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SS08: Marc by Marc Jacobs

For the last few seasons (ever since they got into the "grunge" look), I have not been too impressed with the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection. This season though I am delightfully surprised! The collection is preppy and retro-chic. My style but with a refreshing twist!
This collection makes me WANT to buy something orange, and that is a difficult feat. I absolutely detest orange. But I am willing to break the rules for these two dresses. I just LOVE the orange dress with the fancy bow tie (though I cannot quite imagine what occasion that would be appropriate for) and the shirt dress is casual and chic.
I don't even mind being obviously Marc by Marc Jacobs. Many would recognize this very distinct geometric shirt dress (left) as Marc by MJ by now (along with the orange bow-tie dress above) but I still like it. I am really impressed that the color seems so "old" and yet, the whole look is still so young!
At first glance I thought this blue printed dress (right) was really cute. But if you look closer, can you tell that it actually has Marc Jacobs written all over it? I thought it was pretty cool that I couldn't tell at first. But now that I can, I think that kind of ruins the dress. Shame.
The definition of retro chic. I love how they mixed the flirty print and color with such a "proper" design. It is both refreshing and stunning. Though it is a bit too much for me. I prefer the more subtle purple dress (right). I absolutely absolutely adore this dress. It is simple, vibrant, youthful and fun. I've tried it on actually, but the fit of the bodice is a bit off. Maybe if I got it tailored.........
More fun casual dresses. I love the block print (right). Its so off and cute at the same time. And the cut of the heart leaf pinafore dress is just adorable!
The neckline and the prints are awesome. I especially love the neckline of the blue shirt (left: it is very ladylike, but the print makes it fun!) and the subtle pinstripes on the yellow shirt (right).
These two are my favourites of the collection, because I think they are great investments. I'm a great believer in outerwear and these two cardigans are perfect to carry around with you this summer- just in case of freezing a/c temperatures! I waaaaant the white one (right)! It is very Chanel-esque with a youthful touch.
A cute jacket is ALWAYS a good buy. You get the most mileage out of them cause you can just throw it over any outfit- and this one is so chic and stylish! (Though it may be a bit too heavy for the summer). And this pinstripe shirt with the ruffles is just darling!

Now if only I can win a free shopping trip for Marc by Marc Jacobs this season!

Image Source: Net-A-Porter

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Thank you, guys for the wonderful Louis Vuitton roller coaster these past few weeks. I have never been to LV so many times in such a short period. E, good things come to those who wait. A, we are looking forward to your return. Snzy, what's your next acquisition? Dr. A, monogramouflage to match your shorts. J, enjoy your Summit Drive, M, you should buy a Summit Drive. And J, your snapshot says it all -- LV's in action. LVoe y'all and let us enjoy our Louis's in good health!

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Speedy Dilemma

Well, it turns out that only the Watercolor Speedy 35 would be coming out tomorrow. A miscommunication within the company occurred and has caused wave upon wave of disappointment for those hoping for the size 30. On a lighter note, Jerome also had some SIZE issues of his own. The big reveal is that he bought a Speedy 40 yesterday but has decided that it was humongous for his purposes. So for the nth time, we drove across town to our local LV boutique. His final answer -- a Speedy 35! Here's our dynamic duo with his ultra-virgin vachetta and my brilliantly shining Mirage.

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Lily Allen Ripped Cut Off Jeans

Lily Allen in short ripped shorts

Lily Allen in short ripped cut off jeans

Torn or ripped short jeans seem to be popping up or out from celebrity booty around the world.

A few weeks back, top model Gisele Bundchen did a photo shoot in a pair of ultra short ripped jeans, Kate Moss was featured in a pair of ripped Maison Martin Margiela denim hot shorts in Vogue France and now we see some photos of singer and chat show host, Myspace music producer Lily Allen in a pair of short ripped jeans.

Well, it looks like a trend for the summer, more ripped skirts and shorts with lots of skin peaking out.

Should produce some usual sun tanned tattoos. . .

Gossip from Gossip Girl Set

Sexy Celebrity Fashions on the Web

Gwyneth Paltrow is looking hot and sexy these days as she showed up to promote her latest movie Iron Man in an black mini dress with cut out patterns, a new hairdo and very sexy high heel stiletto shoes from Bitten and Bound.

Halle Berry looks great in a low cut leopard print dress as she arrives at the Silver Rose Gala and Auction at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

This was Halle's first appearance since she gave birth to her daughter Nahla Ariela six weeks ago more at Bricks and Stones.

Gossip Girl what the hottest gossip from the Gossip Girl, find out in this video clip from the set of Gossip Girl.

