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Let us review, shall we?

With the Fall Collection trickling down from Paris this week, starting with the Shimmer, I thought it a good idea for us to refresh our memories to what's coming. So whip out your pens and start taking notes, here's Marc Jacob's Fall Winter 2008-2009 Women's City Bags Collection for Louis Vuitton:

Lutece Monogram Collage Collection by Deposit only. Made out of Python with metallic and possibly acetate letterings attached. Comes only in Grey. 14.4" x 9" x 1.4" ~ 29,5 x 23 x 3,5 cm. Order code for your associate is M95821

Python Perfore Collection. Made out of perforated python skins. Comes in Black or Ciel. 15.9" x 7.8" x 3.9" ~ 38 x 20 x 10 cm. M95824Black; M95823Ciel

Delphes Python Perfore Collection. Made out of perforated python skins. Comes in Black or Sable. 9.6" x 9.2 x 5.1" ~ 24,5 x 23,5 x 13 cm. M95826Black; M95825Sable

Halo Monogram Shimmer Collection. Made out of leather with coating. Comes in Silver and Peach. 9.6" x 8.7" 4.7" ~ 24,5 x 22 x 12 cm. M95819Silver; M95820Peach

Comete Monogram Shimmer Collection. Made out of leather with coating. Comes in Silver and Peach. 12.6" x 7.1" 8.7" ~ 32 x 18 x 22 cm. M95817Silver; M95818Peach

Wish Monogram Embossed Suede Collection. Made out of suede. Comes in Khol and Amethyst. 14.1" x 10.2" x 4.7" ~ 36 x 26 x 12 cm. M95812Khol; M95813Amethyst

Whisper Monogram Embossed Suede Collection. Made out of suede. Comes in Khol and Ivory. 12.1" x 9.8" x 7.8" ~ 31 x 25 x 20 cm.M95809Khol; M95808Ivory

Whisper Monogram Embossed Suede Collection. Made out of suede. Comes in Khol and Jade. 12.1"x 12.9"x 5.9" ~ 31x 33x 15 cm. M95811Khol; M95810Jade

Wish Paris Souple Collection. Made out of leather. Comes in Burgundy and Chocolate. 11.7" x5.9"x 5.9" ~ 30x 15 x15 cm. M95830Burgundy; M95829Chocolate

Whisper Paris Souple Collection. Made out of leather. Comes only in Chocolate. PM 9.8"x 7.8"x 5.1" ~ 25x 30 x13cm; GM 14.8"x 7.4"x 6.1"~ 38 x19 x15,5 cm. M95827Pm ; M95828GM

Louis Vuitton Paris Speedy. Made out of leather. Comes only in Black. Mini 8.6"x 7.8"x 5.5"~22x 20x 14 cm; Cube 11.7"x 8.6"x 7.8" ~ 30x 22 x20 cm. M95814Mini; M95816Cube.

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Sunday with my Stockton

I asked Jeff today if he gets embarrased when people stare at me & my Vuittons. He replied: "It wouldn't be the same if you weren't carrying one." I love you, Jeff!

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"For The First Time" Trailer

Watch for KC Concepcion's Pulp Weekender. LVoe it!!!

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900th Post: 2008.9.4 OPEN


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Prune-Alicia-Ourida-Rita - Le Marais - Paris

Fashion is the top thing for us ... Everyone her own style ...
We like Vintage clothes and brands like H&M and Berschka for a good quality/price.
La Mode, c'est top .. A chacune son style ...
Nous aimons le Vintage et les marques comme H&M et Bershka avec un bon rapport qualité/prix.

Prune 15
My look is Folk
Perfume: "Hypnose" by Lancôme
last book: "Bye bye Blondie" by Virginie Despentes
Last CD: "Always love" by Natacha

Alicia 15
My look is Fashion
Perfume: "Anaïs anaïs" by Cacharel
Last book: "Junkie" by William Burroughs
Last CD: Estelle

Ourida 15
My look is Colorfull
Perfume: "Habanita"
Last book: "Junkie" by Wiliam Burroughs
Last CD: The Kooks

Rita 15
My look is Urban-Rock
Perfume: "Flower" by Kenzo
Last CD: The Ting-ting's

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Hi F,

I'm back home from NY and saw this on my trip and totally thought of your blog!!
Have a great weekend!

Awww...That's so sweet!!! Thanks!

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From Singapore with LVoe

I was a bit confused at first when I saw Alvin's pic. I said to myself: Hey, that's not Singapore! It turns out this super sexy Asian was on a trip to Niagara Falls with his Damier Géant Cougar and wanted to share it with us. He has his own blog which you can visit by clicking the link. But what he didn't post there were his collection of Damiers: Neverfull, Ribera, Broadway and Speedy. Thanks, A. LVoe it!!!

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Windows of LV Dubai

I just LVoe it when friends take pictures of Louis Vuitton boutiques when they are in a different country just because of me. It's as if I was there with them. Here's a pic of the Dubai store feauturing the Graphite Pegase as taken by my friend, John. He was only there for four days and yet has managed to lug himself over to take a pic. He hates LV! Shookran, John.

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As of today, 99 different countries have visited my blog!!!

Hello World!!! LVoe, LVoe, LVoe it!!! Photo:

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Paparazzi Chuva Chienes?!

Chris, being the superstar that he is! LVoe the Tadao!

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Wish for LVoe...

