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Making of Spring-Summer Campaign 2008

Click here ( to watch it. Natalia Vodianova, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour, Eva Herzigova & Angela Lindvall.

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Marine 16 / High-School

©Photos Fred the Mole

My black sweater is a ZARA and my purple tunic is a PROMOD.
My pants are from CHEAP MONDAY. My shoes from ETAM.
My Heart necklace is from H&M and my belt is from le PRINTEMPS.
My suitcase is a KIPPLING.
For me Fashion is a commercial concept.

Mon pull noir est un ZARA et ma tunique une PROMOD.
Mon pantalon est un CHEAP MONDAY et mes chaussures des ETAM.
Mon collier est un H&M et j'ai trouvé ma ceinture au PRINTEMPS.
My suitcase is a KIPPLING
Pour moi la mode est un concept commercial.

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Dan 16 / High-School

©Photos Fred the Mole

I wear a shirt by RALPH LAUREN and my trousers are from ZARA.
My shoes are from CREATIV RECREATION (New York).
My scarf is a AGNES B & My glasses are from FUNK design.
My watch is a ARMANI.
For me Style is never out of Fashion ...

Ma chemise est une RALPH LAUREN. Mon pantalon est un ZARA.
Mes chaussures sont des CREATIV RECREATION (New York).
Mon écharpe est de chez AGNES B & mes lunettes sont des FUNK design.
Ma montre est une ARMANI.
Pour moi le Style n'est jamais démodé ...

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Mathilde 16 / High-School

©Photos Fred the Mole

I wear a dress by PROMOD. My boots are from ANDRE.
My belt is a MAX MARA. My bag is a GERARD DAREL.
I found my gloves at MONOPRIX. My bracelet is a H&M.
My necklace is from an Etnic shop of La Bastille area.
My hat is from a teddy bear, I had when I was 5 years old.
My chocolate box is from HEDIARD.
Fashion is good for me.

Ma robe est une PROMOD, Mes bottes sont de chez ANDRE.
Ma ceinture est une MAX MARA. Mon sac est un GERARD DAREL.
J'ai trouvé mes gants chez MONOPRIX. Mon bracelet est un H&M.
Mon collier vient d'un boutique etnic du quartier de la Bastille.
Mon bonnet vient d'un nounours que j'avais à 5 ans.
Ma boite de chocolats vient de chez HEDIARD.
La mode ? C'est bon pour moi !

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Bra or Braless Look?

Rebecca Romijn in a Sexy Black Push Up Bra
Rebecca Romijn in a Sexy Black Push Up Bra

Christmas is over and the New Year is approaching, this is the prime buying time for all shoppers.

In the minds of shoppers, the deep red after Christmas sales tickets dance in their heads.

Almost as delightful as the peppermint canes that hung from the Christmas tree are the deep discounts offered by retailers just after Christmas.

Now, we know that one of the big sales items in late December and January are bras and panties.

Are you the type of person who prefers a very sexy push up bra and those hot and sexy lace thong panties?

You know, that very sexy look that can capture a man's attention and send him for a loop or perhaps you prefer to go the all-natural way without any underlying support.

Rebecca Romijn in a Sexy High Cut Thong
Rebecca Romijn in a Sexy High Cut Thong

Our interest in this subject was really perked by two really hot and sexy women.

Although, each evoked a different path, they both extruded a very sexy look.

Victoria's Secret may dish up a hot and sexy look, but we really loved the lingerie spread featuring Rebecca Romijn for the Italian lingerie company La Perla.

Not only does La Perla create sexy lingerie and knickers, but its web site presentation rival, and in many ways surpass, the hot editorial fashion layouts that the top fashion magazine produce, yet fail to transfer to their own web sites.

We just love the web site and Rebecca Romijn sexy lingerie looks.

Rebecca looks oh so captivating in that black push up bra with lace and embroidered silk butterflies on the thong.

We especially like the high cut thong panties, a really sexy look.

Not only does Rebecca Romijn look alluring in sexy bras and thongs, but she also looks great in body paint.

In November 1999, Rebecca appeared on the cover of sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition covered only with a painted on swimsuit, she also appeared on GQ in a painted on bikini bottom.

Anyway, with or without clothes, Rebecca is always captivating.

So enjoy some additional photos of Rebecca from the photo shoot.

Than there is Britney Spears and the Britney Look!

Britney often foregoes pieces of underway; yet her in your face appearance is right on point.

Although she might not like wearing a bra, Britney enjoys the freedom and sensuality of a braless body pressed tightly against a red, off the shoulders see through t-shirt.