If you cannot see the video clips or photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Lily Allen Ripped Shorts.

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Spring/Summer Nail Varnish!

Just when I found the perfect winter nail shade (just in case you were wondering, it is the Essie Sole Mate. It is the perfect rich deep dark purple, with just a hint of red!) , spring comes around. Not that I'm complaining, I can't wait for the weather to get warmer and the sun to shine. Although now it means my nail colors will have to change along with it- to get into the spring mode you know. But I am kind of tired of the pale white pinks that I usually favor for warmer weathers. As classic as they are, it does get a bit monotonous after a while. AND it is super hard to apply properly (this might also be due to my lack of nail varnish applications skills- though I'd like to point out that I have no trouble with the darker colors! Odd, I know).
So I started to consider other colors suitable for spring. Flicking through the Essie advertisements (Yes, I have a preference for Essie!) bright pink crossed my mind (left: Secret Stash). As much as I wanted to try something new though, bright pink does seem a bit too much. I AM 21 now. Not quite Barbie. Then I considered pale purple (right: Looking for Love). It is subtle but still quite different from pale pink. But then I quickly rejected the idea- that is just TOO weird. Its just not a color one would relate to nail color! Kind of like how it is odd for people to put pale blue/purple lipstick on their lips!
After much consideration, I finally found the perfect color, Ball-timore (left). It is the perfect coral pink, with the sharpness of a super bright pink but toned down by orange/coral tones. I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It is youthful and fun with a hint of sophistication. The other color I bought is Hard to Get (right). A more intense version of my usual pale pink hues, I thought this would just be fun and girly to play around with.I also wanted to get a nude color, like this (above: bags to riches). This one is the definition of sophistication and simplicity. But alas, it was getting rather expensive (they hiked the price up in the place I usually go to!!!).

Image Source: Essie

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Off to Tahiti I go

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Oh no you didn't!

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Well, he wasn't the only one...

I told you I was going to get flowers today. Aren't they colorful?!

Black MC Zippy Coin Purse, Neiman Marcus,VA, April 29, 2008. My first Multicolore acquisition!

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NO Watercolor Speedy 30 for Mainland US-MISINFORMATION TRANSMITTED

DISCARD THIS POST. 1866 MADE AN ERROR. SORRRRYYYY!!! See posting at tPF. Did you know that Vuitton is also releasing the 30 for the Mainland?! I just spoke to 1866 last night and they are taking waitlists over the phone. I clarified that for the longest time the 35 was the only one slated to be released but apparently they got a recent memo and the 30 will also be coming stateside. Get your CC ladies and gents and start dialing!Pic is of the 35 by Dunhill98

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It's such a pretty day, I think I'm going to buy some flowers...

Nip Tuck's Kelly Carlson

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China Run 2008

On May 23 (Jeff's birthday) to June 1, 2008, the Louis Vuitton Classic will take place in China. The China run will see 45 Classic Cars compete from Chengdu to Kunming. It's all good and interesting but what captured my attention more was the release of limited edition pieces commemorating the event. The Keepall is to die for!!! Rumour has it though that the items will only be released in China and Japan. Many an LV LVoer in the US will be quite disappointed. Visit

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Cristalline & Guillaume 18 & 18 - Les Halles - Paris

Cristalline in vacation
I design my own clothes. My aunt sews them in VietNam.
I buy some of them in Gothic shops in Paris or on internet.
I don't mind about Fashion. My look is Gothic-Something.

Guillaume in vacation
All H&M, except pants bought in Clignancourt Flea-market.
Shoes/Chaussures: Timberland.
I don't care about Fashion. My look is standard.

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Mariah Carey - E=MC2

Mariah Carey lights the Empire State Building in her colors lavender, pink and white

Mariah Carey flicked a switch on the Empire State Building's famous lights to illuminate them with her favorite colors lavender, pink and white.

Mariah Carey is certainly looming larger than life, as she appeared in Times Square early Friday morning to perform three songs from her number one album E=MC2 in a live concert broadcasted on Good Morning America.

As giant television screens surrounding the area displayed her picture, Mariah took center stage to perform her number one top selling single Touch My Body which reached the number 1 position on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart in the United States.

This is Mariah eighteenth number one single and she beat the king himself Elvis Presley for having the most number one singles.

She is second only to The Beatles who have 20 number one singles.

Even though they encountered technical problems with the backing track, Mariah was able to get back on track and later jokes to the audience A little creative. I try to bring something new to the moment every time.

Before her second song Mariah was interviewed.

Mariah said she is dieting and working out, mostly dieting We're healthy we like to get healther, Mariah said.

