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Neverfull in Damier

Slated to have been released in November of last year, it seems that mainland US will not be receiving one of the most awaited Damier of the recent past. The Neverfull in ebene with it's striking red lining is supposedly only being released in Hawaii and Japan. Arjay got the call yesterday from his SA and practically plunged him into total depression. Say it isn't so since he needs Vuitton therapy for his upcoming move back to Virginia.

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Willie 24 - Fixie & Video Maker - Bastille / Paris

©Photo Fred the Mole

No brakes, no lights. It's the Fixie.
Came from San Francisco & NYC.
Total black look for Willie and his Track Bike.
"I don't get a nervous break-down for my look.
Just put an urban outfit on ..."

Pas de freins, pas de lumière, c'est le Fixie.
Venu de San Francisco & NYC.
Total look black pour Willie et son vélo de piste.
"Je ne vais pas me prendre la tête avec mon look.
Je porte juste des trucs pratiques ..."

Want a Fixie ? Willie make it for you. Check at:

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Who is That Masked Woman or is Paris Becoming Modest?

Paris Hilton Behind the Veil
Paris Hilton Behind the Veil

Paris Hilton behind the veil, well yes.

Paris Hilton is on the road again, this time in Istanbul, Turkey.

Paris was invited to be one of the jury members for the Miss Turkey 2008 competition.

Paris Hilton in  a yellow print Diane von Furstenberg halter dress with matching pumps
Paris Hilton in a yellow print Diane von Furstenberg halter dress with matching pumps

In addition to crowning the winner of the Miss Turkey 2008 beauty pageant, Leyla Lydia Tugutlu, Paris Hilton was invited on stage to perform with belly dancer Asena at the live telecast of the Miss Turkey beauty pageant in Istanbul.

Paris showed off her belly dancing talents, belly dancing on staged with belly dancer Asena after her solo performance at the Miss Turkey 2008 competition.

Paris managed to get off a few good hair flips and some spinning around moves, however we didn't see her flexing her stomach muscles and undulating her belly button area.

Paris Hilton in Turkey

We don't think Paris Hilton is quite ready to become a first class belly dancer, so we are glad that she went back to judging.

Paris wore a bright yellow print Diane von Furstenberg halter dress and matching pumps to the Miss Turkey 2008 beauty competition photo shoot.

Paris has been traveling with her boyfriend Benji Madden and his band the Good Charlotte on their world tour.

Paris Hilton and Belly Dancer Asena Performing

As an added treat for our readers, we have a video tape of Belly Dancer Asena performing her very hot and sexy solo belly dance routine before inviting Paris Hilton to join her on stage for some duo some belly dance moves.

If this were Dancing with the Stars, who would you pick?

For those of you who would like to show off your own belly dance moves, be sure to take a pick at our Editors belly dance costume picks.

If you cannot see the video clip or photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Paris in Turkey.

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SS08: The "IT" Shoes

The other day when I was at the hair salon flicking through Vogue, I came across what they claimed to be the new "it" shoe this season- these Etro sandals below.
The term "it" shoes is apt. Cousin IT shoes that is. First Prada had these fringe things all over the place SS07, and now these shoes. Gladiator sandals with fringe piled on, I really don't see the attraction. They kind of look like sandals pretending to be boots or the other way around. Just not quite right.
No matter how they matched it on the Etro runway, there MUST be other better footwear out there to match these cute printed outfits. More simpler sandals perhaps? Heels? Barefoot??? Just when I thought perhaps it was just a one off random thing, I see the exact likeness on the Zara display window. For a moment I worried that this will become a prominent feature in daily fashion (it IS Zara after all). However, HG has convinced me that this is just one of those fashion items that are picked to featured to look cool (I don't know where they get these ideas from) but not really meant for mass consumption- or so I hope. Fingers crossed!

I mean, would YOU wear this????

Image Source:

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Jérémy 20 - Business School Student & Savanah 19 - Arts of Entertainment Student - La Bastille - Paris

©Photos Fred the Mole
My jacket is from H&M. My dress is a MAJE. My boots are vintage from KILIWATCH (rue Etienne Marcel). My bag is from PRINTEMPS shop market.
(the watch is vintage-Casio I guess ?)
US Fashion inspires me. Today my look is vintage
My coat is vintage (3€) as my boots. My jeans are from DIESEL.
My glasses are from DIOR Hommes.
For me Fashion is to be different. Today my look is vintage.