Still, you have to admit that Britney perks your attention in this braless red see-thru off the shoulder top and tight jeans outfit.

Certainly worth a second glance or two.

So what do you prefer, the very sensuous black push up bra with detailed embroidery and revealing black high cut thongs or the natural look – no bra and a tight see through top?

You be the judge.

Be sure to visit the Britney Spears Fashion News page, for a glimpse of many more of Britney Spears sexy and unique outfits.

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Sigh~I wish I were shopping in Vuitton right now

Ashley Tisdale

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Philippine Showbiz Politicking

I have really not been following the scandal surrounding Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby, two Filipino matinee idols allegedly having a LVoe relationship. Jeff practically swoons over the
both of them. I should keep tabs on it, after all, the defendant in this case is none other than Angel's mom, Miss Lolit Solis. I only catch snippets from my not-so-updated friend. So when she showed me this recent photo of her mom together with Sam and Piolo's lawyer who by chance is sporting a Damier Speedy, I knew that I had to follow this case more closely. For all of you who are not familiar with P&S, I've also attached a pic of them. Not sure if it's a photoshop since they are locked in a man handheld. For full Tagalog article by Jojo Gabinete click here.

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Marc's LVoe

Jason Preston sporting the Millionaire's sunnies. Photo: mattd7474

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Christmas Holidays is Here!

Hey people, BG and I will be taking around a week and a half from the blog. I'll be on family vacation in Osaka for the next few days and then be back in Hong Kong; BG already has plans with friends packed for the holidays. Anyways, I know BG already did a post on affordable posts yesterday, but here is a list of presents that I want and I'm sure most of you would love as well, (mind you, not all of them are quite so affordable):

Remember the Nex Check Halter dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs? I blogged about it a few weeks ago thinking that blogging would take it off my mind, but I still want it! It gets many ticks on my list of criterias for an ideal dress: cute, versatile, nice material, good colours, plain enough to be worn more than once without being too plain.
Miu Miu bags have had that golden buckle design for a few seasons but I'm still really liking it. This tan leather bag looks like such a nice and casual day bag.
Black classic Christian Louboutin shoes. No explanation needed.
Tom Ford's Whitney sunglasses. I don't care how overrated Tom Ford is. There just aren't a lot of sunglasses out there that look so cool and fit me as well as this pair.
BG did a post on Tiffany rings a week ago. The one I want is the Frank Gehry Fish ring in brushed sterling silver (or perhaps plain sterling silver). I haven't seen it in real life yet, but I imagine it would look like a small, sleek sculpture on my fingers. Loves it!
I was looking at the calendars of TV shows on Amazon, but I was disappointed not to find a Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster by Dana Thomas is a book about the fashion retail industry. As an over-thinking shopper, there are all sorts of little facts I would like to know in this book. I'm still waiting for it to come out in paperback.
Gossip Girl calendar. Really, don't they know how many girls would love to be able to stare at the gorgeous actors and actresses throughout the year? (Plus wouldn't it be good marketing for CW?) Anyhow, if you haven't read the Gossip Girl books yet, go read them! They're not the same as the TV show but still very juicy.
Veronica Mars is one of my favourite shows of all time and this TV season just hasn't been as exciting since the show's was cancelled. So everyone, get yourself the Veronica Mars DVD box sets!
Have a fabulous Christmas people! We'll see you in the new year!

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Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas

Now that the holiday season is upon us in full force, so is the time for last minute Christmas shopping. Thats right, we cannot prolong it anymore. Typically the gifts we have left to buy are for those who already have everything they want (that we can afford anyway). So what else is there left to buy them? Well, here are some ideas:
Something pretty and cute, like these floral knit ear warmers and colored leg warmers from Urban Outfitters. Personally even though they are not that expensive, I wouldn't spend too much on such items that I may or may not wear next season. But if it were a gift....then I definitely wouldn't mind! I especially love the floral ear muffs! Is this a strange train of thought on my part? I also wouldn't mind getting more basics in different colors. Namely, opaque stockings in bold colors (black, purple, pink, maroon) and quality plain colored tees, like this one from American Apparel. One can never have enough of these! (especially the stockings which always runs!)
Catering to vanity, we have this very pretty mirror from UO (though personally I'd like one of those SERIOUS vanity mirrors with the light surrounding it). Then there is this set of photoframes. When I get to design my own room, I aspire to have a wall of simple photoframes just like this with pictures of fashion inspiration, artsy photos I've taken, my family and my friends. This set is also from UO. As much as I don't really like the quality of UO apparel, I DO love their furnishing and bits and pieces. They are all so funky, funny and cute, yet affordable. They make the perfect gifts!
More photo related things, there is this photo clutch and this snow globe frame. I LOVE the snow globe frame. I bought two this season and lugged it all the way across the Atlantic.
Another thing I wouldn't mind receiving would be a fun board game like this Grey's Anatomy and I've Never board game. A few months ago, I would've scoffed at the idea of board games as something little kids played. But after a really quite excellent house party this Thanksgiving, I'm a convert of board games. Its a great way for a large group of people to bond and have fun.
Gift cards is also a very good idea. As unpersonal as it sounds, it really is the best thing to give if you have no idea what the other person wants. Better let them get something they like than get them something they don't like that will end up cluttering the back of their closet. Choose a store they like, and if you have no idea what that is, department stores like Bloomies and Saks are a good idea. For the younger generation who shops online, Shopbop is also has gift certificates. Ok, so this might not be exactly THAT affordable, but it does come in different price ranges!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Image Sources: Saks, Bloomingdales, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel,

