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Lady Gaga – Cloning Sexy Little Monsters

Lady Gaga fans dress like Lady Gaga
Little Monsters dress like Lady Gaga

Not only does Lady Gaga music inspire her fans or little monsters, as they like to be called, but her little monsters are also capturing Lady Gaga fashion style.

Little Monsters Dress in Sexy Gaga Costumes

At her performance at the L G Birmingham Arena, Lady Gaga was greeted with legions of little monsters dressed up in hot costumed versions of Lady Gaga.

Long blond wigs seem to be a favorite of her fans with an occasional long royal purple wig appearing in the crowd.

Lady Gaga in a white hair costume
Credit: Flynet Pictures

Cousin Itt or Lady Gaga - you be the judge

Yes, even the bow hairdo was represented by some of the little monsters.

Sunglasses were also a popular accessory and included over sized sunglasses in red, white and black frames.

The sexy black little mini dress was a popular gaga look, with a few white and red mini dresses added to the gaga look.

Nude, red or fishnet pantyhose were popular choices for those sexy little monsters legs.

Of course, when it came to shoes – the higher the heel, the better.

Black open toe high heel shoes were a hot choice for the little monsters with some red and thigh high boots added to the mix.

Not only are Lady Gaga fans enjoying her music, but they are also following her fashion look.

Lady Gaga as Cousin Itt

Lady Gaga in a hairy top with gold metallic designs
Credit: Flynet Pictures

Lady Gaga in hairy top and fishnet pantyhose

Perhaps inspired by the original monster family – the Addams Family, Lady Gaga appeared in a costume almost totally covered in a hairy material.

The costume reminded us of Gomez Addams cousin Itt whose entire body was completely covered with hair.

Lady Gaga Hot Hair Raising Costumes

Another hot new costume looked like a body suit with the top half covered in strands of hair and gold metallic material.

The bottom half of the costume consisted of fishnet pantyhose and high heel black shoes with glittery embellishments.

Lady Gaga was accompanied by dancers in ripped and torn black and fishnet leggings - another hot fashion trend.

Monster Ball UK Leg – States to Come

Lady Gaga is on the UK leg of her Monster Ball tour with performances at London's O2 Arena.

She will also be performing in Manchester and Sheffield before returning to the states for a Fourth of July concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey and a sold out performances at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

For the latest Lady Gaga news and photos go to Lady Gaga Fashion News Stories and Pictures.

If you cannot see the video or photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Lady Gaga – Cloning Sexy Little Monsters .

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{thoughts of the weekend still linger}

{p.s.} more beautiful photography at {this is glamorous}

{images: photography by hans van brakel}

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{inspiration: candy-coloured}

{marloes horst by robert wyatt for the sunday times UK style magazine via wildfox}

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Grazia aime Easy Fashion ...

Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

Après celui de Teen Vogue, Easy Fashion figure en bonne compagnie dans le "Tour du Monde" (click!)
des meilleurs blogs de Street Style de avec cette photo de Louise / Miss Pandora.
Merci à Annabel Laso ! (et merci Chloé de me l'avoir signalé !). C'est gentil ! Je n'ai pas beaucoup
de contact avec les magazines français d'habitude ... Mais je connais la version Allemande de Grazia.
Les filles du service photo sont très sympas et nous travaillons ensemble de temps en temps.
Bon les filles ! C'est quand vous voulez pour vos photos de Steet Style sur Easy Fashion !
Bonne journée à toutes et à tous


Pour voir la page Grazia, cliquez à droite dans la rubrique "Easy Fashion featuring in ..." ou sur
le lien dans le texte ...

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Teen fashion trends

Teen fashion is pretty serious business. The trends are changeable, unstructured, anything but not constant. Teen age too is a precious time of life and the best time to look good. Studies expose that teenagers are more knowledgeable about any fashion accessory that other age-wise people.

Expectation from this sector is high and continuous. A designer catering to teenage fashion wear promises himself a life of insurrection and creative investigation. All teenagers are not rebels, they are just fashion conscious.

