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Mad about collectibles

In celebration of Louis Vuitton's Beijing Store opening, the company is to release these cute little darlings. Don't be fooled by their diminutive size because their prices are a bit high. The epi lockit which are available in the US cost a little over a thousand and the alzer and hat box are about $600. LVoe it!!! Source, click here.

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Vintage in Paris

© Photo Fred the Mole

A place to see, la "Caverne à fripes"
25 Rue Houdon - Paris 18°

Faut fouiller !

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I'm cheating on Paris!

I made a vow that I would only post LV pics from my beloved heiress but seeing Hilary Swank with this exotic Lockit made me break my own promise. Such a LVoely piece!!!

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Gucci Shades

As hard as I try, I can't seem to get over my love for the giant plastic framed shades. Everytime when I think I've found the perfect pair that would last me a lifetime, I find a new pair that is more perfect than the last. And the thing is, they're all basically huge shades with plastic frames!
So I am perfectly aware that this will probably not be the last time I utter this sentence, but I swear this time I've found the perfect giant plastic shades. Wandering aimlessly around the department store, I glanced over at the shades selection they just popped out from amongst the rows of oddly shaped new trendy shades that I doubt would look flattering on me. It was almost like in those cartoons when the character finally finds the item they've been looking for and the item just shines in the distant and music comes up and the world is perfect again. These Gucci shades are perfectly rounded and the nose support is just right that the bottom of the frames do not touch your cheeks (I have to admit, my current one does touch the cheek). And they look fabulous on. They are just brilliant in its simplicity and elegant shape. It comes in brown and black, but somehow I prefer the brown, thinking its more chic and not quite so dark. Plus, since I already have black plastic frames....brown plastic frames would be a variation. My current huge plastic framed shades are from Dior, and don't get me wrong, I still love it to bits. I especially love the Dior "D" on the side with the pretty flower detail on the edges. And it looks great. But I'm sure all of you will agree that they are very different from the Gucci it is a different kind of perfect. OR maybe the trend for huge plastic frames has evolved over seasons and I have not even noticed but just blindly followed to my liking. Wow, now even I am slightly confused with my logic. Whichever way, those Gucci are just soooo beautiful!
Incidentally, I would like to mention that I also tried on these pair from DVB, just because its from DVB and I wanted to see what they were like. The shape and design is actually quite nice. Only thing is, they are so black that I felt blind in it. I guess thats what celebs need for maximum coverage from the paparazzi?

Image Source: Otticanet

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Afternoon with the Gurlz

Angel wearing her lunettes and Wilfredo donning her Batignolles.

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Black Denim Agenda

In line with the Neo Cabby I featured yesterday, I want to share with y'all this hot find courtesy of travelbliss. (for the original post click here). It is exquisitely LVoely and the burnished brass hardware is to die for! Sheila once told me that I tend to create-a-need for the items that I want and this definitely is one of them. I absolutely have no use for it other than it could be my first from the denim line. We'll see...Photo credit: travelbliss

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Denim Néo Cabby

Even though this bag has been released for quite some time now, I think a featurette about it is in order. Versatile and highly functional, this new introduction to the denim line is highly sought after. I really LVoe the black denim and worry-free leather trim. It also comes in blue with untreated vachetta. It's roomy and you have a choice to use it as a handheld or shoulder bag. I go gah-gah for pleats and I don't even know why, so that was an instant plus for me. The only thing that kept me from adding this baby to my collection is the made in the USA tag. I'm a big made-in-France-LV-LVoer. Available on or GM is $1720; MM is $1500.

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Hot Little Red's Halloween Goodies Bag

Hot Little Red Riding Hood Metalic Costume

We all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood and how she traveled through the forest to bring goodies to her grandmother.

Well, this hot grown up version of Little Red Riding Hood outfit is smoking.

The hot, red metallic material will reflects any light, be it sun light or moon light, as you prance through the forest - or your favorite club or Halloween party.

Little Red Riding Hood got her name from the hood and the hood on this sexy metallic mini skirt is marvelous.

If you want to be the center of attraction this Halloween and have men begging for your goodies - then treat yourself to this sexy Little Red Riding Hood outfit.

