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Happy HalLoVeen Everybody!!!

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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Before, I didn't really see the need for eyeshadow primers. You see, I bought the Smashbox eyeshadow/lip primer before and it did nothing, absolutely nothing, for me- except maybe reduced the redness of my eyes so then the color appears better. But I can achieve that with a little application of my YSL Touche Elcat. Nevertheless, being the beauty addict that I am, the other day I got the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion after hearing so many rave reviews about it- and now I am a convert.
At first I wasn't sure if I was just having a good eyeshadow day or it was the potion, but after having had 3 good eyeshadow days I am pretty confident that it was the potion. And by "good eyeshadow day" I mean going a whole day (morning till night) with no crease, no smudging and sharp color! Its really quite incredible. I didn't think it was possible. Oh and another point is that it literally glides on and really creates a nice smooth surface for eyeshadow application that really sticks. And no, I did not just copied that from the blurb on Sephora. And since I'm about the most oblivious person around when it comes to the whether a beauty product works game, this product really DOES make a difference! So if you haven't already- I highly recommend it!

Ps. Happy Halloween!

Image Source: Sephora

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Betty Boo - Boop Oop A Doop

Betty Boo - I mean Boop Halloween treat
Betty Boo - I mean Boop Halloween treat

As we prepare for our favorite holiday Halloween, of course, we will turn today's column over to that great fashion icon of the 20th century Betty Boo, no, Betty Boop.

As you might know, Betty brought high fashion and stunning and dazzling outfits to the silver screen.

In her day, Betty Boop appeared in brilliant black and white, but through the years her original images have been colorized.

Betty Boop in sexy Garter Belts and Nylon Stockings
Betty Boop in sexy Garter Belts and Nylon Stockings

Betty became a fixture on the giant, silver screen in the 1930s and embellished the hot, sexy fashion look on the silver screen.

Betty Boop first major motion picture was Minnie the Moocher, in which Betty runs away from her over-bearing parents only to get lost with her boyfriend Bimbo in a haunted cave.

Very fitting for Halloween, don't you think?

The ghosts frighten both Betty and Bimbo who flee back to the safety of their home.

Betty Boop has evolved into a sex symbol of the 30's.

Betty Boop was featured in short dresses, garter belts and always-showed lots of cleavage.

So enjoy our Betty Boop double feature -The Sexy Betty Boop in A Sweet Old Fashion Girl and the original movie Minnie the Moocher.

If you cannot see the above video clip in your feed reader or e-mail, go to Betty Boop video.

If you would like to learn more about Betty Boop check out Betty Boop on Wikipedia, Betty Boop, the Official Site, and Betty Boop.

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Palermo and Tivoli

Two days from now and these new additions will be released and scores of LV LVoers will be rushing to their stores to grab hold of one. I was in LV the other day and my LVoely SA showed me the new cruise line Speedy and the affordable alternative Griet with the regular vachetta. They didn't tempt me at all to put down my credit card but am sure they will get into the arms of fashionistas somehow.

Prices: Palermo PM $970; GM $1170 Visit

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Daisy, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Perfume

I'm not a big perfume lover. I spray perfume maybe 10 times a year, usually for nights out. But like most girls, I can't resist browsing at the ever-interesting perfume bottles and sniff all the new scents. There are so many scents that I like, but because of this, I can't possibly buy all the scents I 'like'. Out of all the scents, there's one scent that has grown on me and I have fond memories of, the Marc Jacobs Eau de Parfum. And I've been meaning to buy a bottle for awhile, but I've been slightly hesistant becaues I wasn't sure if the flowery smell was too strong for me to wear for too long of a time so I never got around to buying it.

