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It's 11PM--Do you think I'm still LVoeing my bag?!

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Rock the Black Blazer

I love love love blazers. My very first staple outerwear was a black blazer. Although I now realise it was a bit too big on me, my love for blazers never died. I now own other blazers, like a washed-out yellow one and a purple velvet one. But the one I really want is THE perfect black blazer, so I'm on a hunt.

Meanwhile, I thought I would share my recent favourite way to wear it. Actually, it was the only outfit I wore during my last Christmas holidays: Skinny/straight leg jeans, a flowy long top with a blazer. It's simple yet looks so cool (love Sienna's outfit here). The blazer adds structure to the not-so-structured flowy top. And if you only wear black, grey and white, then you achieve a rock chick look like Lindsay here.

Blazers are also great for casual outfits, (for some reasons, people seem to be stuck with the idea that blazers are formal,) which is why I love it when Ashley wears it. Here are a few styling ideas from Ashley's outfits: you can try rolling up the sleeves and adding a colourful scarf to make the outfit look more casual (and warm). Blue jeans will of course, get you the more casual look, but black jeans feel cooler and edgier.

OK, I should stop blabbering about how much I love blazers and spend more time looking for my perfect black one, (or ideally many many ones).

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My day with my new Speedy!

Well, after all the hooplah with the Neverfull, I decided to have a day of good food and fabulous art. I took my brand new Mini Lin Speedy 30 to my favorite restaurant Lauriol Plaza. We were greeted by our waitstaff friend Gladys who promptly snatched my Speedy from me and began sacheing (sp??) down to my "VIP" table. I was alone but I got a table for four and food was out in just 10 minutes. We felt special.

Here he is sitting right next to me and enjoying our dessert.

After which, as a patron of the arts, I decided to take him to a special exhibit about American Impressionism at the Philipps Collection.

I think my favorite of the featured artists was Ernest Lawson. My Speedy didn't agree with me. Here he is all tuckered out and sunning himself at the entrance of the Gallery.

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Monogram Mini Lin Speedy 30


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Welcome to the Speedy 30 Club

Just came from Neiman's to exchange the Neverfull with a classic shape of the house of Vuitton, the Speedy 30 in Monogram Mini Lin. I know I cannot hope to be the great Audrey but here's my humble homage to her. (Monogram Mini Lin Speedy 30, Neiman Marcus June 30, 2007)

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Neverfull Misaligned Seam

Here's a pic of the misaligned seam that I mentioned in the previous blog. There are several posts in the the purse forum about this being noticed by fellow Neverfull owners. Someone mentioned that the France Neverfull does not have this problem. Also, it was mentioned that the fabulous and unique lining of the Neverfull tends to bleed onto the new vachetta thus creating an unsightly stain. Could it be a USA manufacturing flaw or is it possible that we are just being too critical about material things? What say you Ginevra? Would your face become dourer if I returned the Neverfull?

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Tickle My Keys

Neverfull playing the piano

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The Neverfull Saga

After much thought...well, not really...I decided to rush to Neiman Marcus and grab me the Neverfull. It's a wonderful bag and the first of my LV that is made stateside. I met an extremely helpful SA and was very pleased with the transaction. I even had to drive back minutes after I got home since I astutely noticed that the stars and flowers were not aligned on one seam of the bag. She must think I am the customer from hell! Turns out, most of them were not perfectly aligned. I LVOE, LVOE the Neverfull!

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The Amazing, Reversible Neverfull

The associate in Saks informed me that the Neverfull cannot be reversed on its lining. This pic from shows otherwise.

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Neverfull---exactly my current state of being

(The Beckoning Portals of Louis Vuitton, Chevy Chase)

It took every ounce of willpower for me to restrain myself not to purchase the Neverfull GM. After work, I found an excuse to have my luggage tag heat stamped with my initials with the secret hope that I would casually bump into one of these new releases. I not only bumped into one, but I fondled, tested, looked for the datecode, ascertained the lining, gauged the vachetta and finally imagined myself walking out with it...I shook myself from this reverie and went home instead empty handed. But then again, tomorrow is yet another day...sadly, I found out today that my favorite SA Sophia has left the company.