Mariah Carey talked about the DVD release of Mimi and the debut of her fragrance M by Mariah Carey.

Then Mariah Carey performed her second song from the album I'm that Chick.

Mariah Carey finished the live concert by performing the ballet Bye Bye from her hit album E=MC2 live on GMA.

Her hit album E=MC2 achieved record sales of 463,000 copies in its first week of release.

The album E=MC2 is a play on Einstein formula in which E represented energy, M represented mass and C2 was the square of the speed of light.

Mariah Carey whirlwind day in New York City in pictures.

In Mariah album version, E stands for Emancipation and MC equals Mariah Carey to the second power.

Later on Friday, Carey flicked a switch on the Empire State Building's famous lights to illuminate them with her favorite colors lavender, pink and white.

Mariah Carey wore a hot pink mini dress with bustier top which enhanced her sexy cleavage, a pair of pink high heel stiletto shoes from her famous collection of over 1,000 shoes, an oversized belt and occasionally a lavender wrap during her whirlwind day in New York.

If you cannot see the video clips or photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Mariah Carey E=MC2.

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Are Eco-Friendly Bags Worth It?

In my head, eco-friendly bags usuallt mean low-priced, off-white bags with some kind of save-the-earth type of message printed on it. Obviously, I've got Anya Hindmarch's "I'm not a plastic bag" bag -the first famous eco-friendly bag imprinted in my head. Back then, they were sold for 5 pounds each in the UK. (The whole craze for the bag is another story.) But clearly with over-demand, many other designers have tried to come up with smart slogans to put on suppsedly eco-friendly bags. I've managed to ignore that trend up until two weeks ago, I found this (literally) happy-looking bag in my mum's paper shopping bag.

No, my mum didn't buy it. She bought a jacket and the bag was a gift for shopping at Seibu, a department store in Hong Kong. We didn't think anything of it until we got home and discovered a HK$500 price tag on it. Wait, $500?! Yup, that was our reaction. We were kind of confused with why this bag would cost $500 in the first place and why the department store gave it away as a gift. I mean sure, the green smiling tree is sort of cute and it does have Moschino printed on it, (-as we all know, anything with a brand name printed on it allows it to be priced above what we think it ought to be worth,) but is it really worth 500hkd? (-500hkd is around 64usd or 30 pounds.) My point is not that I'm complaining about wasting my money on it because it was free, but that who would pay that much for it in the first place? And what you may not be able to tell from the photo is, this bag is small! It is probably the most impractical eco-friendly bag I have ever seen. Even the "I'm not a plastic bag" bag is more practical since it was wide (making up for it's lack of depth.) Plus, there was no message tag attached and the saleslady didn't even explain the point of the bag. Perhaps the proceeds of the bag goes to an unmentioned charity?

Anyway moving onto the Feed Bag. BG blogged about the first style last April. Recently, Lauren Bush released Feed 2 Bag. I have to admit the reason I looked it up was because I was surprised by the 50pound price tag when I saw it in Tatler magazine. But after reading the Harrods website, I am actually convinced it is worth it -According to Harrods' website, "each Feed 2 Bag sold will provide a year's worth of lunch meals in school for two children in need" for the UN World Food Programme's school feeding program. As for the design, it is reversible and made of 100% organic fair-trade material. OK, I can't claim to fully appreciate how 'green' the material is, but the cause actually sounds solid and worth it. I'm assuming people use these eco-friendly bags as their grocery-shopping bags, not to replace their Chanels, so even though it's not supremely stylish, it looks fit for the job, (although I would much prefer one that didn't have "Harrods" imprinted on it.)
What do you think of the whole eco-friendly bags trend in general? Do you use them for grocery shopping? Have you bought any?

Image Credits:

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Takashi Murakami's Monogramouflage

I need to see more of this design before I could say nay or yay. Looks promising though. The bag featured above is called Jasmine according to fashion maven Karen Kooper who took this snapshot from the actual show! Collection estimated release: June 15. Thanks getty and Karen. Visit

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LVMH acquires the Swiss watchmaker Hublot

LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, announces that it has signed an agreement to acquire the Hublot group, a top of the range watchmaker. Hublot is highly complementary to LVMH’s existing watch portfolio comprising of several brands but most particularly Louis Vuitton watches that are sold exclusively in their boutiques. Hmmm...doesn't this Hublot face remind you of the toile Damier?


