys will have this bump but it is best to choose one with the smallest bump (and yes the bump size varies). the reason for this? If you keep your bags for a few years no big deal but if you plan to keep it FOREVER like me then a smaller less steep bump is best as overtime that spot is most suceptible to cracking. Yes, i've seen it happen.
Vachetta piping: make sure it is all even both the size (thickness) of the piping and how much it sticks out from the bag. I saw one bag where the piping out stick out a great deal in one section but later on would be pushed in far so it would not stick out at all. It was a bad look.
zipper: make sure it works.

I tried to think of everything to check for. Oh, and its helpful to bring a friend. You know that friend that is a bargain shopper, super picky, has a good eye, and notices the small things... (We all have one) Bring her! =D HTH. If I missed anything, feel free to add! =)

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Pop Singer Wants to Be Waitress

Britney Spears in high heel stiletto spiked boots and halter top minidress

Will Britney Spears turns in
her minidress for a corset?

What would you rather be - a pop singer or a cocktail waitress?

Well, it seems that one pop singer is falling for the enticing lure of a sexy corset and tight black skirt outfit.

A source told Life and Style Weekly magazine: "Britney Spears told one of the managers at Les Deux, a trends upscale LA wateringhole, 'I really want to get a job here - I love the sexy red corsets the cocktail waitresses wear!'

And he said 'Well, you should fill out an application then!"

Britney filled out the application and then went to a back room for an interview with the manager.

So the moral of this story maybe, it not the job - but the look and the cloths that really matter.

Well, Britney if you don't get the job, we found some very hot, sexy corsets you may want to try.

We even found a soda girl waitress costume similar to the one worn by you in your video "Drive Me Crazy", which we think you still do.

Be sure to visit the Britney Spears Fashion News page, for a glimpse of many more of Britney Spears sexy and unique outfits.

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Office Fashion: Suits I

Ah work clothes. I must say, I've always somewhat dreaded wearing it before- especially business formal. I always thought that it looked more like a uniform, and since my high school uniform, which resembled a prisoner's outfit, I never want to go back to wearing them again. But alas, the real world beckons. So lets take a look into office fashion and start with suit jackets.
Suits. The first thing that pops to mind is Giorgio Armani. As I always say when I write runway reviews about them, these are the things that makes me want to work hard. Don't they just look so sexy and stylish? (Left: Giorgio Armani, Right: Ralph Lauren)
But of course, in the real world, suits are not that sexy. For my first suit, I followed my best friend's lead, and went for the Theory, Hayward (left)(and no, I did not deliberately choose the same cutting, but I found that it fitted me best). Theory isn't Armani, but its pretty good. And the fit is quite good too. But still, for the first few times I wore it, I still felt very conscious of myself, uncomfortable and old. Like I was a poser, pretending to look professional when I'm not. But this summer, having worn it more often (almost like an uniform- changing the shirt of course- such a good investment!), I'm actually feeling much more comfortable in it (maybe I've aged too!). My friend once said that wearing a suit makes her feel sexy and I was confused- now I get it!
Just witness Calista Flockheart in Brothers and Sisters. Doesn't look like an uniform at all! She just looks very chic and put together.
I think the trick to looking good in suits is the fit. So try until you find the right one. Typically, I find one button suit jackets fit the best- for me anyway(note how this whole post is filled with one button suits). They also look slightly more casual, giving it a younger and chic look. (left: Elie Tahari, right: BCBG). My only problem is that my chest is small, so I have to be careful that I don't find an one button suit that is too loose in the chest- disaster! Some cheaper options, from Express (left) and J Crew (right). Who knew J Crew HAD suits? Turns out they have a pretty good selection, so go check it out.
Besides black, I also got one (very cheap from a local store in HK) with very thin stripes. Not quite as bold as these ones from Max Studio (left) and Express (right), but these are quite nice and sharp too. Next I'm looking to get a suit in grey (not sure dark or soft yet!) and beige/white (for summer), its like a whole new door of fashion has opened up- but all this will probably be when I actually get a real full time job.

