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That Piece of Metal

Up to now, my favourite and most trust-worthy going-out handbag is a small Vuitton Vernis pouch. While I'm not big on monograms, I do think that the monogram on Vernis isn't as obvious or popular as the typical tan-coloured monograms. But what I really like about the Vernis bag is that it's made of patent leather, meaning that it's not 'the end of the bag' if someone spilt a drink on it. Plus the shininess of patent leather just somehow seems to suit going-out at night. But after using it for a few years, it's beginning to turn yellow and just recently at the back of Teen Vogue, the Vuitton ad was advertising this new Vernis bag:

On first glance, I thought it looked like a pretty and practical going-out bag that could last at least four seasons. But right in the centre of the bag, there's gold piece of metal that says 'Louis Vuitton'. In my mind, that's a con.

Unfortunately, having this big piece of metal on bags seems like a thing Marc Jacobs has been favouring in the recent seasons, whether it's at Vuitton...

or Marc Jacobs. Honestly, when I first saw those Marc Jacobs bags in real life, I remember thinking, 'That's ugly. Why would MJ add that brand-named-metal on such nice, contemporary bags?' And is it really necessary? It's usually pretty obvious when a bag is by Marc Jacobs (to me anyways.)

MJ seemed to have started these metal tags a few seasons back with Vuitton's canvas bags. I remember really not liking the tags back then. The thing is, it's understandably harder now for designers to differentiate their bags in the market from high street ones, especially when high street stores manage to produce the bags so quickly and some stores (eg. Zara) actually manage to make the bags to not look cheap. But is this really what designers are offering us now?

This season, Marc by Marc Jacobs has shrunk their metal tag smaller into this 'standard supply' tag, which is kind of an improvement from last season's metal plates (literally). (If you've visited a Marc boutique last season, you would have probably noticed some of the bags had HUGE Marc metal plates on them.)

Gucci has stitched on italic 'Gucci' on some of its bags in recent seasons too. But for some odd reason, it seemed more artistic and prettier than the Louis Vuitton metal tags -and I'm not even a fan of Gucci bags. (The picture here has a huge 'Gucci' name on it. The Gucci bags I'm referring to have smaller ones stitched on.)

Anyways, back to the first Vuitton bag on the top of this post, what does everyone think about it? I can't decide whether the gold metal tag is horrible enough to make me stop considering it!

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Television Ad for Vuitton

In an unusual move from a luxury and fashion brand, Louis Vuitton said Tuesday that it will plan to advertise in television for the first time. It's a 90-second spot that was shot in France, India, Japan and Spain. Slated to be released on February 15, the campaign will run on cable and satellite channels and cinemas around the world. LVoe it!!!

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Beaubourg Bad Boy's / Paris

©Photos Fred the Mole

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When boredom sets in... play with your Louis'. Thank you, God!

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Chaïma 19 - Actor Student / Laura 18 - Hairdresser / Paris

©Photos Fred the Mole

Chaïma (L):
My jeans are from BERSHKA. My horse-boots from GO-SPORT.
My bag and earrings from H&M.
My cap is from ETAM. My blouse is from LES ENVAHISSEURS.
My scarf is from Istambul.
For me Fashion is beautiful.
Today my look is Stylish.

Chaïma (L):
Mon jean est un BERSHKA. Mes bottes de chaval sont des GO-SPORT.
Mon sac et mes boucles d'oreilles sont des H&M.
Mon bonnet est un ETAM, mon chemisier est de chez LES ENVAHISSEURS.
J'ai trouvé mon écharpe à Istamboul.
Pour moi, la mode, c'est beau.
Aujourd'hui, j'ai un look stylé.

Laura (R):
My jacket, earrings & bag are from H&M.
My satin blouse is a NAF-NAF. My jeans are from BERSHKA.
My boots are from LES ENVAHISSEURS.
For me Fashion is feminity.
Today my look is feminine.

Laura (R):
Mon blouson, mes boucles et mon sac sont des H&M.
Mon chemisier en satin est un NAF-NAF. Mon jean un BERSHKA.
Mes bottes viennent de chez LES ENVAHISSEURS.
Pour moi, la mode, c'est la féminité.
Aujourd'hui, mon look est féminin.