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Man Bag Epic Continues...

It seems that Vuitton is really targeting its male clientele. A few weeks ago I posted the Utah Kiowa tote from their holiday catalog and instantly fell in LVoe when I saw it in real life. Clearly it is trying to define how Americans perceive the man bag. It looks like a shopper tote but the sportish, old Western straps give it that masculine look. I adore Utah leather because of the way it feels and the hardware is finished to perfection. Discreet that does not scream LV but it does say that one has style. $1940

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I Dream of a Lifestyle Involving Many Cocktail Dresses VI: FCUK

This season, I have really liked FCUK's selection of dresses. They have a fantastic selection of shift dresses (basically like a huge T-shirt,) which are young, sparkly and trendy. I liked them so much that I've been to French Connection more than to any other high street store this season and tried on most of their dresses in store. The last time I went to the FCUK shop in Covent Garden, all the salesgirl were wearing one of FCUK's dresses in their own style, (with their own accessories). The whole store felt so festive!

One of the things I've thought about FCUK were that for a highstreet shop, it has really pretty clothes. But I also feel that its clothes never quite justify the original prices, which is why I always try to wait for the things to go on sale. Anyways, onto the dresses:

The dress that everyone has probably seen is this sequinned dress. The white version is SO gorgeous! If only we had the events that celebs go to to wear shift dresses...

I really like how the studs are of the same colour as the dress (so the dress wouldn't look like one big mess) but they're just light-reflecting enough to see the pattern. The problem with sequinned and studded dresses though are that I can't really get a tailor to cut the dress shorter. The dress ends at almost the knee for me, when I think it's supposed to end mid-thigh. Sigh.

I've only seen this dress online before. I like that it looks so cute and summer-y and party-ish. Tube dresses are hard to wear though, and the bubble effect at the bottom doesn't make it any easier. But still, if you were partying on some hot and resort place, then you might want one for the parties!

BG and I like to imagine we have fancy dinners to go to (without going out afterwards,) so we thought these dresses would we perfect for the dinners. I really liked the silk, block coloured dress on the left, and BG like the knit dress on the right. Unfortunately, hardly anyone dresses up for fancy restaurants in Hong Kong so the only place we would get to wear dinner dresses would be in the States and London. Perhaps the two of us should organise a fancy-dress-wearing dinner sometime.

Two other dresses that would be great for dinners.

Now I thought this lime green dress looked pretty chic when I saw the model wearing it. However on me, it wasn't short enough and it felt and looked like I was wearing a green box -wide and flat.

The difference between two colours of one dress never looked so apparent until this dress. The light-coloured one is so much prettier. No wonder it's sold-out whereas the pink/purple dress is now on-sale in stores.

Pretty by itself, but not sure how pretty it looks on a person.

I really like colour-block designs and the sequins make the design look young and 'now'. I still haven't managed to try it on yet, although I did notice that it was accessorised with a wide belt at the FCUK window displays.

The two dresses which I seriously condsidered buying were these two. The black chiffon dress (left) is so cute. It looks sort of prim (black, chiffon) but it's also modern because it ends at mid-lower-thighs. It's a nice LBD for dinner and formal cocktails. On the other hand, the sequinned dress (right) that I liked is the navy blue version because the pattern shows up better. It's such a sparkly, party dress. The problem with sequinned dresses though, is that they fall out really easily, so it would probably not last more than a few wears. Nevertheless, if only I had the occasion to wear it...

What do you think of the FCUK dresses this season? Bought or tried on any?