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Louis Vuitton Japanese website

I was surfing the Purse Forum and somebody posted this website of LV's that have a lot of discontinued items. Sadly, it is written in Japanese and I tried what I thought was the e-mail link to inquire if they understood English. Unfortunately, an error message came up. Oh well, just wanted to post this interesting piece. I like how the straps are not parallel to each other.

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Mixed Reviews for the Neverfull

The Neverfull line that just came out is garnering mixed reviews from LV fans. Pros are that it is affordable, reversible and quite roomy. Cons are that it is an open bag so security of its contents are an issue and that the lining is acutally bleeding onto the vachetta. Some also say that the thin straps are not at all comfortable and that it slips from the shoulder. Apol said with disdain that it "looks like a basket". I was offered this bag on one of my trips to the boutique. I like the fact that it is reversible and that there is a substantial expanse of the monogram canvas on it, but I am not in LVoe with it...yet...(Photo: The Purse Forum)

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Damier Azur Speedy 30 Day-off

Just stopped in on Arjay's blog and look what I found! His Damier Azur Speedy 30 sitting pretty on their marble stoop! I was very instrumental in the purchase of this fabulous baby so he is close to my heart. LVoe it, Arjay! Visit him at: (

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The Mysterious Circle Stamp

I noticed that on my new Panda Pochette, an extra circle stamp can be seen right next to the "S" in the word PARIS of the heat stamping. I didn't think much of it at first, but I found out in my purse forum readings, that it signifies that the item was purchased by an LV employee. No wonder the pochette is still in like new condition even though it is 3 years old! The rational explanation behind it being that it's some kind of internal accounting so that the item cannot be returned at full price since I assume they get a discount. learn something everyday.

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Speaking of limited editions: Ambre Collection Cruise 2004

I found these unique pieces from 2004 that is called Ambre. Shown in pics are GM, MM and PM. I distinctly remember seeing this line on the streets and I thought back then how wonderful they were. Come to think of it, I guess I knew all along that I had a hidden desire to own an LV but didn't have the courage to come out of the closet or in this case come out of the trunk. (Photo: The Purse Forum)

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Chloe Shades SS07

Ever since I saw the latest Chloe shades at Nordstrom back in March, I've been in LOVE with them. They are flattering, girly, fun and most of all different from all the other shades on the streets. And it seems that the stars think so too, as many of them have been spotted wearing them.Ex-OC stars, Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson wearing the Myrte. Ooo and I LOVE Mischa's jacket.
Lindsay Lohan and Cameron Diaz also sporting the Myrte.
And I must say, I agree with most of the stars here and prefer the second rounder one better, the design combined with the shape which is just so much more flattering, makes it perfect.The one Rachel has on is different, but definitely not as flattering. The aviator style sloping down thing makes it look more masculine and a bit sad- should shades have personalities that is.
For the longest time I was lusting after these hexagonal ones. Because I thought, well, I already have squarish ones, why not have a hexagon one? And these look great. And I also liked the off-white color too. But alas, after trying them on several times, I had to finally admit that they are not for me. Maybe I've become so accustomed to large frames now that I just can't accept smaller frames anymore...
Then at the store I tried on these ones (the lower rounder ones) in purple and it looked awesome. This shape is flattering and yet still different with its large round metal frame, half silver, half purple. Now THIS is fashion. But alas after MUCH debating, I finally decided that I'd like to wear them for more than one season and with that half silver and half purple rim thing, it was too trendy for me

In the end, I bought a similarly styled paired sans the dual colored rims, from Marc Jacobs in brown (I know, it doesn't quite look brown here, but it is. I considered the purple ones and they're much pinker than this). While the metal frames and round shape style is still the same, this design is much simpler, more feminine and much more classic. The only downside is that this design is not very condusive to sticking it on my head like a hairband cause the nose thing gets in the way. But I'll live ;)

Photo Credits: Chloe, Mischa Style, CoutureCandy and Life & Style.