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Lancome: L.U.C.I

The other day I walked passed the Lancome counter and caught a glimpse of their new SS08 collection. Intrigued by the pretty shell packaging and vibrant colors, I booked an appointment to try out the new collection the very next day!
The theme of this SS08 collection by Gucci Westman is L.U.C.I, Luminescent Colorless Color Intelligence (And yes, I am aware that Colorless starts with a C and not a U. *shrugs* Maybe its a french thing?). The idea is to have a collection of colorless shimmery make-up that changes color all the time adjusting to different skin tones and the reflections of light. Doesn't that concept sound so awesome???
To begin with, the make-up artist did the whole usual cleaning, moisturizer, toner, pore minimizer (it is such a Lancome thing!) routine with me. Then she introduced me to their new make-up primer, La Base, which she applied to my face/nose (to fill in the pores) and under my EYES! Apparently, this is a special oil free formula that is even suitable as a eye primer! I'm not sure I follow the logic of oil free --> suitable for eye thing, but I LOVE the idea of undereye primer. It is SO annoying when the skin there is dry/flaky (even my eye cream has been applied!) and thus looks AWFUL when you apply concealer there. This product is genius. And it might be my imagination or the foundation, but I felt that my pores did look smaller. After all that base, foundation and concealer, she finished off the face with the Photonic Illuminating Powder, which is just loose powder with the sparkly light reflection stuff that is suppose to help highlight and sculpt your features. I really didn't feel the difference.
Moving on we had the eye make-up, where I daresay is where the whole luminescent thing should be at it's best. One of my favourite products out of the whole collection is the Illuminator, which is basically cream eye shadows. that goes on clear but reflects color when light hits it. How totally awesome is that??? I LOVE it. I got the "ray of pink light" shade. You can also use it as a base before you apply powder, but personally I think the powder would just mask the effect. If you get the more neutral apricot shade, you can also use it to highlight your features. After all, it DOES say it is an illuminator for the eyes and face.

The other eye make-up product is the eye shadow palette in the pretty white shell shaped box, the L.U.C.I EYES light color in motion duo eye shadows. I was really excited about it. I love eye shadow palettes and the colors looked so vibrant! The white shade that comes with the color is not simply a typical highlighting color, but it is a photonic eye shadow that changes color when light hits it. You can use it for highlighting or blend it with the color to create a third shade! The lady did a combination of ray of green and ray of purple (which is really quite blue) for me and let me say, the colors go on VERY sharply. Unfortunately for me what looked soo pretty in the palette did not go so well with me.... it was so overdramatic that it bordered on tacky on me. Maybe I am just unused to it? I mean, vibrant colors looked SO well on the models! Or could it be that Asian complexion doesn't go well with greens/blues? Well, in the end, as much as I LOVE eye shadow palettes, I had to pass on these ones. And a good thing too. I met up with 3 of my friends after and they were all totally horrified to see me as such!
To complete my eyes, she applied the Courbe Virtuose mascara on me (after the mascara booster of course). This one is suppose to make the lash curve and give divine length, but to me it just felt like any old Lancome mascara for me.... like Hypnose. Another thing I LOVE about this collection is the lip stuff. Even though the packaging is a bit bulky, I really like the Color Fever Shine (left). Especially since they came out with THE perfect ice pale pink color (Pink Flora) that I've been dreaming about. I love it. It applies quite smoothly too. They also have a collection of photonic Color Fever Gloss (right). They have this nice sheer shade that gives the perfect shine by itself and over lipstick. But one must be careful with these lip colors though. They have these two shades that are completely white that are loaded with photonic stuff that when you put it on your lips, it becomes a scary glowing alien color- not good.

Over all, I like the concept of the luminescent thing and subtly it works. But I reserve judgment on the super vibrant colors and the photonic overloaded lip stuff- thats just a little too much for me!

Phew~ well that was a lengthy review of a make-up collection. Kudos for finish reading it!

Image Source: Lancome

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Are Beautiful Glamour Models Stupid???