Image Credit: Elle, BCBG, Express, Nordstrom, Max Studio and Brothers and Sisters

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Miniature Louis Vuittons

Angel and I were browsing at our friendly, neighborhood boutique last Saturday when I discovered that LV made miniature lockits in epi leather. And when I say miniature, I mean miniature!!! They were so cute and well made that I wanted to purchase one as a coin purse. I almost swooned when my SA informed me nonchalantly that they were $1050. She also showed me a Miniature Speedy and Lockit in nomade leather and those were handsomely priced at $1150. I tried searching online and found them at the Purse Forum...duh! Below are pics of the Speedy Nomade that I saw and a Multicolore Lockit. LVoe them!!! Photo credits go to LVbabydoll and VuittonGanG of the Purse Forun. I think sometimes have them for sale hence the watermark on the lockit. .
The MC miniature lockit shown above was launched for the first anniversary of the re-opening of the Paris Flagship store at 101 Champs Elysees. They only made 101 pieces and could only be bought at that particular store.

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Lazy Saturday

Angel reading some gossip magazines with her newly lined Vuitton Bucket.

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Lazy Saturday

Onatah in Aubergine Neiman Marcus, July 28, 2007

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2007 Trend: The Slogan Tees

80's styled, bright-coloured slogan tees are 'in' this year. This unfortunate trend was started by House of Holland, which basically makes loads of this kind of tees. I suppose one of the reasons why it caught people's attention was the cheeky slogans about other designers and models, (such as "Do Me Daily Christopher Bailey" and "Wham Bam Thank You Stam" or somthing like that.) I really didn't mind this trend back when the only people I saw wearing the tees were in magazines and websites. Unfortunately, my local department store has recently started selling them and now I'm actually seeing the tees worn on people and featured in local magazines around me! Bleh, I'm obviously no fan of this look.

And thanks to rising model Agyness Deyn, who is claimed to be 'cool and hip' by various magazines, House of Holland tees are now also considered to be 'cool and hip'. Uh, tacky colours much? (And I mean both Aggy's makeup and the tee, or maybe it's the combination of both.)

If you simply can't resist this trend, consider these very affordable choices by Urban Outfitters (left) and Top Shop (right.) Just because I don't like this trend doesn't mean I'm going to stop you from experimenting. Afterall, fashion's meant to be fun too and I'm sure lots of people out there love this trend!

So ok, I still don't completely get why so many people and supposedly classy magazines like Vogue are crazy for these tees. They're just so... unclassy and flashy. But I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Plus, trends pass by so quickly these days, so why not? What does everyone think about this trend?

Photo credit:,,

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Gorbachev Made Me Buy It

Article from the New York Times
BAGGAGE Annie Leibovitz’s portrait, part of a new advertising campaign.

Published: July 26, 2007
SO many fashion ads feature celebrities now that it isn’t even faintly jarring to flip through the August issue of Vogue and see Scarlett Johansson lying on her belly with a Louis Vuitton bag over her shoulder and 10 pages later find her flat on her back, her cascading blond hair spread to promote L’Oréal Superior Preference shade No. 10NB.

That said, what is a reader to make of a Vuitton ad, coming in the big September books, that stars Mikhail S. Gorbachev, the last president of the Soviet Union? A decade ago, Mr. Gorbachev’s appearance in a Pizza Hut commercial was generally greeted as a low point in his career.

The Vuitton ad, however, is part of a campaign to emphasize the company’s heritage in luggage and travel accessories. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, the ads include other celebrities using Vuitton bags: Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf cuddling in a hotel room, their bags not yet unpacked; Catherine Deneuve resting on a trunk in front of a steaming locomotive; and Mr. Gorbachev in the back of a car with a duffel bag on the seat next to him. Of the group, Mr. Gorbachev appears the least comfortable. He is holding on to a door handle, as if the bag contained polonium 210.

It seems unlikely he will be approached by L’Oréal.

THE August issue of Harper’s Bazaar, meanwhile, includes fashion illustrations by Julius Preite of “The Simpsons,” with a cartoon version of Glenda Bailey, the editor, in place of her usual portrait. And now on, it is Candy Pratts Price, the site’s executive fashion director, who appears more animated than usual.

In a feature called “CandyCast,” Ms. Price will dispense thoughts on fashion in the form of an avatar, illustrated by Bruno Frisoni, the creative director of Roger Vivier. She looks skinnier than a paper clip.

“Take a look at gray!” she says in the first installment, which sounds a tad like a spoof of Diana Vreeland. “Always chic, always right, and always, always mandatory!”

Ms. Price said she hopes to convey a lighter tone in the future.

“It will definitely be related to fashion, because that is what I do for a living,” she said. “I am not a doctor.”