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Even in Hong Kong...

Well, I've done it again. Even in Hong Kong, I was able to return a recent purchase. I was surfing through let-trade's website and found a brand new, squeaky clean, Murakami Panda Pochette. I immediately set the wheels in motion if I can get that one instead of the soho backpack. I e-mailed first, then called overseas. NO ANSWER. On my second call (I was running outta time coz' HK time was almost 10pm) Someone answered and said that there was no problem. Phew...I decided to get the pochette instead, due to several reasons. One, it was a Murakami Limited Edition. I know that for the Western aesthetic, the Panda is quite freakish. But for someone like me who grew up with Japanese animation, I think he is adorable especially with his tush showing on the reverse. Second, upon close scrutiny of the pics provided by let-trade, I noticed that the vachetta on the soho had much scuffing and water stains. I prefer the vachetta to age with me, with my own scuffing and stains rather that someone else's. Even though it is a great bag that I know I could use, I went for the brand new pocheetoo. Lastly, did I tell you it was a Murakami?!

So here's hoping that I made the right choice and that my little panda would be here by Monday. (Murakami Limited Edition Panda Pochette, June 28, 2007, Hong Kong) Gozaimasu domo arigato!

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I LVoe Paris

My LV mulling was halted last night from 9:oo to 10:oo pm by Paris Hilton's appearance on Larry King Live. I dunno why I sat there for a whole hour hearing her say that she has "served her sentence" for the nth time. I do love her though and I hope that she truly has learned something from all of this. The question is, what will be her next sighting avec LV? Perhaps a humble Neverfull to match her au naturel look.

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Eye Lash Perming

Yesterday evening, BG and I went to do something really girly together -we got our eye lashes permed. For those of you who have never heard people getting their lashes, it's basically getting your eye lashes curled permenantly. Well, permenant for maybe a bit more than one month, but really, that's permenant enough since it's likely your lashes will fall off naturally around that time.

The procedure takes around forty-five minutes to an hour. Now I can't describe the whole, exact procedure because my eyes were closed the whole time but from what I understand, the facialist curled and glued the lashes around a small, round piece of plastic thing. The facialist also applied some perming chemicals onto the lashes. After 20 minutes, the facialist applied more chemicals. After another 20 minutes, the facialist used oil to remove the checials and glue and that plastic strip thing. Voila -you've got curled lashes.

OK, so the newly permed lashes look a bit clumped together (because not all the glue could be removed without the facialist scrubbing too hard,) but give it a few days and you'll look like you've got naturally curled lashes. This wasn't my first lash perm, but it was BG's. BG forgot to keep her eyes completely shut during the procedure so the chemicals stung her lashes a bit. So if you're planning to get your lashes permed, remember to keep your eyes shut tight!

Perming our lashes only cost us around HK$80 each, that's around US$10 each. It's totally worth it because curled lashes make one's eyes look so much more awake. Plus, now I don't have to curl my lashes or apply mascara on for my normal days. If anyone is trying to decide whether to get their lashes permed -do it! Anyone else had their lashes permed before?

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1896-1996 Louis Vuitton Centennial

In 1996 Louis Vuitton celebrated the centenary of the Monogram Canvas. The design was created by Vuitton's son Georges and is considered to be the very first designer label of our times. He did this to prevent counterfeiting. Ironically, only 1% of the world's items with the LV logo are actually from the company itself. LV has become the most copied designer label in fashion history.

