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Fashion with Top 10 Bollywood Actresses of 2009

10)Genelia D'Souza


8)Konkona Sen Sharma

7)Lara Dutta

6)Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

5)Bipasha Basu

4)Katrina Kaif

3)Kareena Kapoor

2)Deepika Padukone

1) Priyanka Chopra

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From Oslo with LVoe

Lars from Norway is in LVoe with the Taiga and Graphite Lines and it shows in his ultra-masculine collection. Comprising of a Keepall 55, iPhone cover,6 key holder, Viktor messenger, Trousse Toilette GM, Medium Agenda and Magellan wallet, this is just perfect for an LV Man. Thanks for sharing, L. LVoe it!!!

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Sexy Brazilian Model Gisele Bundchen Flashes for London Fog

Pregnant Gisele Bundchen shows off body in sexy ad campaign
Gisele Bundchen under the studio lights.

She may be pregnant, but sexy model Gisele Bundchen is still modeling.

The very stunning Brazilian model just completed a photo shoot for coat maker London Fog.

Gisele Bundchen appeared au naturel under various London Fog coats to create some very sexy photos for the fall campaign.

Pregnant Gisele Bundchen shows off body in sexy ad campaign
Gisele Bundchen in London Fog coat.

The photos tastefully displayed Bundchen exquisite legs and stunning cleavage, as she seductively posed in those classic trench coat designs by London Fog.

Whether we harp back to Casablanca or an enchanting flasher under a trench coat, Gisele Bundchen looks very sexy, hot and seductive under the trench coat.

Celebrities Caught in the Web

Sexy Italian model Elisabetta Canalis is George Clooney new girlfriend, more.

Lady GaGa hamming it up in Hamburg with fans in pink bra and sparkling panties, more.

Scarlett Johansson leggy fall photo shoot for Mango, more.

If you cannot see the photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Sexy Brazilian Model Gisele Bundchen Flashes for London Fog?

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Arggghhh !

I was trying new templates for Easy Fashion and I lost all my links !
Please send me a link to recover my blogroll ... Gasp ... I'm gonna fix that.
Thanks !

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Gisele Bundchen models for sexy fashion shoot minus the baby bump

Pregnant Gisele has had her baby bump airbrushed out of sexy shots for a new fashion campaign.The Brazilian model is expecting her first child in early 2010 and is already showing a small baby bump.

But in her first campaign since it was revealed she was pregnant, renowned coat company London Fog have decided to airbrush out her growing stomach - to protect her privacy.[ Read more ]

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Thigh-high boots are the next fashion trend

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{inspiration: stripes + a pretty hair clasp}

{images: Bar Refaeli by Guy Aroch for GQ Italy June 2009}

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Stewart - Rue Tiquetonne - Paris

Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

I work as a Window Dresser.
I wear a top by ZARA.
Shorts by H&M.
Scarfs mostly from H&M.
Cap (H.M.S. Neptune) from E-Bay.
Shoes by ZARA.
Bracelets from TOPSHOP.
Watch by Ted BAKKER.
Sunnies from BERSHKA
Perfume: Thierry MUGLER.
Fashion is a lot about expressing how you feel. It speaks about who you are.
The people get an impression of you, before they meet you.
My look is nautical inspiration. It's quite fuzzy over the top. Some would say dramatic.
It's not easy to wear. A lot people stare at me. I don't know if it's a nice stare or not ...
I love any creativ form of art. I draw and paint a lot, I like people who express themselves.
I find very difficult to deal with people who are not openminded, people who judge a lot.
My message to the world: People could be more tolerant.
People should be more free to be what they want to be.
No matter, judgments are made of them ...

Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

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Amélie - Rue Tiquetonne - Paris

Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

I work as a Stylist in Hip-Hop- Street Wear Fashion.
I wear a T-Shirt by HYPE MEANS NOTHING.
Pants by H&M.
Belt vintage 80's from my mother.
Shoes by NEW-LOOK.
Watch by LEGO.
I sleep, I think, I live Fashion.
My look is a mix of Hip-Hop-80's.
I love Cheese Cake. I hate night clubs.
My message to the world: Stay cool & Smile !