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Bad eating weekend

This weekend was filled with eating out, fancy, cold coffee drinks and a break-the-matzoh-Passover extravaganza at an Italian place where beer, pasta and bread rules. Oy vey! I need to do a lot of cardio this week and what better incentive to do it than with this Vuitton gym combo. Slated to be out in the next coming months, it will roughly cost under $400. Not bad if it will actually get me going into the gym more often.

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Speedy LVoe

Like toy soldiers, here are my Speedy's!

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Magnificent Mile Malletier

Jet-setter Arjay U. was in Chicago last week and though he has posted most of his pics in his blog:, he has promised me exclusive rights to this photo of him infront of Michigan Avenue's crown jewel.

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Another Weekend of Louis Vuitton

The day started with me picking up Jerome and Eiza at Tom's house. Within five minutes of getting there, I noticed that Eiza's Galliera had a smudge on the virgin vache leather. She immediately performed damage control by using a white eraser as per my advice.

Sadly, the offending mark could not be removed and we resigned ourselves to charge it to "normal" wear and tear. Upon stepping out into the bright sunshine, we decided to have our pictures taken (with our bags of course) in front of Tom's blooming azaleas.

What followed was a whirlwind of brunch, enjoying the perfect weather outdoors and visiting Louis Vuitton boutiques from both sides of the Beltway. Finally, Jerome broke down and decided to make the Zippy Organizer his latest acquisition. We were trying to figure out where the date code was and made a little game out of it. It was quite difficult but yours truly eventually found it.

After a long, harrowing day, it was all worth it and we wound up at Tom's place discussing even further if Eiza is going to make a purchase of her own. We even went as far as calling the Ala Moana store in Hawaii. The bag of her have to wait for me to post it. Wink...

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The Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism on eBay

Hey people, you know the pretty purple Nokia phone that I blogged about a few days ago and some of you have been wanting to buy it? Well you can now! Since we are the kind of girls who want practical phones with classic, silver designs, (largely because we travel between countries a lot and Hong Kong is one of those places where phones are not attached to phone plans, unlike the UK or US,) we have decided to follow in Style Bubble's footstep and put this Prism up for auction on Ebay (UK). If you are a fun girly girl who wants this phone before it gets released, place a bid here!

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Uniqlo UT Project 08

Two weeks ago, the new Uniqlo ad in Grazia (a UK glossy tabloid) featuring Chloe Sevigny really caught my eye. I'm not a fan of Chloe's style, (actually I wonder why people love her style so much,) but I really liked how the black tank top fits her here. Doesn't Chloe look very casual rock chic? And the other big attraction? The fact that the ad is by Uniqlo means that the shirt is actaully affordable!
Uniqlo's collaborations with designers to produce capsole collections are usually much talked of on the Internet. But UT Project seems much more accessible to me. UT Project is basically where Uniqlo collaborates with a bunch of artists and designers to make printed T-shirts. Depending on the designer, not only are the print designs different, but even the fitting of the t-shirts is different. You can probably tell from the few pictures of Chloe modelling them.
The most popular (and publicised) t-shirts seem to be the Basquiat t-shirts (-they're the ones Chloe is wearing in the first two pictures.) I bought the tank top on the left and I love how it's really long, and it's got a slit on one side so you can tie it together the way as shown in the ad. It's going to be one of my lazy-day shirts this summer!
I think the Osamu Tezuka t-shirts are kind of cute. Don't they look so easy to throw on? I imagine wearing them to hang out at a friend's house.
But I'm really not a fan of the surfing-looking t-shirts like the one on the right. (A bunch of people back in high school used to wear surfing t-shirts to school everyday and I think I've been scarred by them.) And I really don't know how to appreciate art because the print on the left t-shirt just looks ugly to me.
The long blue shirt on the right is one of the more special designs. And as for the shirt on the left, it didn't look so pretty to me until I saw it modelled on Uniqlo's Japanese website. Those blobs of green look just like the blobs of colours I'm trying to add to my wardrobe!
We all know celebrities and ads always make things cooler, so if you want some idea how how to dress-up these ordinary T-shirts from 'normal' people, take a look at the images on the Japanese UT website. (Speaking of which, why is the Japanese Uniqlo site so much better and complete than the US and US Uniqlo sites?) It has many girls posing in the tees, giving the tees many different styles -from hipster to cutsy to rock chick to boringly ordinary. Actually, even if you're not a fan of Uniqlo, you should take a look at how they styled the girls for inspiration!

Image Credits:,

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The Stars of the NBA

Photo of NBA stars posted by luvpurses24 (tPF) Thanks getty and NBA!

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V Magazine Goes Digital

...and look at the candy they are featuring. Head to toe LV! Visit Special thanks to Alvin. (Photography: KT Auleta)

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