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Nassim - Le Marais - Paris

Nassim 26 - Glass Prompter/Surfer

I wear mainly surfer brands as BILLABONG, QUICKSILVER, CANABEACH ...
Je porte des marques de surfer comme BILLABONG, QICKSILVER, KANABEACH ...
As I am surfing in Biarritz/ Comme je surfe à Biarritz.
Fashion is a way to expression. pour moi, la mode est un moyen d'expression.
My look is a part of me. Mon look est une part de moi.
Last Book: I like Amelie Nothomb.

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Amanda - Le Marais - Paris

Amanda 21- Parson School Design Student - NYC

Shorts: Vintage
Shoes: No Name
Shirt: ?
Glasses: RAYBAN Wayfarers
Perfume: "Blue" by RALPH LAUREN
Last book: "The Virgin Suicid"
For me Fashion is expression.
My look is me.

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Pierre & Marie-Davia / Le Marais - Paris

Marie-Davia 18 - Student at Sorbonne University

Jeans: GUESS
Sneakers: BENSIMON
Perfume: "The One" by DOLCE GABANA & "Envy Me" by GUCCI.
Last book: "Nous sommes cruels" by Camille de Peretti.
For me Fashion changes all the time ...
Today, my look is confortable-casual.

Pierre 19 - Business School student

Sweater: ZARA
Pants: Basic
Sneakers: PAUL SMITH
Bag(shouldr): PAUL SMITH
Perfume: ABERCROMBIE & "l'Homme" by YSL
Last book: "We are cruel" by Camille de Peretti.
For me Fashion is a personal choice.
Today, my look is confortable-casual

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Graduation Dresses II

Of course my thoughts on graduation dresses could not all be expressed in just one post. I do love to overanalyze things and this is a topic that has occupied my thoughts for quite some time now (in between, 'Why oh why, is paper writing so hard? It should've gotten easier after four years...'). So here are some more of my thoughts:
Usually the saying goes, 'when all else fails, turn to the LBD.' I think graduation is the exception, because it would just be! But if you must, I think these black dresses with some prints and patterns would be a great option to offset the blackness (left: Donna Ricco, right: Cynthia Steffe). I actually quite like the Cynthia Steffe. The cutting is simple and the pattern is subtle but interesting.
In the case for graduation, I think the saying should be, 'when all else fails, turn to the white dress.' Here we have a very classic white dress from Theory (left). Maybe you can add personality to it with some accessories? The other day, I saw graduation pictures of people with pearl necklaces and matching earrings, and it looked very elegant. For a bit more fun, this dress from Carmen Marc Valvo (right) is cute.
Of course, all else has not failed yet. You might want to go to the other extreme and go for bright florals. That would definitely brighten up the gown. The thing about graduation dresses, is that they should be daytime, but not too casual, maintaining a bit of modesty and decorum.
That is a hard line to balance. You'd notice that I haven't picked anything too revealing nor too casual so far. The trick for floral dresses is to choose one with a clean cutting so it won't look too much.
You can also take a book from my page (I think I've decided on wearing my purple Marc by MJ dress from the last post) and go for a dress with a simple cutting but a bold color. I LOVE the simple yet elegant cutting of the blue Burberry dress (left), even though this blue is not my best color. My best color is of course, purple, like this purple on the Rory Beca dress (right).
I know I said nothing too low cut, but if you can carry it off, I LOVE this purple Nanette Lepore dress (left). The details are just so feminine and PRETTY. On the opposite end, there is this bolder block dress (right), from Theory. Whichever one suits your personality better.
Another great summer color (especially for SS08 as it is THE color) to think about is yellow. It is summery, refreshing, not too girly nor too dark and just super fun. There is this simple one from Vince (left). But personally I ADORE this yellow block dress from T Tahari (right). My friend got this (and I hope she keeps it!). The cutting is simple and elegant, and the block colors highlight the cutting of the dress, making it even more flattering for the wearer. Come to think of it, I want a yellow dress like this too!