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Celebrity Fashion Dress : Audrina Patridge vs. Kristin Cavallari

Audrina Patridge accessorizes her sexy party-girl style with a sleek patent Alexander McQueen purse. See photos below ...

Meanwhile, The Hills' contrived new Lauren Conrad stand-in, Kristin Cavallari, prefers to tote her Alexander Wang bag everywhere from Hollywood to N.Y.C:

These girls both know how to dress for all occasions, and are style stalwarts to be sure.

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Diane was praised by director Tarantino

The German model-turned-actress lent some much-needed glamour to the occasion in a stunning nude-coloured Herve Leger by Max Azria dress, which showed off her incredibly svelte figure and long legs.

The film's director Quentin Tarantino was full of praise for his leading lady, and said working with Diane was "wonderful".

Speaking on the red carpet at the premiere of Inglourious Basterds, he praised both stars Diane and Melanie Laurent.

"In the case of Diane it was really wonderful," said Quentin. "She had an idea of who she was basing the character on, and I had another idea of another actress, so I showed he that kind of work."

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Alex & Cyrielle - Rue Tiquetonne - Paris

I work as Marketing Assistant in Fashion brands
I wear a T-Shirt by H&M.
Shorts by ZARA.
I found my shoes in Le Marais.
Perfume: "Chance" by CHANEL.
Fashion is a game. My look is Sport-Cool
I love food (I eat yogurts in the night).
I hate lies.
My message to the world: Give work to those who are looking for a job.

Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

I work as a Model and Actor.
I wear a T-Shirt by AA.
Bracelets from Morocco.
Belt by YUUBI.
Perfume: Armanimania.
I am in Fashion. My look is Urban-Simple.
I love married women. I don't like boring girls.
My message to the world: Keep the best, fuck the rest.

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Louis Vuitton Deauville Neverfull

Ooooohhh...another Neverfull gets special treatment, this time from the store in Deauville, France. Re-opened in the early part of Summer 2009, this small but quaint boutique boasts fabulous architectural elements that Normandy is famous for. Christened Villa Vuitton, it's definitely high on my agenda list for stores to visit. LVoe it!!!

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Overzealous Fan & Robert Pattinson

If it weren't for her Cabas Piano, I would have kicked the living daylights outta her!!! He isssshhhhzzz mine!

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{white at collette dinnigan}

{collette dinnigan bridal via brigadeiro}

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July 28 - In the fashion History

ON this day in history July 28...

...2006, Anne Hathaway claimed that her fashion attitude hadn't changed at all since starring in The Devil Wears Prada, despite newspapers reporting that she had recently spent $7,000 in Fred Segal. "I don't shop at Fred Segal and I wouldn't dream of spending that kind of money on myself," the actress insisted. "I wasn't raised that way"...

...2005, Kate Moss was awarded substantial damages in court over a story in the Sunday Mirror which claimed she had "collapsed into a drug-induced coma and had to be revived after taking vast quantities of cocaine" in Barcelona in 2001. Later that year Moss was dropped from several high profile advertising campaigns after photos were published - again in the Daily Mirror - which seemed to show her snorting cocaine...

...2004, a journalist received an icy response when they asked what Hillary Clinton was wearing at a party at New York's Park Plaza. "What does it look like?" snapped a member of the Clinton entourage. "She's wearing a white jacket with black pants, and I'm wearing a black one with black pants."

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From Vancouver with LVoe: A Big Thank You

Well Mr,

Thanks to you, I can't stop myself from reading your blog almost daily. And thanks to you I just went and bought the damier Etole in the middle of summer. Now all I can do is wish for a cool summer night so I can start using it. I would have love to get my hands on the Bordeaux but I was told it's not being release in North American. BOOO!! Now if I only know how to tie a scraf. Never worked with anything as big as a etole before. Any suggestions would be greatly apperiated.