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Revlon Make-Up Eraser Pen

When I first saw the clipping from the magazines for this eye make-up eraser pen, I knew I had to have it. It was like they had read into my mind and knew I was looking for such a product (recall my previous musing on Jane Blog about dabbing a qtip with make-up remover, putting it in my purse and hope it still works later into the night). My friend told me she thought some brands already had such a thing, but still, this is the first time I've heard of it. So holding the $2 off coupon, I rushed out to the nearest Walgreens and picked one up (I was disappointed to find that it was not easily singled out amongst the products, in my mind, it should be placed on a pedestal).What it basically is, is a spongy/felt tip pen that is soaked with eye make-up remover (not unlike my original idea, except they figured out a way that the eye make-up remover doesn't dry out). It doesn't quite magically cleans off eye make-up at a swipe of the pen, but more like it disburses minimal amounts of eye make-up remover and kind of smudges the area. I advised you to wipe the rest off with your fingers or a qtip to get maximum cleaning effect. Even though it is not as magical as I'd hope, so far I am loving it as I've discovered two ways of using it:
  1. To very quickly and effectively get rid of make-up screw ups during application. This is especially helpful when you are applying eye liner and you accidentally make a thicker line than you wanted. Then simply swipe off the extra bits and you'll be left with a perfect eye line.

  2. To get rid of those smudges that inadvertently creeps up after a few hours of application of eye make-up- even when they say its water proof! To avoid smudges completely, I heard using bases, avoiding water/sweating and keeping your lids oil free helps...but good luck with stopping natural body responses to the environment.
Wow, if only I can patent my random thought processes. I'd make a fortune...

Photo source: Revlon

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Ahhh...I just LVoe Scarlett in these ads

Griet Mirage in Bordeaux $3450

Tivoli $1050

Limelight Clutch $1275

Motard Alligator Biker $13,500

Monogram Denim Neo Cabby GM $1720

Shearling Storm $3750

Neverfull MM with Trunks & Bags Mini Accesoires $620 & $255 respectively -- Photo credit:

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LV in the City

I was at lunch today with my friend Rowena (& my Speedy, of course, sitting in his own chair in the foreground of the pic) when low and behold, right next to us was a Denim Vuitton bag sitting pretty on top of a food court table. I recognized it but was not sure of the name. Rowena and I immediately assesed if what she had was the real deal or a fakey. First, I pointed out the vachetta. It was still a bit light but there were stains on it already. Next, the lining was a microfiber that was colored mustard so that seemed appropriate. Then, I noted that the brass fittings and zipper pull had the "Louis Vuitton" engraving. Lastly, the alignment of the pattern was simply exquisite that from the limited view of the bag, I judged that it is indeed an original! I am no expert here as I am still trying to learn a lot from Purse Forum-ers and I know that the heat stamps are essential to make a sound judgement. afternoon at the mall...PS. It did help that she was wearing a Chanel wristwatch and a 2 carat diamond ring...also, the bag is called Monogram Denim Baggy PM $1270.00 at

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Vanessa Bruno FW07 Presentation

Ever since I've noticed the rack of Vanessa Bruno clothes at Lane Crawford (which is like the Barneys of Hong Kong,) I've loved Vanessa Bruno the brand. VB clothes are Parisian chic, cool and classily casual. Plus VB stuff is relatively affordable. It's now a norm for me to get at least one VB item each season. So imagine how excited when Lane Crawford held a little VB FW07 presentation (tonight) and Vanessa Bruno herself was actually going to be there!

The event was a typical one: half an hour of cocktail and a mini runway show. It was a small event so there weren't actually any seats, so thankfully the event was short and started on time.
The presentation is pretty much like it is on the VB website. Even the music is the same!
The first outfit that came out was a lovely trapeze coat that I've liked from the Paris runway back in Feb and have been looking out for. It swayed so nicely along with the model's walk!
This was definitely my favourite dress from the presentation. SO gorgeous! It's so perfect for mild winters (with temperature around 14 degrees Celcius, as in Hong Kong.) The dress is youthful but looks so graceful and pretty. Sigh...
Remember Elyse Sewell from America's Next Top Model many seasons ago? She's been in Hong Kong since then.
And there's Vanessa Bruno in the middle! Spot the light blonde lady in a black skirt and plum-coloured top. She fits in with the models so well.
This collage really shows the style VB's clothes... feminine, light, carefree and pretty. Everyone was invited (err, encouraged) to shop the FW collection afterwards, but I was too tired today to appreciate the clothes I was trying on and decided that I can try on the clothes another day. Also, I'm just not in the mood to shop for FW clothes yet. My sister on the other hand, got a really pretty casual dress. Hmm, I'll definitely have to go back in September for my FW shopping spree!