Image Source: Saks, Nordstrom, Shopbop and Bloomingdales

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Macadam Cow-Boys in Paris - Le Marais

Strange Rodeo in Le Marais with these American Cow-Boys
Une brochette de Cow-Boys dans le Marais, étrange ...
The weather is rainy in Paris and I am busy.
I hope to make some portraits tomorrow. Sorry for that ...

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Nike Dri-FIT Technology

When I was an early teen, I used to think sporty graphic t-shirts were the best. They were comfortable, matched with all my jeans and pants, and just seemed so cool. This was when I still had to wear school uniform to school and all before fashion made any sense to me. Thankfully I have grown up since then, learnt more about fashion and have realised that I am simply not the type of girl to wear sporty clothes in a cool way. The Nike tees I favoured weren't even the fashionable styles like the images above -they were the 'performance' types.

I am not saying that sporty tees are not cool. I'm just saying that I don't pull the style off. Actually, if I see someone in magazines wearing a sporty tee in a casual style and pulling it off, I automatically think she's either really pretty (thus manages to pull off all sort of style,) or that she's one of those cool, boyfriend-jeans-type-of girls. Although now that I think about it, those have usually been Adidas shirts.

In the past, I've always chosen white or light-coloured graphic tees by Nike. I've tried a Filas tee, but that didn't fit as well or look as pretty. Usually, the Nike tees are made of Nike's Dri-FIT material, which like the label above says, helps absorb sweat and helps cool you down. While I wouldn't say the shirts feel 100% 'breathable', they did feel air-ier than the tees by other brands. But for the past five years I've slowed down buying these tees until last month, I realised that my old ones either have holes in them or the colour has faded, so I visited sports shops and bought two. The strange thing is, after trying the two new tees for a month, I actually think the tees have improved a lot!

The shirt is really what the description says it is -the fabric is seriously 'breathable'. It absorbs sweat and allows air to get through to cool your body down. And very importantly, for such a 'breathable' shirt, it is not see-though, which you should not take for granted when it comes to light-coloured, airy, sporty tees.

I'm not sure what has changed. The label on the shirt looks slightly different -it now says FIT DRY instead of Dri-FIT, and there's the little label (image above) printed on the tees, but aren't they the same thing? The new tees also feel smoother and more slippery, like satin, than the old tees. OK, this is not worth over-analysing -Nike has probably just improved its material technology. But seriously, I love the material.

Nike has also used the technology for its other products. I bought a pair of sporty pants last December on sale (like this pair except mine is longer,) and they are so comfortable. I was walking in them on the streets and I could actually feel the cool London wind. So if you're the athletic type of girl who enjoys running outdoors, a pair of these breezy Nike pants would be perfect, (or at least I imagine it would be, since I don't actually run outdoors.)

On top of the two Nike tees, I also ignored my brand loyalty for Nike for 10 minutes and bought a tee by Adidas. While I love the design by Adidas a lot more (-I love the three gold stripes on the sleeves,) the fabric just felt like normal, sporty, cotton material. It definitely didn't feel as breezy as Nike's.

Which brand do you prefer your sports tee from? And if you've bought a Nike Dri-FIT tee recently, do you think they're actually more breathable, or am I just imagining it?

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Sex and The City is about . . .

A Scene from Sex and The City

Sexy Scenes from Sex and The City

Is it about Sex, the City, Female comradery, fashion labels, love or happy endings?

What ever your take on the movie version of Sex and The City, it is certainly about the hype.

The stars of Sex and The City have a lock on this week early morning television shows from Today Show, The Early Show and Regis & Kelly, so there is no escaping Sex and The City.

Products or brand as they are known in the trade, will be featured prominently in the movie.

Not only will Samantha (Kim Cattrall) be driving a GLK luxury sport utility, but Mr. Big played by (Chris Noth) will be traveling around in an S-class limousine both from Mercedes-Benz which will also be featured in scenes revolving around Mercedes-Benz fashion week tents.

Of course, we know all fashionable and fit New York women are seen carrying around a bottle of water.

See More Sex and The City clips

So, of course, water was a natural fit for this movie and Vitaminwater will be featured in the movie.

And, what fashionable woman would go out without a fashionable, designer labeled bag.