Mon blouson est un H&M.
Ma jupe est une MAJE. Mes bootes sont vintage de chez KILIWATCH (Rue Etienne Marcel). Mon sac vient du PRINTEMPS. (La montre est une Casio Vintage ?)
La mode Américaine m'inspire. Aujourd'hui, mon look est Vintage.
Mon manteau vient d'un magasin-frippe à 3€, comme mes bottines.
Mon jean est un DIESEL. Mes lunettes sont des DIOR Hommes.
Pour moi, la Mode, c'est être différent. Aujourd'hui, mon look est Vintage.

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Day Two of Mr. Exotique

Do you think I'm happy with my Speedy?!

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Happy Sunday Everybody!

This is the "thank you" card that my LVoely SA sent me featuring the Frame Watercolor Speedy as cover art.

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Hanami with my Aquarelle

A big THANK YOU TO JEFF, for though he hates Louis Vuitton with a passion, he still gave me my most fabulous LV to date. He definitely spelled love with a capital LV. Maraming, maraming salamat po!

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It's here, it's here, it's here!!!!!!!

Speedy Watercolor Exotic, March 29, 2007, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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The Cult of the Luxury Brand

I love book shopping. Strolling leisurely along the aisles with rows and rows of books, you never know what treasures you might come across. Some of my best discoveries have been books that had randomly caught my eye. I like to think its fate. This is probably why I love book shopping. But anyway, my latest treasure has been, "The Cult of the Luxury Brand," by Radha Chadha and Paul Husband. I'm sure you can imagine why it might have caught my attention.... This book focuses on the cult of the luxury brand in Asia, which takes up 37% of the $80bn USD global luxury brand market, while Europe and US only take up 35% and 24% respectively. I think in this case, "cult" is definitely the right word. Living in one of the centers of this phenomenon, and admittedly to most degrees being part of it, I've always wonder why we behave the way we do. And as much as I wince at being labeled as part of the luxury glutton society, I must say, Chadha and Husband comes up with some intriguingly insightful points.

Their main thesis is that "luxury brands are a modern set of symbols that Asians are wearing to redefine their identity and social position," which I guess for the most part is true, but that is kind of obvious. Here are a few other points which I thought were interesting:

  • The Spread of Luxury model, where they split the luxury evolution in Asia to 5 stages: Subjugation, Start of Money, Show Off, Fit In and Way of life. I think they are all pretty self explanatory and pretty accurate
  • The single parasites is the group of young women aged 20-35 in Asia who are still living at home with their parents. Since they do not have to pay for rent etc, they have a larger disposable income to spend on luxury goods- which they do in hoards!
  • One of the reasons that luxury consumption is so big in Japan is because while the Western culture celebrates individuality, the Japanese culture (and indeed most Asian cultures ) places great emphasis on conformity and fitting in. So when the majority of people wear luxury brands, the rest of the people need to wear it too. That is probably why 94% of Japanese woman in their 20s own a Louis Vuitton
  • In Tokyo (and other small cities I suppose), because the apartments are so small and expensive, it is difficult to show off wealth and success. And so people have turned to luxury brands as the best way to display their success- by literally wearing it!
  • For the Chinese, their love for brands stems from their Confucius roots, which places a lot of importance on "family face." And so, today Chinese see luxury brands as a way to show "face" and signify their success
  • In Hong Kong, luxe consumption has been adopted as the central ideology. Making money and blowing it on the luxuries of life is the one thing that the people are clear about, while on everything else, from politics, culture to patriotism, ambiguity reigns. Coming from Hong Kong, I must say, I totally agree
  • In Korea, there is a clash between their love for luxe (Burberry is apparently the Korean word for trench coat!) and their culture. Luxe consumption is seen as "sinful" since frugality and moderation is very big in their culture. Additionally, nationalism is also very big and so wearing imported goods is also frowned upon. No wonder Koreans typically dress in more subtle designer brands (those I know anyway)!
These are just some of the more interesting points that I remember off hand. At this point, I'd usually expend on how awesome this book is and how much I love it. But I find that this time, I cannot quite do that because I am still unsure about my feelings towards this book. On one hand, I thought it made some very clever, valid and insightful points about this phenomena. But on the other, I felt that it made the consumers caught in the heat of this phenomena sound like a bunch of fools continuously chasing after greater materialism trying to fit in and outdo each other at the same time. Maybe they were just writing it as it is and I just took it too personally because I admit that despite being fully aware of this materialistic path I am taking, I am still part of this phenomenon. Maybe the truth is just hard for me to accept, when put down so matter-of-factly. But I still cannot help but feel defensive. Now you can see why I feel so unsure about this book.

Image Source: Cult of the Luxury Brand

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LVoe the Montorgueil

Pronounced mon-tor-guy with your best French accent! Visit

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The Galliera is in stores!