Sexy Marilyn Monroe Wig

If you long for those hot bygone days of Hollywood - when stars were hot sex symbols, then you will just love this Marilyn Monroe look.

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but you will sparkle in this beautiful Marilyn Monroe wig.

You can capture the look - the essence that was Marilyn Monroe.

Just create your own fabulous 50s look and you will set a flame in many a man's heart.

Look hot - feel hot - be hot.

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Milan Fashion Week SS08 Wrapup II

Sorry this post is late! I spent the last many hours getting to Chicago (first time here!) and am now jet-lagged (slept too much on the planes.) Thank goodness for the new runway photos -this season's Milan shows are definitely more exciting than last season's shows!
Wow. After last season's collection of heavy artificial materials, this season's sheer, flowy clothes is a great change. The first thing I loved was the dark, moody makeup. The makeup theme -dark eyes and light lips -is made moody and not sexed-up. Miuccia shot for 'fantasy'. And it IS fantasy. Even if it's not dramatic fantasy like Dior haute couture or Alexander McQueen shows, the clothes here are Prada's signature, understated and not-for-everyone sort of fantasy.
See the silk dress on the right -it's amazing how Miuccia managed to combine those peacock-ish colours and still make the dress look pretty and not tacky.
I LOVE that dress on the right with the fairy print. It's so elegant and feminine with a cute, pretty edge.
It's so refreshing to see Prada's intellectual, artisitc clothes not looking like it's usual, boxy self. However, I'm not sure how good they'll look on the consumers or who would actually buy crazy coloured pants (like the one on the left.)
Alessandro Dell'Acqua
While Dell'Acqua's collections have never been as fashion-foward as Prada's, the clothes are always great to see how he mixes his new inspirations with last runway collections' trends.
OK, so the first few outfits of underwear are pretty bad, but I do really like his cocktail dresses. (I have a thing for these fake strapless dresses. They're just so much more practical, modest and comfortable than the usual strapless dress, don't you think?)
I'm not sure how commercial these Japanese-inspired skirts/ dresses will be, but do note the wasit-clinching trend. Ooh, and look at the dress on Du Juan (left,) doesn't it look like flowers are growing on her (and tastefully covering up her private parts?)
Marni is a brand that I see people wear around a lot. It's so distinctive you really can't miss it. Whenever I see Marni clothes in real life, I've always been so bombarded with the prints and crafty accessories that it didn't occur to me that Marni's clothes are now less nature-like than a few years ago until I read the reviews on the SS08 collections. And even though the crafty necklaces are still there, the clothes now really do seem more modern and wearable.
The dress on the left is one of my favourites from this Marni collection. It's artistic without being too over-the-top. And that dress on Lily Donaldson (right) -it actually looks somewhat classic and sleek, something that is not very Marni-like.
The patent leather bags and skirts are still there, but this time paired with brighter colours.
Perhaps it's an attempt to try out new silhouettes, but some of the clothes like the dress on the right was so different from Marni's usual clothes that I can't quite appreciate it on the Marni runway yet.
Image credit:

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I just got the new Le Catalogue Maroquinerie

I stepped into Saks today and my absolutely wonderful LV Store Manager gave me the new Le Catalogue. I know for some countries it has been out since July but the US has been lagging. The cover is absolutely divine and very tasteful. I would describe the color as antique gold matte. Here's a picture of it nestled among the folds of my luxurious mink scarf. More importantly at a quick glance, I saw new additions like the Neverfull, Mini Lin, Beverly, Hampstead as well as the removal of past lines such as the Theda and Monogram Mini. I just LVoe these charcoalesque illustrations. SIGH...Run to your nearest LV Boutique!!! LVoe it!!!

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Speedy LVoe

Grey Denim Patchwork Speedy -- Spring/Summer 2006, $2020.

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Helpful Tip about Vachetta

I was going out for the evening and decided to use my mini T&B pochette accesoires since I knew the restaurant was going to be crowded. As I was about to leave, I was lighting my Halloween tree outside. Jeff keeps saying that it's too early for that, but I really LVoe its welcoming glow. Stupid me, I completely forgot that I just watered it and as soon as I realized this, a spot was already growing on the relatively new vachetta. Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to rush inside and blow dry the offending droplet. To my amazement, it disappeared before my eyes and it's as if nothing happened. Here's a pic of the vachetta tab with a new ad from Louis Vuitton showcasing a wondeful man bracelet. (Medal bracelet $420)

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Green Spice So Nice

Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice in a Tree???