Image credit:,,

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Exactly my sentiments

I saw the Damier Lune Cabas today in real life and what do you know, my co-blogger bagaholicboy from Singapore had the same reaction as I did. Click here for his post. I felt that the nouveau design was fantastic but the fabric material just didn't do it for me. The suede handles will probably worry me to death and the lining just fell flat. I did LVoe the burnished finish of the Vuitton plate inside though, but even so, it just didn't grab me. To top it all off, my SA was not interested in showcasing the piece but was more into my non-LV bag that I had with me today. She ran her hands onto my quilted, luxurious lining and said: "Lemme just feel another bag other than LV." Hahahaha, I left with a skip in my gait. $1420

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The Vibrant Palette of Richard Prince

I could see that this collection will not be so popular among the masses but you got to hand it to Marc for once again collaborating with an artiste. It gives the brand that edginess that is lacking in the core collection and presents LV in a different light. I'm not sure yet if I will partake of this line since other preoccupations are underfoot. Coming in Spring-Summer 2008. Photos taken from seahorseinstripes (tPF).

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ANTM Cycle 9- Spoiler!

For once I actually managed to watch the ANTM finale without knowing who actually won. It was that much more exciting and fun to watch. So yes, I am now going to talk about the finale and who won etc etc. Don't say I didn't warn you!
Overall, I thought the quality of girls this season was better than the last and that they were in general more likeable. There was really nothing much to complain about, it was a decent round of ANTM. Not terribly compelling but not horrible either. I DO love the fact that they went to China though. China looked really pretty, exotic and fun through their lense. I've only personally been to Shanghai once a few years back (well..maybe 5) and didn't quite get the vibe that they portrayed...maybe its time I go back again!
I thought the final runway for Qi Gang in this exotic palace next to the Forbidden City (is that what they said?) was very awesome with the dancers on stilts etc. It was all very oriental and grand. Though maybe the whole entourage thing following Tyra down the runway to her throne was a bit too much..... Qi Gang's dresses were also really gorgeous in an oriental couture sort of way. I especially loved the grey dress Chantal wore on her second run!
Judging from over all performance, I do think that Saleisha was the right choice between the two finalists. I mean, both girls were there for the right reasons, both were very loveable and both took very good pictures and all, but Saleisha clearly rocked the runway. Even minus the tripping the stilts guy with her dress incident, Chantal's walk wasn't that inspiring. Random thought: doesn't Saleisha look like a model even before her makeover? Though I think her new hairstyle is very cute. It took her a while to grow into it, but she eventually did. I wish I can carry that off without looking like a mushroom head.....Oh and you got to admire her make up application. In some scenes in the show, she totally had huge eye bags. But she covers it up so well. What did Tyra say? Brown eye liner on bottom lid?
Saleisha's continuously good photos. I loved the jumping one at the Great Wall, she really went out of the box there. The only one I didn't like was probably her Garden of Eve one, which had really dead eyes.
Besides her catwalk, I think I was secretly vouching for Chantal, just because she's soo cute and I like her personality just a teensy bit more. She also did a better job in the Covergirl commercial.
I loved the dragon dance photo shoot. The colors were just so exuberant and she just looked so edgy here.
Then there was Jenah who came out third. It really was too bad about her misunderstood personality. She indeed takes very very gorgeous pictures- I especially love how she looks in this rock climbing one. I thought her come around speech in the judging room about why she's misunderstood was also very eloquent and well done. Too bad her competition was just too strong.
Now here is a girl that I cannot believe lasted for so long. I thought she did a good job at the Go See's and was very professional and really wanted this. But to be honest, I just didn't like her look. I don't mean to be mean or anything, but I just didn't think any of her pictures made her look very good (edgy wise or pretty wise) no matter how much make up, super photography, angles and photoshop applied. She looks kind of....scary manly.
And then there was Heather. Ah Heather. There was no question that she was amazingly pretty and effortlessly took beautiful pictures (if only we all had this gift). And it is indeed very brave and incredible that she was able to overcome her Asperger Syndrome in this competition. But I thought in the end, she really just couldn't handle the stress of being in the competition. Especially when she had so much trouble with the Go Sees and getting along with the girls. The modeling world and the fashion industry really don't cut anyone any slack.

Other random thoughts. I can't believe that Ebony just gave up like that and she really DID have an attitude problem no matter how much she said she was misunderstood...Hmm what else is there to say about the show this season... there really isn't much. As I said, it was a "not bad" season. None of the photoshoots were terribly exciting, but then maybe I am just getting jaded after having seen 9 seasons of this show and the countless photoshoots.

Maybe it is time to make a graceful exit Tyra. 10 seems like a nice complete number.

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