UK Models Lucy Pinder and Kayleigh Pearson lead protest
UK Models Lucy Pinder and Kayleigh Pearson lead protest

With model this, reality television show that; it's not surprising to see another modeling based reality show illuminating TV land.

In this case, the hook is a smart model. No, not a robot model, but a real breathing, beautiful, real life model.

Do glamour models just have to be sexy in a bikini - lingerie or can they also look sophisticated but sensuous?

Model Lucy Pinder leads protest
Model Lucy Pinder leads protest

Well, the answers maybe right in front of you in living black and white.

As models Lucy Pinder and Kayleigh Pearson lead the protest against MTV for making models look stupid, with banners unfolded and proclaiming, "MTV is Making Beautiful People Look Stupid!"

Well, you be the judge, as Lucy Pinder and Kayleigh Pearson put on business attire to lead the protest.

Lucy Pinder still looks great in this smart looking business dress, with low cut u shape white top, black skirt cut just above the knee, over sized black belt buckle and glasses.

UK Models Lucy Pinder and Kayleigh Pearson look sophisticated and sexy.
UK Models Lucy Pinder and Kayleigh Pearson look sophisticated and sexy.

Kayleigh Pearson also looks fab in a black spaghetti straps top which contrasts with her blond hair, gray form fitted skirt cut below the knee and black high heel shoes.

You have to admit it; both of these models look sophisticated and also sexy.

By the way, both models were discovered more by accident than by plan.

British glamour model Lucy Pinder was discovered by Lee Eqrle, a freelance photographer, while sunbathing on Bournemouth beach in 2003.

Lee Eqrle took some photos of Lucy at the beach and sent them into The Daily Star.

As a result of those photos, Lucy Pinder was signed to a professional modeling contract with The Daily Star.

Kayleigh Pearson, another UK glamour model was discovered after she sent a snapshot of her self to her boyfriend and also sent a copy of it to FHM magazine.

She won the magazine's High Street Honeys competition in 2003 and thus launched her modeling career.

Although we don't know the outcome of the show, we can easily see that both Lucy Pinder and Kayleigh Pearson look sophisticated but sexy too.

For some more pictures of Lucy Pinder and Kayleigh Pearson on the picket line.

Fashions Shows from Rome and Hong Kong

Rome, ITALY - Models walk the catwalk in the Alta Roma AltaModa, with the collection of Italian fashion designer Marella Ferrera at the Auditorio Parco della Musica Rome Italy,on Monday,Jan. 28 2008.

HONG KONG: Models showcases designs on the catwalk at the Moiselle Spring/Summer 2008 show on the fourth day of Hong Kong Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2008, at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) in Hong Kong, China on on January 17, 2008.

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Just LVoely!!! Spring Summer 2008

Prices subject ot change. Visit

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New York Giants on Parade

from gettyimages
Eli Manning
Plaxico Burress maybe...

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Lemme pencil you in...

Agenda PM in Cuir Epi, January 29, 2008.

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Stylish Puffers

Lets face it. As warm as layering and cashmere coats are, the comfy cushiony warmth a puffer provides is hard to beat. Lucky for us, this season designers finally came out with stylish looking puffers! I just LOVE the new designs for the collar. They are so refreshing (if not very practical. I can just HEAR my mom telling me how my neck is exposed to the cold and I will catch a cold....). I especially LOVE this one from Add Down (left), with the wide neck and the belt that gives it shape, it was the puffer that inspired this post! To "protect" the neck, there is also this one from Marc by Marc Jacobs (right), where you can adjust the neckline as needed. I LOVE this puffer as well. Also from Add Down, you can convert the wide collar into a hoodie!!! How CUTE! I also love the neat simple cutting that gives a more flattering body shape. Some other cute designs, there is this high necked puffer from Vince (left). Judging from the puff, it may also be warmer. And for a more biker-ish look, there is this one from Theory (right). For something more classic, we have these ones from Burberry. I've tried on the beige one on the left, and the cutting is actually not that bad and quite flattering! And I think the black one over here is perfect if you want something simple but still with a little bit of a twist (double breasted and high neckline)- your neck will definitely be warm!