From cultural to fusion and trendy western casuals, teenage is all about joy in vivid colours. Teenagers are hard pressed for time as they are always speeding up from errands to coaching classes and regular schools. Thus they prefer something easy and relaxed. Their primary choice remains denims, jeans, washes in acid and stone. Corduroys fashions come and go. Teenagers go tremendously creative about accessories. Trinkets form bracelets, beads, clasp nose rings, cluster earrings, fake tattoos, nail painting, henna and bindis.

Carefree mind-set and the spirit of life is seen in mix and match wears, trendy jackets, stoles with tassels, bandanas, hair colour, faux fur trims on high boots and elbow pads in amazing hues. Shoes and belts are responsive to fashion demands and gadgets are trendy. Skirts go from long, to flares and short skirts from knee length to white mini skirts. Blouses come in tank tops and off shoulders for bold looks and classy colours in lilac and fuchsia in georgette or satin for a little conservative. The idea is to know the venue of your day and dress accordingly.

Racial wear for teenagers demands lot of invention. Lehengas and Ghagras come in various colours like emerald green, pool blue and be it gota, zari or embellishments in pearl, crystals or sequins, teenagers seem to need more! The demand is insatiable in fusion wear with embroidered suits for boys and jackets too. It is significant to notice the teenagers skin deep in tradition at any festival or celebration.

Though western trends such as japanese fashion seem to control teenagers in all walks of life, it is the effort of designers in balancing the ethnicity of Indian fashion. The next time you need the latest hair colour, be sure to ask a teenager!

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{inspiration: always the beach}

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{inspiration: black & white}

{via style me pretty}

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{inspiration: black & white}

{editorial - mode in italy, photography by tesh; via knightcat}

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{leather skirt}

{kim noorda by txema yeste for harper’s bazaar spain june 2010 via fgr}

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Hugo & Nini - Beaubourg - Paris

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"I am a Designer-Stylist.
My look is spontaneous.
I love Smiles & Cats. I hate negativ People.
My message: Hapiness and smiles are more important
than money !"
All my outfit vintage except my hat by CA4LA (Japan)
Perfume: "Black" by KENNETH COLE

"I am a Make-Up Artist for Fashion
My look is "Brigade du Tigre".
I love modesty. I hate stupidity".
I wear a shirt by H&M
Black jeans by MARC JACOBS
Boots and Bag are vintage
Perfume: "Blanc" by LALIQUE

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Nadia - Etienne Marcel - Paris

Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

"I work as Account Back Office Assistant
For me Fashion is to claim your own personality
My look is casual-trendy
I love Music. I hate Christophe Mae (french singer).
If I had € 1000, I would buy plenty of jeans !
My message to the world: Every day, have fun to the max !"
I wear a jacket and jean's by MISS SIXTY
T-Shirt and Shoes from a little shop.
Sunnies by RAYBAN
Perfume by ESCADA

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Yanh - Etienne Marcel - Paris

Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

"I am a Vegetal Sculptor Artist
For me Fashion is a Clothe Code.
My look is basic. I love Flowers, I hate people being late".
I wear a vintage cardigan
Jean's 501 Levi's
Made to mesure shoes
Vintage hat
My motorbike is a MOTOBECANE
50 CC 2 speeds (1939)

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{upswept hair}

{tumblr via felicity -- thank you!}

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Hot and Sexy Swimwear for Summer Fun

Memorial Day marks the official start of summer in the states, so it's time to update your swimwear wardrobe with some sexy, hot, new swimwear looks for summer 2010.

Golden Metallic Bikini

Looking to shine like the sun and glow in the sun's warm rays?

Than, this very sexy gold metallic bikini is the bikini you are searching for.

The golden metallic material will reflect the sun's rays as you shake your booty on the beach or at the pool.

The bikini bottom has a single tie and is fully lined.

A great, sexy bikini to wear at the beach or pool on a hot and sunny summer day.

Maya Bikini – Celebrity Favorite Swimwear

One of our favorite designer swimwear collections for celebrities is the MAYA swimwear line.

MAYA signature bikinis have been spotted on Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Marisa Mill and many other celebrities.

MAYA swimwear is made to accentuate the natural curves of a woman's body.

Also, the MAYA Signature bikini line is designed to enhance smaller bust women and the seamless design of their bikinis make the bikini ultra comfortable.