I got a call from my darling SA yesterday that the newest addition to the Monogram canvas line is already in stores. The catch though is that you can't purchase it until April 1st. So, you just have to drool over it and dream about it for the next couple of days. I think I'm going to trot to my local LV boutique to check it out for Angel. PM - $1180 GM - $1360

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Christian 26 - Fashion Editor - Le Marais - Paris

©Photos Fred the Mole

I wear a jacket ST-LAURENT by TOM FORD.
My jeans are from LTB. My black leather boots are from DIOR.
My black coat is a TIM BARJOT and my hood from JUUN. J
(Korean Fashion Designer).
For me Fashion is a great dream.
Today, my look is Urban-Chic.
Christian's Blog at:

Ma veste est une ST-LAURENT par TOM FORD.
Mon jean est un LTB. Mes bottes en cuir vernis noires sont des DIOR.
Mon manteau noir est un TIM BARJOT et ma capuche du Koréen JUUN. J.
Pour moi la mode, c'est un grand rêve ...
Aujourd'hui, mon look est Urbain-Chic.
Le Blog de Christian à:

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One Fine Day

Am off to the post office!

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Kate Bosworth Fashionable 21 Win

Kate Bosworth in sequined ruffled Chanel Haute Couture dress with arm warmers
Kate Bosworth in sequined ruffled Chanel Haute Couture dress with arm warmers

If fashions were blackjack, Kate Bosworth would be an easy winner.

The young star and fashion icon has electrified red carpets from glittery Las Vegas to New York in some very fashionable and hot outfits.

For the premiere of her new movie 21 in Las Vegas, which opens national wide on Friday March 28, 2008, Kate wore a beautiful, sparkling sequined ruffled Chanel Haute Couture dress with arm warmers and jewels by Van Cleff and Arpel.

In her interview on the Late Nite Show with David Letterman she wore a striking black sequined dress with patterned leggings.

When it comes to fashion, it is easy to see that Kate Bosworth is a clear winner hands down.

Kate Bosworth, who played Lois Lane in the movie Superman Returns, plays the character Jill Taylor in the movie 21.

The film, 21, is based on the true story by Ben Mezrich - "Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions" and stars Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey and Lawrence Fishburne.

Kate Bosworth in a Winning Look
Kate Bosworth in a Winning Look

Its focuses on Jim Sturgess, who plays Ben Campbell a MIT math whiz kid who slaves away at a men's store earning $8 an hour and counting on a scholarship to pay for Harvard Med school tuition.

Ben Campbell is recruited by Micky Rose, played by Kevin Spacey, to form a team of gifted students who spend their weekends counting cards in Las Vegas.

Kate Bosworth
Red Carpet Fashion Looks

The film dwells somewhat on explaining the methods Micky's team use to beat the house and the elaborate disguises, signals and codes they used while counting cards in Las Vegas and know-how they acquire to turn the odds at blackjack in their favor.

Of course, just winning at blackjack and beating the house lacks the intrigue needed for a movie.

Kate Bosworth Interview With David Letterman

In this case the intrigue comes in the guise of fellow team member Jill Taylor, played by Kate Bosworth, who distracts Ben Campbell from his careful card counting routine.

According to an item in People, Kat Bosworth can't remember the steamy love scene with Jim Sturgess from the movie 21.

Kate related that "Jim and I became such good friends, we decided to have a couple of drinks, loosen up and go for it."

If you cannot see the video clip or photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Kate Bosworth - 21.

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Dexter Dex Tao & David. Rue du Louvre - Paris

©Photos Fred the Mole

Dexter Dex Tao (L) - Fashion Public Relations Officer:
Today my look is rainy-drippy !
"Fashion is what is going to be out of Fashion" Coco Chanel
Dexter Dex Tao (G) - Relations publique dans la Mode
Aujourd'hui mon look est pluvieux !
"La mode c'est ce qui se démode ..." Coco Chanel

David (R) Jeweller:
Let's get moving in our life with a light footstep and elegance !
David (D) Bijoutier:
Prenons notre vie sur terre d'un pas léger et avec élégance !

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Gabriella - 1/2 Italian 1/2 English - Le Marais - Paris

©Photos Fred the Mole

I live in Paris for 5 years.
My brands ? ... Oh my God ! I wear nothing from fashion designers except my GUESS bag !
I found all my clothes in market shops in Paris ...

Je vis à Paris de puis 5 ans.
Les marques de mes vêtements ? ... Oh ! Je ne porte rien de marques branchées
mon sac GUESS !
J'ai trouvé tous mes vêtements dans des magasins de fringues normales ...