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I LVoe Paris

Why do I always go back to Paris Hilton photos? I think this is an old pic but I LVoe the shades, LVoe the shoes, LVoe the haughtiness, LVoe the Speedy Perfo!!! LVoe everything!!!

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Visionaire No. 52: Private Miroir Cover

Book DescriptionGuest Art Director Marc Jacobs teamed up with photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott on the newest installment of the coveted fashion quarterly, Visionaire, which comes housed this time in a limited-edition Louis Vuitton case designed by Jacobs. Alas and Piggott photographed a series of intimate portraits of today's most inspiring contemporary icons, traveling to New York, London and Paris in search of their personal muses. Subjects include actors Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson and Selma Blair; singers Jennifer Lopez and Lil' Kim; models Gisele Bundchen, Stephanie Seymour and Christy Turlington; New York City Ballet principle dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied; and fashion designers Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney, to name a few. I don't care much for the magazine but look at that Miroir case that it comes in!!! LVoe it!!! Pre-order at

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Tuesday Trunk Tidbitz

What a wonderful find from Saks and Company Fifth Avenue! An antique trunk dating from the 1920's. I can only imagine
lugging this beauty around at the turn of the century. A mysterious initial "R" is embossed on the piece which makes one wonder who was the original owner and what station did he or she held in society. I think by that time Louis Vuitton had already established its name as a leading trunk maker,
and this piece must've been expensive even at that time. Beautiful detailing of the LV monogram surrounds its border making the piece quite similar to what they have done to the my Vaslav's leather trim. The hardware is breathtaking and has that beautiful old world patina. I hope you enjoyed seeing this piece as much as I have and if you choose to place a bid, here's the auction on e-bay. LVoe it!!! Ended for $1,224.73

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Dallas Postscript

In between rushing to read the Harry Potter books
(I just started from the first) and the stress brought about by the scratch on my Vaslav, I have neglected to post my pics of the Vuitton Boutique in Dallas. I have started a goal for myself to go into as many LV boutiques as I possibly can! I wish for it to be a pilgrimage of some sort but not really since I relate this word to spiritual exercises. I should say maybe, it's like visiting an old friend. Instead of collecting snowglobes or little silver spoons,
I have decided to collect LV's from the places I go to. So here are pics of the beautiful store in the Galleria, Dallas, Texas. It was my first stop after checking-in at my hotel,July 20, 2007. LVoe it!!!

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Mesmerizing Hot Pink Stockings

Dita Von Teese in Pink Thigh High Stockings and High Heel Shoes

Pink Thigh High Stockings

European women have long known the mesmerizing effect of stockings on the male libido.

Whether meeting your lover for lunch or for an interlude on the beach, stockings provide that certain allure that bare skin or pantyhose do not possess.

We just love the light and pastel colors that compliment any summer outfit, especially those thigh high stockings worn with high heel shoes and a short wrap skirt.

Especially the color pink and these pink stocking with seams just adds that touch of sensuality to your legs.

You know, that men are really mesmerized by those inseams as you prance along the beach or through the garden.

Dita Von Teese in High Heel Shoes, Black Thigh High Stockings, Black Bra and Black Panties with 50s hairdo

Dita Von Teese
in her trademark
Black Thigh High Stockings
and High Heel Shoes

And, speaking of stockings, who knows more about stockings than the woman that has made them a part of her act and her life style - Dita Von Teese.

Not only does Dita wear these stocking everyday, but this sensuous line of stockings is from the Dita Von Teese Collection.

These full fashion stockings are made to the exacting standards of the 1950's originals, complete with her trademark logo imprint on the welt, a hand sewn backseam and finishing hole at the top of the welt.

The full line of Dita Von Teese Collection of very sensuous stockings are available exclusively from Secrets in Lace.

For more articles on stockings, nylon stockings, silk stockings, thigh high stockings and pantyhose, see our prior stories on Love Me Nylon Stockings, Secrets in Lace -"Keep the Romance Alive" and Stockingirl - Zebra - Rattlesnake Legs - Electrify Fashion Week.

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Fading Beauty of the Multicolores

I was surfing through e-bay with the hopes of finding a good deal when I happened upon this wonderful Speedy 30 in Multicolore. (Click here). Upon close scrutiny of the photographs, it was then that I realized that I was seeing what I have read in the Purse Forum about the Multicolore's tendency to chafe over time. It is kind of disconcerting to know that the much loved 33 colors of Murikami will eventually fade. I guess, it is part and parcel of this line and I believe of the damier as well. Truly, a thing of beauty cannot last forever...

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