To mark this momentous occasion, Louis Vuitton Paris decided to invite several of the big names in the fashion industry to present their interpretation of the company's 100 year history. They were: Sybilla, Vivienne Westwood, Helmut Lang, Manolo Blahnik, Romeo Gigli, Azzdine Alaia and Isaac Mizrahi.

The company also decided to resurrect its Damier canvas that year with a new line of products. The damier of today usually has dark or ebony leather trim but for the centennial year, they were outfitted with pure, natural vachetta which creates a lovely contrast to its somber browns. I'll end my spiel with a picture of my latest acquisition from that limited collection: Soho Backpack with Damier Canvas and centenary numbered vachetta trim.
(June 27,, Hong Kong)

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This is a tad bit too much...

Surfing the net before I head out to dreamland, I saw this car in google images. There's something strangely wrong about it that I can't put my finger on. Is it the mega-obsession or perhaps the extreme kitschiness that engulfs it? A guy in DC used to have one but his was a white car with black monogram. Didn't work quite as well. I guess if I had a choice, I would choose the classic brown...yawn...

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SS07 Trend: Printed Shorts

I've never been much of a shorts fan growing up, but I'm currently LOVING my white shiny short shorts from Express. While it is easy to wear and looks awesome though, sometimes I do feel the urge to spice it up a bit. And therein comes the printed shorts!

My two favourite printed shorts look from Luella and Biba. These printed shorts adds just the perfect touch to the otherwise very standard tops.
Some more prints from Alice + Olivia (left), DVF (top right) and Forever 21 (bottom right). And the trick to making them not look like those printed beach surf shorts? Make sure they are of a structured cut and that you wear it with something of a simple style in a solid color that compliments the print of the short. Yes I know, its a very challenging thing to wear.
Something slightly more easier would be plaid prints, as on the Max Sports(left) and Luella (right)(well, its kind of plaid) runway. It makes an outfit instantly preppy and cute. Pair with slim sneakers for a more down to earth look.
Here are some selections from Abercrombie (top left), American Eagle (bottom left) and Juicy Couture (right). I daresay, you've probably seens a LOT of these about in the stores lately. One of my friends was also considering getting the ones from A&F, but alas it was $50 back then and didn't seem really worth it. Now its a very thin line between wearing these shorts and wearing your boyfriend's shrunken plaid boxers. Remember to wear something very clean cut and solid on top. You can even style it up with a pair of heels.For something a little more subtle (which I prefer more), try more subtly printed plaids, like this one from Abercrombie (left). But I am especially loving this one from Forever 21 (right) with its plaid cuffs.
Then there are the more or less classic striped shorts. The stripes from the D Squared (left) and Derek Lam (right) runway are more boldly and sharply contrasted than we are used to. Again match it with something simple and solid (like a white top). And for some extra oomph, throw on something of the same color as the colored stripes of your shorts. i.e. red striped shorts with the red bag (left).
To achieve the same casual look there are these striped shorts from Mulberry (left). And a bit less sharp, striped shorts from Abercrombie (right). Have fun with printed shorts!

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Mink Vision GM tote

I LVoe, LVoe fur but fairly recently I am beginning to change my mind. The internet is filled with how the industry treats the animals before their untimely demise that I have chosen not to add any more to my collection. Besides, winter in DC does not warrant the wearing of fur. I must admit though, that finding this LV made me stop in my tracks. A magnificent piece from the 2004 Le Extraordinaire Collection. There are only 8 that exist in the world and it costs a whopping $15,400 (seller claims). You could buy a car with that!!! It sold for under $7,000. See link:
I bet my dear, darling pets wouldn't appreciate it if this came into the house. It is still fabulous though.