Fall-Winter's Wish in embossed suede Photo: Shopalicious (tPF)

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Chinatown Sloppy LVook Brunch

I gotta work the weekend today but I wouldn't miss celebrating Angel's new job. She has decided to become a recess monitor for her local school and what better way to start it with than to get a new damier ID badge. The whistle was provided by the school for her to control our youth! Thanks guys for meeting me. Patayin sa inggit si Arjay!!!

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The Graphite on Camera

Visit deluxeduck's post by clicking on link. Bag: Roadster $1530.

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Blast From The Past: The Eye Dare You

Making waves this morning in the images of my mind was a piece that came from Takashi Murakami's 2003 Spring Collaboration with Vuitton: the larger than life Eye Dare You . This humungous bag is quite an eye sore, no pun intended, with it's playful peeking eyes interpersed with the monogram and flowers. Fetching a hefty price of roughly $4250, I saw this at the Brooklyn Museum in all it's glory. LVoe it!!!

Photos: tPF

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From Singapore with LVoe

N. Ismail from Singapore has recently started to build up an LV collection. And what a collection it has become!!! This Three Speedy's and a Papillon reader of mine has a discriminating eye for limited edition pieces that made me ooohhed and aaaahed with delight. Thanks for sharing N. LVoe it!!!

Mon Monogram Speedy 30 Monogramouflage Speedy 35 Blanc Watercolor Speedy 35 Watercolor Papillon Frame

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Congratulations Pittsburghers!!!

Louis Vuitton has recently opened it's first free stand-alone store in Ross Park Mall at McKnight Road. For years, the only LV that catered to the Steel City was the leased space in Saks. The boutique will house handbags, small leather goods and lunettes. Rest assured by the end of the year I will visit this store with a smiley face cookie in one hand and an LV in the other. See y'all there!

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I LVoe Bryan Boy!!!!!!!

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Alone on a Friday Nite

I had nothing better to do tonite so I stayed home and decided to review the Women's Fall Winter 2008-2009 Runway show. (The exciting life that I lead, huh?!) In any case, as I was thumbing through the snapshots, I noticed this fantastic brooch on one of the models. It looked to me like a pimple that just popped, only this time, Marc Jacobs had fashioned it into an artpiece. I knew that I have seen something like it before so I started scrambling through the internet until I blessedly found it on one of my favorite blogs: . He featured the necklace version last August 20 with the title: Louis Vuitton 'The Heart of Glass' Plastron. Click the link to see his post. I knew this would have kept me up all night thinking where I could have seen this form. LVoe it!!! Photo:

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Happy Labor Day Weekend!

One of my favourite things to do towards the end of a season, is to scope out Shopbop for bargains during their final sales period. Sadly as much time as I spend stalking Shopbop, I have no actually bought anything from there besides a pair of Marc by MJ shoes which I'd been pining for months and have tried on in real life first. But alas, I keep trying. Here is what I've scout out this season- and for those of you interested, don't forget to act fast on the Labor Day weekend sale! It IS the day to reap the rewards of your labor after all (or so my friend tells me).
A elegant silk red top (Rebecca Taylor) that is sexy yet feminine and girly at the same time, with the cute rosettes lining the bodice. And no, these YSL heels are not from Shopbop, but I thought I'd include them anyway since these two items clearly belong with each other (they are also on sale!).
Items that I probably wouldn't mind wearing next year- and maybe in the next month or so depending on the weather. Only the blue color of this BopBasic top (left) is on sale, but this was the color that caught my eye anyway. You should go check out the back- it is a pretty fabulous design! And this dress is like the navy version of the little black dress updated with cute ruffles.
Lately I am loving the wide legged pants and these blue jeans from J Brand (right) will carry you into fall. Not so much the khaki one from Robert Rodriguez (left), but then it looks really airy and comfortable- it's one of those things that you will wear again next year- even if it is just down the street to run errands!Speaking of things I will wear next year, I will definitely wear this floppy white hat by Eugenia Kim with this simple white dress by Milly. This is just a summer classic outfit. I just love the hat, the construction of it is perfect. It droops and flops at just the right places! This dark floral top from Rebecca Taylor (left) is a hot item that will mix well super well into your FW08 wardrobe i.e. under blazers, with layers etc etc. Ok, so maybe this Anna Sui top (right) is not exactly very versatile, but I wanted to include it in anyway, just because I love the mixing of prints and the over all quirkiness of this top- it will definitely make a statement.

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!

Image Source: ShopBop and Saks

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Claire - Cathie - Rachel - Le Marais - Paris

"Fashion ? We don' know what it is ...
Now we are looking for a gift for our Boss !
We want a shirt APRIL 77 !!
We just want to have fun !"
(OMG ! Have seen these tatoos ?!)
"La Mode ? Qu'est-ce que c'est ? ...
Nous on cherche un cadeau pour notre patron
On veut une chemise APRIL 77 !!
Et on veut s'amuser aussi ..."

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Chritelle & Marion - Le Marais - Paris

Christelle 16 & Marion 16 / High-School

In Fashion we like Vintage for economic reasons
So, our look is Vintage ...
Last book: "L'élégance du Hérisson" by Muriel Barbery
Last CD: Jane Birkin
Last book: "Malavita" by Tonino Benacquista
Last CD: Alela Diane

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Marine 15 & Margot 14 - Le Marais - Paris

Marine et Margot - High-School

Fashion is a way to express ourselves
Marine: My look is black
Margot: My look is grey
Marine: Lolita Lempicka
Margot: none
Last book
Marine: Les Hauts de Hurlevent by Emily Brontë
Margot: Hesitation by Stephen Mear
Last CD:
Marine: "GangBang" by Indochine
Margot: "Save the last dance for me" by Oldies

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