Stay stylishly warm everyone!

Image Source: Burberry and Shopbop

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The Bellevue


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SAG 2008 Fashion

Fashion at the SAG Awards this year was a bit of a yawn. There were very few (or argueably no) super impressive dresses. With the fewer number of award red carpets this year, one would imagine the actresses would put more effort into this ceremony, or that more actresses would have turned up. Nevertheless, here are some that I liked:
My favourite was surprisingly Kate Hudson's dress. OK, so her hair is admittedly a bit werid (-it's so shiny and sleek but it looks like something's off about it,) but I love her dress! It's so pretty and flowy-looking. Plus it's got that graceful, bohemian feel to it.
Marcia Cross was gorgeous as usual. Her hair is so perfectly curled. And even though she's wearing green again, that dress has got such gorgeous draping.
Not sure about that hairstyle on Eva Longoria, but this white, backless dress fits her amazingly, as usual. Not a particularly interesting dress though.
Normally I'm not a fan of Debra Messing's red carpet outfits, but I thought she carried off this Oscar de la Renta dress well. I think it's because the gold colour and those embellishment compliment her skin and hair colours well. But the point is, she's looking great and sparkly!
Both Kate Beckingsale and Vanessa Williams wore yellow, but the effect turned out to be very different. Kate looked really elegant and lady-like; kind of Valentino-esque. Vanessa looked feirce -the power of Versace!
I'm not sure how to feel about Amanda Bynes' outfit here. The dress is pretty and fits her well. And her hairstyle is very fun and elegant. But for some odd reasons, the dress kind of reminds me of American prom dresses, (a riduclously well-made prom dress of course.)
Michelle Pfeiffer's outfit looks plain, but everything fits so well and match perfectly. Maybe it's not the most interesting outfit around, but she looks fantastic. I can't get over how she's almost 50 years old!
Becki Newton's white dress is my other favourite dress. I love how it's got such a classy silhouette, but the tiered skirt bit gives it a much more youthful and stylish touch. Loves it!! Plus, I love her perfectly curled and styled hair! (And her Amanda smirk!) As for America Ferrera, I really think she could have done better. Grey and lacy dresses like that should be left for the more mature ladies.
To end this post, I chose this fun photo of Olivia Wilde. I actually really like that dress, and the cool tone matches her cool brunette hair so perfectly!
That's all for now. Hopefully Oscars will still happen and there will be more gorgeous dresses! Whose dress was your favourite?

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14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

Eric Dane, aka Dr.
Eric Dane, aka Dr. "McSteamy" from Grey's Anatomy and his wife, Rebecca Gayheart, on the SAG red carpet.

In what might be the only red carpet celebrity awards show this year due to the continuing Writer Guild strike, celebrities walked the red carpet for the 14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in ceremonies attended by film and television's leading actors, held Sunday, Jan. 27 at the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center.

The major awards in the Theatrical Motion Pictures and Primetime Television categories are listed as follows:

Theatrical Motion Pictures:

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role: Daniel Day-Lewis / Daniel Plainview - "There Will Be Blood" (Paramount Vantage)

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role: Julie Christie / Fiona - "Away From Her" (Lionsgate)

Red Carpet at SAG Awards

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role: Javier Bardem / Anton Chigurh - "No Country For Old Men" (Miramax Films)

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role: Ruby Dee / Mama Lucas - "American Gangster" (Universal Pictures)

Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture: No Country For Old Men (Miramax Films)

Primetime Television

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries: Kevin Kline / Jacques - "As You Like It" (HBO)

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries: Queen Latifah / Ana - "Life Support " (HBO)

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series: James Gandolfini / Tony Soprano - "The Sopranos" (HBO)

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series: Edie Falco / Carmela Soprano - "The Sopranos" (HBO)

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series: Alec Baldwin / Jack Donaghy - "30 Rock" (NBC)

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series: Tina Fey / Liz Lemon - "30 Rock" (NBC)

For a complete list of awards, visit the Screen Actors Guild Awards web site and TNT SAG Awards web site.

If you cannot see the above video clip in your feed reader or e-mail, go to SAG Awards Video.

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