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How Not To Wear Colour Leggings

First off I must confess I haven't worn colour leggings myself before. I am simply not creative or bothered enough to actually buy them and do the whole mixing and matching thing with the rest of the outfit. Hypothetically, if I were to wear colour leggings, I would probably just do it the boring and simple way: colour leggings with a casual black dress like in the picture above. And yes, I know it's spring now and leggings is more of a F/W thing, but I thought I would share some of my observations here.

As the title suggests, these are my observations of how not to wear colour leggings/tights. A few weeks ago, I saw someone on the streets wearing something like this:

A bright yellow tee (way brighter than the tee in this image,) a green, half-length trenchcoat, a flowery skirt (very popular in UK highstreet stores this season) and bright, solid red leggings. OK, so obviously I am not a colourful dresser, but I'm usually pretty open minded about style. Now I'm not criticising this girl's outfit exactly (-I'm all for personal style), but I do think that she went overboard with the colours. Wearing solid green on the top (the coat) and solid red at the bottom (the leggings) just does not look cool, arguably except for Christmas day. If you wear colour leggings, please refrain from wearing ten million other colours. Really, colour leggings are colourful themselves already.

And just yesterday, I saw a women who looked at least 45 yrs old wearing shorts and bright red leggings. I'm not actually sure of her age, but she certainly didn't look that young from afar. Sure, colour leggings are fun, but isn't it something that is more for younger women? Is it wrong for me to think the maximum age that anyone should wear these colour leggings is 30? And I don't mean to discriminate against age, but I just really believe in dressing suitably for one's age.

There you go: just a bit of how not to on colour leggings. What are your thoughts on my two points?

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Guess What?!

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Léa 20 - Business school student - Le Marais - Paris

©Photos Fred the Mole

I wear a coat from ZARA.
My jeans are from DOLCE&GABANA.
My belt is a CAVALLI. My purse is from Spain.
My boots ... I don't remenber.
For me Fashion is an assembling.
My look is custom-made.

Mon manteau est un ZARA.
Mon jean est un DOLCE&GABANA.
Ma ceinture est une CAVALLI. Monsac vient d'Espagne.
Mes bottes ... Je ne me souviens plus.
Pour moi la mode est un assemblage.
Mon look est personnalisé.

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High Fashion Dog of Paris ! Etienne Marcel - Paris

©Photo Fred the Mole

Dog Fashion show fall-winter 2008-2009

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Sexy Spring and Wedding Essentials

Bridal Petticoat and Nylon Stockings

Bridal Petticoat and Nylon Stockings

Spring is in the air and it's time to think about some new accessories to make you look dazzling.

A bit of lace, a bit of stocking, some sexy string thong parties and some sexy knickers will due the trick nicely.

We just love lace and these alluring petticoats are just the items to add excitement to any outfit.

Whether you are looking to dress up a bridal outfit or adding that perfect accessory for ball room dancing - hey with all the dance television shows, dancing has certainly become a hot, sexy, romantic activity.

What could be better than to be the center of attraction on the dance floor and also know that you are keeping fit and in shape through the power of the dance?

Now, just add a pair of sexy Veronica Lace Top French Lace nylon stocking to really add flare to your legs as you twirl around the ballroom floor.

These Veronica Lace Top RHT stockings start with an exquisite French Lace at the top and continue down the leg yielding 100% denier nylon.

Little Pillbox Hat, Silk Blouse and Stockings
Little Pillbox Hat, Silk Blouse and Stockings

Your foot will be encased in reinforced heel and toe with a garter belt to keep everything in place and to add a sexy touch too.

These Veronica Lace Top stocking are available in White is for Brides, Buff is perfect for an elegant day out and of course Black is for after Five and to dance the night away.

Retro Glamour - Pillbox Hat

The retro vintage glamour look has always been hot.

We know many famous designers keep a collection of old fashion magazines for inspiration and we always note the influence past fashion trends have had on designers today.

Well we just fell in love with this Classic Pillbox Hat with Dot Netting based on the elegant 1960 glamour look.

Jacqueline Kennedy made the Pillbox hat famous and even today this classic pillbox hat adds class and sensuousness to any outfit.

This classical pillbox hat evokes the spirit of the times in a romantic way, for it was a time where one could "dream the impossible dream" and indeed, make it happen.

All our fashion picks today are from that company whose trademark is Keep The Romance Alive - Secrets in Lace.

You can search through Secrets in Lace beautiful pictorial catalog on line.