So it only natural that the company that make it affordable for every fashion conscious woman to rent a designer labeled bag Bag Borrow or Steal to be a sponsor.

The movie is definitely about fashions, and it is definitely receiving wide attention in the celebrity and fashion magazines.

Vogue featured Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover and also in a fabulous fashion spread shot around New York.

Wedding Scene Sarah Jessica Parker
But most of all about the fashions.

Sex and The City will certainly be a chick flick, as the movie ticket site Fandango reported in their blog that many women seem to be planning to go in groups.

"We (Fandango) are getting a surprising number of requests for group ticket sales from women planning 'Sex and the City' get-togethers.

So it seems that Sex and The City will be a lady's night out movie.

According to Fandango survey only 6 percent said they were going with a man, so this is definitely a lady's night out type of movie.

Although the R rating will severely limit the teen audience as a parent or guardian must accompany those under 17.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how the battle of the movie audiences shapes up, as the guy movie Indiana Jones which took in an estimated $311 million worldwide revenue this past weekend goes up against Sex and The City which will open in movie theatres on Friday May 30, with many theatres offering Thursday niter, midnight showings.

If you cannot see the video clips or photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Sex and The City.

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Cannes Festival Fashion 2008

Now that Cannes is over, it is time to admire the dresses! Its not quite as fun to look at as the ones from the Costume Institute, but we got to take our joy where we can find them.
Best dress definitely goes to Natalie Portman. I love how all her outfits are so cute, funny, girly and yet she still looks elegant.
I love the flirty red tiered dress! Not so hot on this black/white number though. It doesn't look very well made. Nor particularly flattering.
Something more sophisticated. Cate Blanchett looks great in Armani. Mischa looks stunning too in that rich royal blue gown. Though I think she looks a little too sophisticated for her age.
Aishwarya Rai looks classic in that silver dress. And I absolutely adore the back and the long train of Penelope Cruz's cream Marchesa dress.
Now onto the disasters. How did Chanel come up with these two hideous creations to adorn Madonna and Gweneth Paltrow with? Though Madonna's dress actually makes Gweneth's dress look not so bad! Dita von Teese looks pale and ghostly in this green Christian Lacroix creation. Ugh. She looks much better in the simple white wrap dress.
Linsday Lohan looks like she's wearing an expensive green Persian rug. Angelina Jolie actually looks quite pretty here . The cutting of this Max Azria dress quite her current figure perfectly. I also love how she chose to wear minimal make-up. She already naturally glows from her condition. The only thing though is that I don't like this color. It just looks so.... earthy and dirty. She'd look much better in a more vibrant color.
Milla Jovovich needs to fire or hire (if she hasn't already got one) a stylist. And go eat something. Are those rib bones I see (right in green)?

Image Source: NY Mag and Style Dash

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Happy Memorial Day

Finally, the Thanksgiving of the Spring/Summer season! I already took advantage of the opportunity on Thursday (when Bloomies had their Girls Night Out) and snatched this cardigan I've been eying for a long time at more than half price off. But in case you still haven't been out and about, here are a few of my favourite sales picks from online boutiques: I am loving the vibrant colors and the flirty ruffles on these dresses from Catherina Malandrino (left) and Julie Haus (right). They are the perfect summery party dresses!
Something more classic, there are these two party picks from Cynthia Rowley (left) and Velvet (right). The thing about the Velvet dress though is that it might be more perfect for fall/winter, since they're long sleeved and black- even though black is perfect year round.
Something more glam, I like this sequins top from Vanessa Bruno (left). It is simple, matte but still glam. And these gold heels from Kors is also great. The peep toe makes it summery and the heels are just right and not too thin for a night of dancing.
In the daytime, we have this looks from Marc by Marc Jacobs (left). I love the retro preppiness of that block patterned polo. And I like how the shorts are tailored. Then there is this colorful top from Catherine Malandrino (right), which just looks super fun!
I love this pink top from Foley + Corinnna. I have something similar in black, but this shade just looks so much more fun! And this Karen Zambos dress (right) is simply adorable. I can imagine someone walking along a beach/resort-like area wearing it. Oh and its patriotic too!
Speaking of patriotic, so are these strappy sandals from Marc by Marc Jacobs (left). I've actually been eying these for some time too. I love the bright colors, the solid heels and the platform, which makes me think that they will be comfortable to walk in while still giving me height. They'd be perfect as my casual summer sandals for daily use. My concern is that the straps will hurt (they are thin after all) and since I've not seen it in real life, I fear it would not measure up to my expectations. And what if I get tired of them after a few weeks? They're not exactly the most "classic" style. Though it is 50% off now and the deal is actually quite good........