I was excited when I saw the new ads of Daisy, the Marc by Marc Jacobs scent, in Teen Vogue. It's got that sweet, non-chalent The first time I smelt it, it smelled like any other perfume out there in the market. But at the encouragement of the Marc salesgirls (who told me not to buy the Marc Jacobs perfume but try Daisy instead,) I sprayed both scents onto perfume paper and brought them home to smell for a day. (The salesgirls also told me that their first shipment at the Hong Kong store soldout in 3 days!)

After smelling both scents at least once an hour, I've decided that on the surface, Daisy smelt only like a light, fruity, flowery scent. But later on, the scent smelt musky and most importantly, of Gardenia, the signature scent of the Marc Jacobs perfume. (Yes, I know I think too much before buying things.) According to the Daisy site, Daisy's notes include strawberry, ruby red grapefruit, violet leaves, gardenia, violet leaves, jasmine petals, musk, vanilla and white woods. Not exactly what I smelt, but close enough. And surprisingly, since I've bought it two weeks ago, I've already used it 4 times. Perhaps the reason I haven't been using much perfume before was that I haven't found my right one yet?

What do you think of Daisy? Isn't the bottle simply adorable? Has anyone smelt it or bought it yet?

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The Tale of Alice and the Sailor in Paris

Paris in an Alice in Wonderland Costume
Paris in an Alice in Wonderland Costume

Well, officially Halloween is still two days away.

But for the celebrity crowd, the rounds of Halloween parties have already begun.

Its seems that Paris Hilton is not quite sure on the look she craves for Halloween.

For she has shown up in a sailor outfit for one party and a rendition of Alice blue gown or should we say Alice in Wonderland for another party.

If you were Paris Hilton, I guest you can easily afford a different Halloween outfit for any occasion.

Lets just hope that she doesn't combine Alice in Wonderland with a Spice Girls hairdo.

The Paris Booty Shot
The Paris Booty Shot

The hairdo looks very Poshish, as in Posh Spice - Victoria Beckham.

Lets hope that this is only a Halloween hairdo, since it is indeed a scary look.

Anyway, the Alice costume certainly adds support to her cleavage - just love the gathered, elastic form fitting wench shape to the top of her costume.

The white petticoat and white stockings add to the total look of this outfit.

The back of this outfit features layers of see thru material and, of course, the famous Paris booty display.

High Heel Sailor Paris
High Heel Sailor Paris

Just hope Paris doesn't have to go down any bunny holes in this outfit and, of course, she should definitely stay away from any pills.

Sailor Paris just loves those micro mini dresses - off the shoulder look.

We really love that little sailor cap with the golden anchor on front.

Although, her big golden bag seems to over power the outfit - the bag also looks to be about half the size of the dress.

What more can we say, her golden high heel stiletto shoes match the bag - well, now we said it.

For more pictures of Paris Hilton, be sure to see Alice Hilton and Sailor Hilton.

Actually, we though a Jail Bait costume would be a great look this year.

Anyway, if we were voting, I would have to vote for the Alice in Wonderland outfit.

How about you? Feel free to voice your opinion in the comment section.

It's October - Head Nurse says: don't be a skeleton and be left without a stitch. Takes a look at the hottest, sexiest Halloween Costumes today. From sexy School Girl, French Maid, Cheerleader, Pirates, Cops, Head Nurse, Belly Dancer, Bat Girl and thousands more.

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Bold Nail Varnish

Having been a devotee of the pale pink/whitish nail varnish for most of my nail varnish wearing life (seriously, I have about 5 bottles of pale pink varnish in slightly different shades), recently I've finally jumped onto the bandwagon of bold (darker) colored nail varnish. I am not exactly sure what go me into it....perhaps its because everyone on TV has it and since I watch so much TV it has subconsciously filtered into me and displaced my initial notion that bold nail colors look old and trashy. About time too! I think the trick is to keep nails short and rounded. Long and that is trashy.