MAYA sexy black bikini is the perfect bikini for celebrities or celebrity wannabes.

Our own favorite MAYA bikini is their very sexy MAYA black signature bikini.

The Monokini Swimwear – Sexy Bikini Alternative

Women looking for a sexy alternative to the bikini for swimwear now have a very sexy selection of one piece monokini swimsuits to choose from.

If you don't want to fully expose your belly or just like to frame your figure to look hot, the monokini is the swimsuit for you.

So if you haven't worked your body into a fitness model shape, than the monokini swimsuit might be all you will need to look sexy and hot at the beach or by the pool.

Aqua Leopard Monkokini

This very hot and sexy Aqua Leopard Monokini combines a sexy leopard print with the halter neck monokini swimsuit. This swimsuit can conceal a little tummy bulge, while displaying plenty of skin at the sides. This sexy monkokini has ties at the sides and top to adjust the swimsuit to a perfect fit.

Tanning Secrets - How to Get That Perfect Suntan

Since the Memorial Day weekend in the states is the official start of summer, many of our readers may throw caution to the wind and try to pack as much sun and fun into the three day weekend.

Remember, not only can a sunburn put a damper on your weekend, it can also dry out your skin or cause skin cancer.

If you are looking to get that Perfect Summer Tan, than the following video will lead you through the steps to that Perfect Suntan.

If you cannot see the video or photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Hot and Sexy Swimwear for Summer Fun .

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{hello + summer roses}

. . . hello! still catching up, new & lovely things soon . . . xo

{images: a creative mint -- more at this is glamorous}

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Lindsay Lohan – Sexy French Picture Postcards

Lindsay Lohan in low cut white blouse behind bars
Lindsay Lohan - behind bars - actually she just passing a fence.

Lindsay Lohan has returned to the states, however she did have a very busy week in Cannes, France last week.

Always a favorite of the paparazzi and wearing very short mini dresses, Lohan was popping up all over Canes.

Lindsay Lohan Behind Bars

She was photographed behind bars as she dashed to a party in a very revealing U shaped low cut blouse with black buttons and black pants.

Lindsay Lohan in a very short white goddess dress

Lindsay Lohan in a very short white goddess dress

It seems that Lohan preferred the color white while in Cannes.

We remember last year, Lohan appeared in a photo in a white blouse combing her long golden brown hair on a balcony of the Hyatt hotel in Paris.

Well, this year her hair is a bit darker brown, but she still prefers those ultra short sexy white mini dresses.

It seems that Lohan favors the color white as pictured by the paparazzi.

Lohan was also photographed partying in a very short – white gathered mini dress.

The dress reminded us of a greek goddess look as she partied on a luxury yacht with Lady Victoria Hervey.

Lindsay Lohan and Lady Victoria Hervey party on a luxury yacht


Lindsay Lohan and Lady Victoria Hervey party on a luxury yacht.

Lindsay Lohan – Behind the Scenes of a Sexy Photo Shoot – video clip.

If you cannot see the video or photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Lindsay Lohan – Sexy French Picture Postcards.

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How to succeed in modeling auditions?

There is no chance to reach the limelight if you are going to nag behind in the modeling industry since it’s extremely competitive. Before getting an actual modeling gig, aspiring models should constantly fight their way towards success by attending a number of auditions. To be precise, auditions are your gateway to glorious field of modeling. But it is really tough to succeed an audition. It would seem exactly like a job interview and would be intimidating at times.

The auditions judge your performance as a model and hence play an important role in shaping your career. Even though they are stressful, they can be managed by handling with an air of self confidence. The most important thing to keep in the mind is that you need to present yourself in the best possible way along with polishing your talents. For a model, the main aspect is projecting the attitude in the most appealing way. The confidence your shine throughout the auditions and should carry out your personality.

The audition is similar to a job interview. Hence it is important to be at the audition place on time rather than being late. Last minute tension can damage the whole performance. It would be nice if you wear something professional than revealing. The jewelry and other accessories should essentially compliment your wardrobe and should not be flashy. Make sure that your personality is getting the whole attention rather than the costumes. The makeup should also be minimal and clean. Most important thing to remember is that the more auditions you attend, the more opportunities you would get.

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