Another fun platform to look at are these Chloe's (right). They actually look more comfortable, considering the thick straps and all.
More casual shoes (both by Marc by MJ)! I have these red heels in white from last last season and thats why I'm loving the elegant peep toe style. They even seem to have improved the sole too! The material they used for the sole of the white heels last season was just not a good choice for summer shoes. Very absorbing and suffocating. Meh. (Though to solve that problem, you can always just add a pair of fragrant insoles in from Summer Soles ). Then there are these flip flops. Not sure if its worth getting Marc by MJ flip flops, but I saw a girl wear it in the elevator the other week, and the color is just great!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Image Source: Intermix Online and Shopbop

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UK Trip 2008

Well, I'm off to the British Isles! The land of fish and chips, Harry Potter and my favorite author, Jane Austen. I may not be able to blog whilst I'm there, so pardon my silence. LVoe it!

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Blast from the Past

Just surfing the net for an ideal camera case for my trip and found these old runway pics from 2002. The Monogram Mesh, seasonal/runaway pieces that doesn't hold a ton but does have a lot of style. I've seen a couple come up at auction and they seem to be pretty interesting. (Much has to be said for slinky purses) Now, if only I had a time machine! Photos: tPF PS. Oh my gosh, I did more digging up on this bag and apparently the name of it is 'Frances'! This probably is going to be my Holy Grail of purses!

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A Big Shout Out...! the Fabulous Boyz (& Filipina) of Maison 5th Avenue. I had the best time today when on a whim, I decided to drive to New York City to visit the 5th Avenue store. Much to my surprise, I was recognized by an SA on the floor as louisvuittonlover. He then proceeded to introduce me to his fellow associates, who apparently have also read my blog. I was so embarrassed but thrilled and I got to see the "VIP" room. By no means was I a VIP, but they sure made me feel like it when I was there. What did I do in the room? Well, you'll have to find out when it arrives tentatively on July 19. Thanks, guys! I am amazed that there are no people in this snapshot. That intersection is beaucoup busy!!!

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600th Post: The Speedy Cube Noir

Tentative release date: September 22, 2008 Pic from

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Lanvin Flats

When the Lanvin flats became a hit back a year or so back, with people like Nicole Richie, wearing it everywhere in different colors, I did not see the attraction. They honestly did not look any different from standard flats and I did not see where the $500USD price tag came from. They don't even have heels!
Out of curiosity though, I tried on a pair of red patent Lanvin flats (similar to the one above) the other day at Barneys- and I think I'm finally understanding where the price tag comes from. Even though it is about as thin as any other flats, they are REALLY comfortable. Like amazingly so. Seriously. I noticed the difference right after I tried it on. The sole was cushiony- like sneakers! I don't know how they do it. Even in patent leather, the scrunchy thing is super soft. Now I know what all the rave was about.

Still though, the price is a bit steep for flats. Maybe if they were $300.

Image Source: Barneys

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Blason Jewellery


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This is so sweet

Longtime sweethearts tennis-star Roger Federer and Mirka Vavrinec. Bag: Rayures tote GM. Visit

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Eleonora (Italy) - Le Marais - Paris

Eleonora 25 (from Rimini - Italy)

Bag/sac: MOSQUINO.
Legging: no brand
Shoes: ASH (Italy)
Sunnies/Lunettes: RAYBAN Wayfarers (original 80's from her father)
Perfume/Parfum: "Paris" by Yves St-Laurent, "Amour" by Cacharel, Abercrombie.
Last book: "Post-Punk"
"Fashion is very important for me. My look today is lazy (just to walk)"

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