My first bold color obsession: red. Bright red. Mine is a similar color to this, An Affair in Red Square, from OPI, except mine is called Fishnet Stockings from Essi. I just couldn't find the Essi website. But yes, I randomly bought the bottle and tried it on and I LOVED it. Its just so SHARP and cool! I actually spent a few minutes in the mirror checking out my new nail color afterwards! :)
The next color I wanted to try was Purple. But not electric purple. And not reddish purple. Cause then it'll just look too purple. It was a tough choice, but in the end I settled on this Russian Navy, from OPI, which has a bluish, purplish tinge. This one actually took me a while to get used to (I think I'm still trying to get used to it), but I think once winter comes on full force, it'll fit my wardrobe perfectly.

Incidentally the whole new OPI Russian Collection fits my recent fall/winter mood perfectly. Dark, rich colors of blue, purple and red. Its fabulous. Although I'm not sure about the texture. Maybe its just me, but I find them not to go on as smoothly as my Essi ones.

And lastly, HOW does everyone apply their dark nail varnishes? I am phenomenally bad at application. So I try not to mess up by just applying one layer (no, I'm seriously bad) and for these bold colors, its not too bad since its already so strong. But I can't help that I accidentally apply over the edges and then it just looks like a little kid coloring and going outside the lines. Also, a lot of times, I get streaks. HOW am I suppose to DO this properly??? Please help!

Image Source: OPI

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Christmas Balls a la Vuitton

Slated also to be released for this Holiday Season are these balls-a-bangin' key rings. I have not seen them in real life but judging from the pics, I think the Jack and Lucie from Halloween past were cuter. Comes in blue and rose.

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Interesting items in LV Manila

I saw these little LVoelies just begging to be purchased in Manila but unfortunately/fortunately the price was too steep for me. They are quite heavy but soooo cute and adorable that I just want to gobble them up. Added feature is the mirror within. A much needed visit to the Maryland boutique is in order to ascertain if these have been released yet.

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Louis Vuitton Greenbelt, Manila

All in all, my trip to my homeland was fabulous albeit too short. I enjoyed the shopping, the food, the renewing of old ties as well as the meeting of new friends. But most of all, to actually see my country again and through the eyes of my partner who has never been, has made me realize that a part of me never really left. Even though my life now is here in the US, I am still and will always be a full-blooded Filipino. I LVoe, LVoe the Philippines.

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Souvenir de Manille

I have been wanting a passport cover since I found out that I was going home to Manila but was not impressed with the Mono Canvas or Damier holders. I was really wanting the Utah (which I can't find anymore) but when I saw this in Greenbelt LV, I was thrilled and I knew I had to have it! This line has been discontinued as well and it played a big factor in my decision. I consider myself lucky that they still had one. Your right louis vuitton is from the Monogram Glacé collection! So here's a pic of my souvenir from the PI. (Monogram Glacé Couvert Agenda de Poche en café, Manila, Philippines October 12, 2007)

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Guilty Pleasures

Having had a stressful few weeks, I decided to treat myself to a day of guilty pleasures.