Apprently this is what everyone is doing, so here's a picture of some of my LV goods. Keep up the good work.
Awww...thanks for sharing, Erik!!! It's people like you who makes blogging about Louis Vuitton all worthwhile. LVoe it!!!

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Speaking of Pochettes: Mink Accesoires?

Hmmm...I do LVoe fur but the colour seems a tad bit too vermin for my taste. I received this pic from ages ago and it seemed to have been buried in my inbox. Well, today is the resurrection and feature of this Fall Winter bag. Made out of mink fur, this Pochette Accesoires will surely turn heads and PETA for sure!

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{editorial: sasha + sequins}

{Sasha Pivovarova by Mark Segal for Elle Russia August 2009}

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Creating Awesome Bikini Photos

Bikini model Cristina DeHart floating in a portable pool in white bikini
Bikini model Cristina DeHart floating in a portable pool.

Whether you are preparing for a high fashion swimwear bikini shoot or just want to create a striking, sexy bikini picture for your guy, here are some great tips for creating the perfect bikini picture from model Cristina DeHart.

Founder of the modeling site, DeHart has created a site that provide information for new models. The site includes informative modeling tips and trick videos which are based on her fifteen years of real life modeling experience.

So, how should you prepare for a bikini photo shoot.

Wear loose clothing. Wear loose clothing when going to a bikini photo shoot since tight fitting clothing can leave red marks that take a long time to fad.

Manicure nails. Get a manicure since nails are extremely important for any photo shoot, but especially for lingerie and swimwear.

Wear High Heels. Although high heels may not show up in the shoot, they make you look sexy and make your expression look more natural.

Model Cristina DeHart reveals Trick and Traps based on her real life modeling career.

Fake Boobies Chicklets. Fake silicone boobies chicklets are use to help fill out the bathing suite top and enhance your cleavage.

Use Props - Portable Pool - Floats. Use a portable pool, floats, beach accessories to create a beach seting indoors.

Want to show a bikini model floating on the water?

Well, just shoot straight down from a over head position as the model floats on a float in a portable pool below.

Cleanly Shave Your Body. Cleanly shave all parts of you body that will be exposed to the camera during your bikini photo session including arm pits, legs, bikini area.

Body Moisturize.Moisturize your body before a shoot to enhance the lighting of the skin - to produce a healthy glow. Baby oil on the body will produce a great looking shine under the lights.

Vaseline Lips. A little Vaseline spread over lip makeup, will add a shine to your lips.

Work Out. You need to work out to tone up all your muscles so you can look amazing during the shoot.

Spray tan Spray tan your body several days before the shoot so you will not have to worry about tan lines showing in the actual shoot.

Research Poses Use the internet to discover interesting bikini poses that you can use during the actual shoot. Print out your favorite looks for the photographer and practice the poses in a full length mirror.

If you cannot see the photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Creating Awesome Bikini Photos?

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Sproused up Jennifer Aniston

My SA showed me the new colours for the Sprouse Leopard Stole when I was last in the boutique and I must say that I am not so wild about them. I guess I am biased because I LVoe, LVoe, LVoe the colourway on mine. Photo from justjared

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Madonna with her Paillettes Pochette

I am really liking the Pailletes Collection for Fall Winter 2009 2010. I am just so undecided if I should get one. Any thoughts?

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Sigh...that was a week ago...

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Miranda Kerr travels in Louis

I am always thrilled when I see a Celeb decked in Louis Vuitton whilst travelling. Here's Victoria Secret's Miranda Kerr with her Sac Chien in Monogram, Pegase in Damier and the ohhh so wonderful Mahina. LVoe it!!! Photo:justjared

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From Down Under with LVoe

While I am roasting in 90 degree weather, Christine from Australia is enjoying her winter with her Stephen Sprouse Leopard Stole. I can't wait to use mine again for this season. That silk and cashmere is absolutely fabulous. Thanks for sharing, C. LVoe it!!!

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Pochette SoBe & More

I dunno who she is but she absolutely fabulous. LVoe it!!! UPDATE: She is Taiwanese actress An Yi Xuan. Thanks, guys!

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