It's not easy being green but Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice pulls it off.

In what could only be described as a mini tree - dress, Victoria is in full bloom as she urges hubby David Beckham on.

Just wondering if the green leaves turn colors and fall off in the fall.

You can catch some more pics of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham and Victoria Beckham green mini tree, I mean dress.

Well it's not easy being green, is it???

Christina Ricci and her hair stylist in a green wig???

And, when it comes to greens wigs, well, what can I say.

Yes, I do see the resemblance in the hairdo.

In fact, I kind of prefer the green look. Just kidding - not!!!

Jennifer Lopez "JLo" in a Green Mini Dress

Anyway, you can see more pictures of Christina Ricci at the "Women's Guild 50th Anniversary Gala" this past Sunday in Beverly Hills.

Humm, white dress with black beads, no green. Oh, wait a minute, is that possibly the tip of a green tattoo on her left cleavage???

Well, it's not easy to be green.

Just ask Jennifer Lopez in this green mini skirt that she wore at her fashion show during Fashion Week New York Spring 2008.

The dress caused a lot of speculation - was it concealing a little baby bump?

Nicole Richie in a Green Bikini

Well, rumors of Jennifer Lopez pregnancy were up in the air again.

But, now you can read the rumors on Jlo baby bump.

It's not easy being green.

Speaking of babies, pregnancy and green, embracing this triple header - trifecta look is Nicole Richie.

Her baby bump is certainly showing but she looks great with the extra weight.

And,of course she is enjoying the Hawaiian shore in a sexy green bikini.

So, maybe it is easy being green after all.

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Milan Fashion Week SS08 Wrapup I

And we are off to Milan! Sigh, it seems just like yesterday I was walking along via Della Spiga, passing by the huge Armani building and breathing it all in. Anyways, back to the runway. Lets start with the most Italian of them all......

Gorgio Armani
Inspired by the languid sensual summers of Southern Italy, this collection had a much more relaxing and casual touch than Armani's usual sleek, sharp and sexy silhouette. And about time too! I was getting bored of using the same adjectives every season to describe Armani.
I am usually not one for gypsy looking shorts, but I am loving these. Armani upgrades them with the shiny material and the subtle tailoring, making them look feminine and elegant while still being very relaxing and comfortable. They appear to be very versatile too, looking great with equally relaxing looking tops, loose and fitted jackets. I want one of these next season!
Then there were the dresses. Or shorts integrated into looking like dresses (left and right above). He keeps with the theme by using these light flowing fabric further enhanced by its texturized print.
More into the evening, we have these creations. Armani's pairing of the sequence top with the flowing floral skirt is just genius.
Something a little more typical of Armani, the evening wear. I simply LOVE all of these, especially the gold one on the right that was the finale. Simply beautiful. Oh and it looks like I'm going to have to invest in light shawls next season too!

Burberry Prorsum
Christopher Bailey never ceases to amaze me with his collections that are always refreshing but still oh-so-Burberry. This season, the theme was the Luxury Warrior, I have no idea what the means but it looks to me that it involves feminine ruched up materials paired with rocker chic studded elements.
Personally I don't really like the look of these ruched up material. It looks like bunched up muscles....maybe I've been seeing too much Body Worlds.....But I DO like the whole long jacket over a dress and cinched together with a studded belt look. Very cool. And I LOVE the checkered patterns. Definitely more refreshing than the usual Burberry print.
Without the jacket, those studded belts look just as cool. I especially love the black bubble dress with the black blazer and belt underneath (right) look. Oh and I'm not too fond of that feathery looking pencil skirt (left), looks scary.....
More trenches. LOVE LOVE LOVE that updated trench (left). Looks soooo awesome. And middle outfit with the black trench and the big patent black bag looks soo chic as well. And the purple outfit (right) perfectly illustrates Bailey's mixing of lux materials.
More vibrantly there are these hot pink and blue looks. I especially love the sky blue on sapphire blue combo (middle). Its soo sharp. And that gray dress is just beeeeeeautiful.... so feminine and delicate with a bit of edge from that belt. Perhaps that is what Bailey means by luxury warrior?
Either way, one thing I'm sure you'll all agree with. Next season, the studded belt is THE accessory to have. And from the variety of ways Bailey has shown us how to wear it on this runway, I'd say its a prime investment!