  1. My top guilty pleasure is sleep. And by that I don't mean the usual 8 hours. I mean sleeping for however long and whenever I want. See, I'm not a morning person. Hence I never feel like waking up in the morning. So this morning (afternoon), I woke up late. And then I went for guilty pleasure number 2......
  2. Romance novels. I find the newer novels these days to be much too formulaic and tedious to go through to find a good one. Hence I love reading the old ones that I know are good. The classics never get boring. They are all the same anyway, its just the quality of the writing that differs. Besides, all I'm looking for is a happy ending to escape from the real world. One of my all time favourites is Jill Mansell's, Miranda's Big Mistake. Its super sweet. Mansell is generally pretty good, though I can't say much for her newer books......And while I was reading by the window next to the warm sunlight, I indulged myself some more and rest my eyes whenever I need to.
  3. Next on my list is endless hours of mindless TV shows. These days I watch just about anything, Greys Anatomy, Samantha Who, Gossip Girl (love it), ANTM etc. But my ultimate favourite is still the chic lives of the girls on Sex and the City. I can never get bored of them. They are classic!
  4. And we must not forget nourishment. Guilty pleasure number four: eating ice cream out of the carton. Then you can really eat as much as you want. And the ultimate pleasure of all? Sleep after you eat. I know that it is highly not recommend it. But succumbing to food coma is just the best thing I can imagine. Even if you cannot sleep for the rest of the night after....
  5. But thats ok, because then you can indulge in guilty pleasure number 5: talking on the phone with an old friend and going down memory lane- for hours. 4 hrs and 5 minutes to be exact. There is no path better than memory lane. Now I really want to read all those Christopher Pike books I loved to read when I was 13...... especially Starlight Crystal. Its about this girl who falls in love with this guy but a few days later she had to go on a spaceship that is designed to be a time capsule that observes human evolution over time. And then something goes wrong and there is this huge time warp and....I just remember it being more cool than it sounds now.
  6. Staring into space and letting your mind wander...and closing your eyes for a few minutes whenever you like. Especially nice if you have a nice view or a clear sky to stare at.
  7. And the last of my guilty pleasures? List making. I love list making. I make lists about everything (observe this blog). And diary writing. It really keeps track of your thoughts and clears your head up. Besides- its awfully entertaining to read a year later....especially if you make interesting lists, like new years resolutions and checklists... I highly recommend it.
And this is my list of guilty pleasures I like to indulge in on my "me" time. What are your guilty pleasures?

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Curl Your Lashes

Last year, my routine was just tinted moisturiser and blush (on the days I actually wake up on time). This year, I have officially added eyelash curling as the final step.

If you have read any top beauty secret lists in magazines, then you would remember that curling your lashes is always one of them. Curled lashes are supposed to make your eyes look bigger, make you look more awake -basically, brighten up your whole look. I always took this advice very lightly because it seemed that whenever I curled my lashes and applied mascara, my lashes just became straight after 5 minutes, so what's the point? However recently, I've started curling my lashes at the end of my makeup routine. Surprisingly when I get home after school, my lashes are still curled, and sometimes, people even ask me if I have mascara on.
The point I'm trying to make is, try curling your lashes everyday before leaving the house. It takes less than a minute to do and really livens up your eyes! And at the end of the day, you don't even have to wash it off. Convenient huh? Makes me think we should listen to conventional wisdom more often!
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I'm back!!!

Sorry for being in absentia for so long. In between trying to get rid of my jetlag and re-arranging furniture to accomodate my Philippine acquisitions, I have been way too busy to take care of my lil' cyber blog. But have no fear, I am back and can't wait for the November 1st releases. I purchased two items from Louis Vuitton Manila. One, being the wonderful, out-of-print coffee table book by Paul-Gerard Pasols: Birth of Modern Luxury. The other...well, I haven't taken pics of it yet so here's a file photo of the line it came from. Can anyone guess?

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Isabelle 28 - Secretary-accountant - Devant la Clinique du genou - Paris

©Photos Fred the Mole

My coat, white vest & trousers are from JENNIFER.
My green body is from ACTIV WEAR. My shoes are from GEMO.
I found my bag and bracelet in a market. My watch is a CLYDA.
For me Fashion is the mirror of personality. I's important for me to feel ok in my clothes.

Ma veste, débardeur blanc et mon pantalon sont de chez JENNIFER.
Mon body vert est un ACTIV WEAR. Mes chaussures sont des GEMO.
J'ai trouvé mon sac et mon bracelet au marché près de chez moi.
Ma montre est une CLYDA.
Pour moi, la mode est le reflet de la personnalité.
C'est important de se sentir bien dans ses vêtements.

PS: inutile d'appeler la clinique du genou. C'est pas là qu'elle travaille !