Like an old couple...Piolo and Ysabella

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Last for the day

Last post for the day is this pic of me at the lobby of the Millenium Hotel in Times Square with my Naviglio. I LVoe their larger than life paintings that dominate the main lobby. According to the SA in the Soho branch, the Naviglio is one of their hottest bags this season and they can't seem to hold it in-store. I dunno if that was just sales talk but it definitely put a big smile on my face! Grab one at:

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Updated Collection

From top: Excursion Monogram Canvas (June 22 Chevy Chase, MD); Naviglio Damier Azur Canvas (June 12 Chevy Chase, MD); Porte-cartes Simple (June 15 Chevy Chase, MD); Mini Pochette Accesories Trunks and Bag (June 14 Chevy Chase, MD); Groom Pochette Wallet (June 7 Chevy Chase, MD); Reporter Monogram Canvas PM (May 28 Fairfax square, VA)

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The Natural Look

I've always been into the natural look, you know, that made-up-natural-look that has been the trend in recent years (-or at least as long as I've paid attention to fashion and beauty anyways.) And I've always been excellent at applying this look, mainly because I always under-apply the makeup and think that I've applied too much, and also because it's actually quite hard to over-apply natural-coloured products. Just yesterday, my colleagues asked whether I actually had makeup on. So either I looked really worn out, or I am indeed an expert at the natural makeup look. I'll assume I'm the latter, naturally.

First I apply the oil free tinted moisturiser by Laura Mercier. It's excellent at making one's skin tone look even and it's seriously easy to apply -just use a tiny bit and use your fingers to spread a very thin layer on your face.

Then I apply blush. I usually use MAC's Pinch'O'Peach, which is a pale, orangey, mocha colour. But last Sunday, I just bought a blush named Well Dressed, which is pale pink. It really gives me the natural, prettily-blushed look.

Then I curl my lashes with my underused Shu Uemura eyelash curler. (But I'm way too lazy to apply mascara, or rather, to remove the mascara at the end of the night. Plus mascara makes my whole look feel made-up.)

Lastly, if I'm in a very good mood and have time left before leaving, I apply a teeny tiny bit of this brownish brown eye pencil (MAC's Bountiful Brown) on the outer eyelines (upper and lower eyelines).

All this takes me around 5 mintues. What is your daily makeup?

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Le Balikbayanne box

For those of you who are not familiar with what a Balikbayan box is, lemme enlighten you. A Balikbayan box is a box that is specifically designed to meet the maximum allowable measurements for air cargo. Filipinos who are overseas across the globe would come home, bringing with them food stuffs, clothes, shoes, toys their families. The normal luggage cannot well accomodate all of this, so through the Filipinos' ingenuity, we have developed the Balikbayan Box to allow us to maximize whatever we can bring over. The box' measurements ( 23 3/4" X 17 3/4" X 18 3/8") are so unique that you can only purchase it from a Filipino store. You can't get it at the Home or Office Depot or not even from the Post office. I betcha that if you are in a busy airport and you see two or three of these boxes (we are not satisfied with just one, since you are allowed two per passenger), a Filipino is not far behind. I even had a porter tell me on one of my trips if he can help me with my "Filipino Louis Vuitton". My dream would be to own one of these boxes made with the Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas. So if by chance Patrick-Louis Vuitton is reading this blog of mine, maybe he can have one made, send it to me and call it: Le Balikbayanne Box. Check out this link from NPR.

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LV in Soho

I think I prefer the LV in Soho (116 Greene St) because it is less likely to have tourist traffic. The Soho area is both eclectic and interesting. Its cobbled streets and brick lined buildings cast an old world charm that is very well suited to its buffet of luxury brands and street vendors. Troy and I just happened upon the store as we were searching for Chinatown.

A whole stack of antique trunks greets the visitor to remind you of the company's 150 year old history. It was already closed so I didn't mind having my picture taken with these fabulous trunks alongside my humble "trunks and bag mini pochette" from Arjay.

One wonders who were the fortunate prior owners of these pieces. I know for a fact that Vuitton has a client list of who-owns-what along with the lock combinations. I couldn't wait to visit the store the following day. Who knows? I may one day walk into these portals to purchase my very own trunk in the specifications of a Balikbayan box!

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