Image Source:

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Burma - Birmanie / a fight for freedom

© Photos Fred the Mole

Easy Fashion supports the movement for freedom in Burma (Myanmar)
Easy Fashion soutient le mouvement pour la liberté en Birmanie (Myanmar)

Traditional make up from the Thanakha tree for this little girl in Rangoon.
Maquillage traditionnel extrait de l'écorce de ThanaKha pour cette petite fille de Rangoun.

Shantytown in Mandalay
Bidonville de Mandalay

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When Art meets Louis

I was bored today at work and decided to do a Google image search and found this interpretation of Murakami's signature multicolore on a man's bust. The caption read: Louis Vuitton David Bust, 2005; found object, gold leaf, acrylic; 28" x 13" x13". I LVoe the idea that the iconic monogram and flowers were superimposed to a clearly classical image. It reminds me of the different interpretations of the Mona Lisa that has populated the art world for centuries. This time, though, Trek Thunder Kelly (the artist) has combined antiquity with Vuitton's contemporary design. For the actual site, click here.

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Ladies, line-up please!

In the wake of the Speedy Mirage's release, I am wondering if I would ever have a chance to see the other Fall Winter Collections of LV. The left one is the Motard and the right is the Delft Mirage. Both having alligator trimmings and is worth close to a house and lot in the Philippines. LVoe it!!!

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FW07 Trend: Blue Eye Shadows

The ballots are in. All the make-up houses agree. Blue is the shade this season.

As one of their new fall looks, Mac came out with this Blue Storm look.
Created with their new Matte² highly pigmented eye shadow, you can tell from the look above that the effect is very intense. This would be perfect for a dramatic look for a night out. Personally though this is a bit too much for my taste.

Laura Mercier also came out with a Stormy collection (I guess rain and wind is trendy this season). The ad is much more dramatic than the Mac, but the blues are still quite intense.
Their blue sky quad was actually what inspired this whole post. If you've been reading this blog for a while, then you will know that eye shadow quads are my weakness. Isn't this quad sooo pretty? After much admiration on the internet, I finally got around to trying it out the other day at the counter. Unfortunately it seems that blue really isn't my color. I tried, I really did. Usually when something looks nice, I can tell straight away. But this time when the sales lady tried it on me and I took a double take and had to cover my other eye in an attempt to find the beauty in it. The sales lady tried to help by adding eye liner and more of the darker shades for the more "full effect" saying that the blue takes some time to get used to, but no matter what she did/say and how much I tried, I still looked like I'd been punched. It is really too bad, I was fully prepared to buy it! The shades are just too blue! But the thing is, the sales lady looked perfectly fine with the blue shades on and she has a very similar skin tone as me. I don't know what went wrong there.
And then of course there is my darling Bobbi Brown with their limited edition metallics collection that comes in Midnight Metallics.
Isn't this palette so pretty too? I was torn between this and the Laura Mercier. But ultimately, I think this is the better blue palette around, because the two grey/silver blue colors are the perfect compliment to the dark blue, easily creating a whole smokey eye effect with a blue tinge.
Incidentally, I also love their Forest Metallics. The greens are just sooo rich and lustrous that it has blown away all my previous reservations about green eye shadows ever since my friend told me they looked slutty and I saw a middle aged lady wearing lime green eye shadow over her heavy powdered face and very red lipsticks, which really scared me. Those are lime green. But this is much richer and the effect is much classier and more elegant. I absolutely LOVE this palette. Hmm... so I guess at the end of the day, I just can't get away from Bobbi Brown.

Chanel also has an eye shadow quad with blue shades as well, though it is not new. HG has it and the effect looks great, all smokey blue eye with a very pretty sparkly undertone.

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