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Lila 32 - Journalist - Paris

©Photos Fred the Mole

I wear a coat and trousers from H&M.
My shirt is from VERA MODA. My shoes are from JANET&JANET.
My bag is from MONOPRIX and my sun-glasses from PERSOL.
For me Fashion is a way to bring some imagination in my life and express my personality.

Mon manteau et mon pantalon sont des H&M.
Mon haut est un VERA MODA. Mes chaussures sont des JANET&JANET.
J'ai trouvé mon sac chez MONOPRIX. Mes lunettes de soleil sont des PERSOL.
Pour moi, la mode est un façon d'apporter de la fantaisie dans ma vie et d'exprimer ma personnalité.

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Sexy School Girls Rock!

Busty School Girl Costume

Busty School Girl Costume

Whether you want to play the roll of a sexy schoolgirl or perhaps daddy little girl; these sexy, naughty schoolgirl costumes rock.

Not only is the sexy little school girl look a great outfit for Halloween, but it's a look that is great for night clubs and, of course, you can always act out your own sexy little school girl or daddy's little girl fantasies.

For the busty schoolgirl look, this is just the right costume to display your cleavage.

The black and white spandex low cut top with velcro closure can be adjusted to display your cleavage to the world.

Panty Babe School Girl Costume

Panty Babe School Girl Costume

Everyone will know that the world is truly round, when you show them your curves.

The pleated poly/cotton plaid mini skirt is the schoolgirls favorite.

Rounding out this hot schoolgirl costume are the Brazilian cut Ruffle panty and the stay-up stretch stockings.


Did the guys catch a glimpse of your very sexy ruffle panty?


Well, not to worry.

With this unique panty babe schoolgirl outfit, your pantries are visible to all the guys.

And, you know you will really be eye balled in this hot outfit.

This panty babe schoolgirl outfit comes with clip back mini dress and ruffle panty in cotton and stretch spandex.

Punk School Girl Costume

Punk School Girl Costume

Just add a pair on knee high white stockings and black shinny pattern leather shoes - reflective of course - to complete this very daring, sexy schoolgirl look.

This punk schoolgirl outfit really comes with an attitude.

The plaid lace bra top and plain micro mini skirt comes with numerous mini belts and buckles, which captures the punk look.

Just the right costume to capture and hold guys attention.

In this punk schoolgirl outfit - you can really teach the guys a thing or two.

Indeed, a very sexy and hot outfit.

Sorority Cindy School Girl Costume

Sorority Cindy School Girl Costume

If you are the shy, flirty type who uses their eyes to attract the guys, then this Sorority Cindy schoolgirl outfit is just right for you.

This one-piece micro mini dress comes with collar and skirt in plaid in pink or red.

The schoolgirl costume is stretchy for a very form fitting fit - it really shows off your figure.

So if you are in tiptop shape, this is definitely the schoolgirl outfit for you.

Just add a pair of knee high black stocks and a pair of shinny pattern leather shoes to complete this very seductive schoolgirl look.

You are sure to have all the guys pledging to you.

This is an ultra cool but oh so hot schoolgirl look.

Cat Woman says: Even Batman needs a costume to capture evil villains. So don't be caught on Halloween in your birthday suite - and that's no riddle. Takes a look at the hottest, sexiest Halloween Costumes today. From sexy School Girl, French Maid, Cheerleader, Pirates, Cops, Head Nurse, Belly Dancer, Bat Girl and thousands more.

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Vivienne Tam Dresses

I am constantly amazed at my mom's ability to be so up to date with the latest going ons in fashion. Her latest discovery are the trendy dresses at Vivienne Tam. Surprising isn't it? I've always related her style as western with oriental influence and wouldn't exactly call it trendy. So when my mom told me she'd bought me a dress from there, I was like, what?
Luckily for me, the dresses over at Vivienne Tam seems to have gone through a revival and are much trendier than I'd imagined. The dress my mom got me was this one, except mine is black and made of a woolish material. Now to be honest, when I first saw the dress (and identified it as this one in the catalog), I didn't like it very much. It was past my knees and it has the most awkwardly positioned tie thing in the middle. That is not exactly the most flattering cut. But after playing around with it, I've tied it at the waist, such that a little puffy effect is created and is shorter, which is kind of cute with ankle boots!
This of course got me looking into the rest of the catalog and now I am lusting for more Vivienne Tam dresses! They have more simple casual (kind of shift) dresses. I especially love the grey one in the middle. The color is also so nice and wintery without being too black.