Take a look of at our Editors' spring - summer accessories picks: corsets, knickers and thongs, stockings.

If you cannot see the video clip or photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Spring Accessories.

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Now I'm not one for watches really. In fact, I haven't worn one since I grew out of Swatch and cannot quite afford a Cartier yet. Also I secretly think that I might have been so spoilt by the digital clock on my mobile that I now find it hard to read analogs. But I'm not quite ready to admit that to myself yet. But anyway, despite all that, my interest was peaked the other day when my cousin mentioned that he wanted to get a Toywatch- especially when I found out that it can be found within the stylish walls of Lane Crawford. So I decided to take a look.
For those unfamiliar, Toywatch are known for their lightweight, over sized plastic watches. I was pleasantly surprised by the designs. They are simple and elegant, with just the right amount of fun in the colors and the clear plastic material. I love the colors and designs of the two above. Priced at around $200USD each, they are great a great accessory to match your outfits with. If I was the watch wearing type and had resources to spare (one can always dream), I'd totally get a few!
Besides those fun ones, they also have ones that kind of resemble more classic designs. Like this white plastic one (left) from the Plasteramic collection, which is designed to look like those oh-so-sought-after ceramic watches but is not. And the one on the right looks remarkably like all those watches that I would describe as "elegant, feminine and delicate" from various luxury watch brands.
Naturally, in this day of super luxing everything, even a brand called Toywatch has a super luxe line. They have it in the form of this black ceramic collection (left). Now this is actually ceramic and not plastic pretending to be ceramic. The design is very elegant and sleek looking. Priced at $1500, its not bad for a ceramic watch- if only it didn't so resemble the J12 Chanel watches (right), which are priced at 5 times that price. Now it just looks like a ceramic watch pretending to be a J12. Not that there is anything wrong with that, Zara does it all the time, but this one is not even cheap! Personally, if I was going to fork out $1500 for a ceramic watch, I'd rather save up longer and get the original one.

Image Source: ToyWatch and Chanel

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Pin-Up Girl - Place de la Concorde - Paris

©Photo Fred the Mole

I love this Pin-Up look of 50's.
Very original, very cute, very fresh !
Look at this hair-cut, so nice !
For Pin-up girls , brunettes win the fight, no doubt !
J'adore ce look Pin-Up des années 50.
Original, très mignon.
Regardez la coupe de cheveux, superbe !
En ce qui concerne les Pin-Up, les brunes sont les plus belles !

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NYC Flagship Frenzy

Angel, Me and Jojo. LVoe his PDV!!!

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Checking Out H&M Spring 2008

I've been seeing this H&M print ad everywhere I go, mainly on billboards and in magazines, in London and Hong Kong. I feel like I'm being chased after by this pretty yellow image of Raquel and a wall of flowers telling me that: a) it's Spring! b) Wear yellow! c) Go shop at H&M now! After stalking H&M's website for awhile, they've finally updated their website last week with some of their Spring's offering.

The instant I saw this colour-block, T-shirt dress in the campaign image (worn by Raquel -not this image but the same dress,) I thought, wow, I really want this! It's such an easy, summer casual dress. I love the colour blocks of black, pink and orange together. It's just the splash of colour that I've been wanting in my wardrobe, and since I'm not bothered or creative enough to actually buy seperate colourful pieces and match them together, it's so nice to have the crazy colours put together in one dress in a stylish, easy-to-wear way.
So the next day (last Thur,) I rushed to an H&M store to check out the dress and they only had one size left, and of course it wasn't my size. It is so hard for me to actually find something I want from H&M (or from any store) and it was sold out -I was SO disappointed! It was even sadder when I found out that the dress is seriously affordable -it costs only about 199HKD (=26USD.) I am a bit annoyed that the H&M store was displaying this dress at the display windows when they hardly had any sizes or stock left. I always thought H&M was all about the volume business so I just assumed they'd always have sizes available. Obviously I was wrong. Lesson of the day: Check out these stores more frequently!
The other thing I liked on the website was this bright pink, silk-material-looking dress. It looks perfect for a night out, and since it's not expensive, I wouldn't feel bad if someone spilled drinks on it or if the place was smoky. Alas, they were also out of my size.
As for this red and white flowery top, it's not that I particularly like or dislike it. I thought I would post it up here because I swear I keep seeing people on the streets wearing it! And when I was browsing through a few online stores, I saw something very similar by Marc by Marc Jacobs. So expect to see a lot of red and white flowery tops near you this summer!
Have you checked out H&M's Spring's clothes yet? What do you think of the clothes?
Image source: (Note that the prices are in Pounds.)

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