And check out those silver Mary Janes! I WANT a pair. They look so perfect in the winter with all these cute short dresses!
For something more sophisticated, there are these more polished creations. The dress on the right is my favourite! The bottom frills gives it just the right touch of girliness to the otherwise sophisticated and simple design.
Something a little more fun, there are these printed dresses. The rich silver brocade dress is so adorable! And as a side note, I really like that look on the far right (sorry about the bad scanning). Its so simple to achieve too. All I need is to go out and get myself a cute printed mini!

Who would've thought that these creations were Vivienne Tam?

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Kate Moss Top Shop AW07 and Christmas Collection

Remember back when the Vogue preview of the Kate Moss Top Shop SS07 collection came out and I was really excited about it? Well, since then I have seen the collection in real life, applauded Photoshop's ability to beautify cheap material and lowered my expectations for the clothes. While I really don't like the idea of Top Shop basically recreating some of Kate's designer wonders from her wardrobe, I can't deny I'm really excited about some of the designs I see.

With this line, you really need to see the clothes in real life before buying anything. The quality is really so-so and the photos you see are really photoshopped (or taken under clever lighting.) For example, this dress in real life? I felt it in real life last week and was surprised by how bad the quality was. The material was coarse and felt cheap.

Another thing I don't completely get about the clothes -some of the tops and dresses are very sheer. Yes I realise you simply have to wear a camisole underneath, but it's hard to find the perfect v-neck camisole to go underneath, preferably made of silk.

When you look through the collections, you would notice that there are sequined T-shirts are an essential part of the collection. The tops aren't bad, but I'm not sure they're worth paying 35pounds (tank on the right) for.

OK, so onto the AW07 and Christmas collection:
When the AW07 collection came out in Aug/Sept, I was disappointed. What's with these preppy clothes? The school girl look is cool up to a point, and pink is certainly past that point.

The one thing I've been eyeing has been this Zig Zag dress. Thankfully I've been too indecisive to buy it, and it just went on sale on Obviously I've bought it now. I love the side where the dress is short and the tie around the neck -gives the dress a unique, stylish twist.

After the disappointing AW07 collection, the new Christmas collection is about to be released. From the photos I've seen so far from, Gracia magazine and ID, the Christmas collection looks way more fabulous. There are some really cool, edgy little dresses -perfect for the coming Christmas and New Year parties!

I LOVE this dress, especially the patterned beads that look like a belt! It looks so stylish and pretty in the image. I'm trying not to get too excited though, because the dress could possibly be of bad quality in real life.

This ID image got me excited about this Deco style dress. It's fun, edgy and trendy. I love how the sequined top has a solid fit, and the bottom chiffon skirt bit is soft and flowy.

Here's the Deco dress again on the right. On the left is a dress that looked decent in Gracia magazine but looks kind of cheap on the topshop webstie. I'm still hoping to try it on in real life though. Who knows?

And then there's this pleated mini dress. When topshop describes it as mini, it really does looks supremely mini. it doesn't even go down to Kate's legs in the ID image! But hopefully it won't be that short on me since I'm short anyways. It looks demure on the top, but short and young at the bottom.

The Christmas collection is supposed to hit stores on 25th Oct -that's this Thursday. I can't wait! I only hope Top Shop stocks enough of my size for once. Clothes-shopping-wise, there's nothing more annoying than finding a design you like and the shop doesn't have your size left.

Image credit:, ID magazine images

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