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Fashion Talk - Wish you all a Happy New Year

A very happy New Year 2012 for all our readers and visitors.

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Trumstand horn-shaped iPhone speaker dock with gold and silver plating

It seems that the acoustic world has taken a turn towards creating ‘horn’ shaped speakers, perhaps for the right reasons. We aren’t specialists, but this design from the yesteryears certainly does have a special effect on the sound. We saw some innovation in terms of blending this old-world design to modern gadgetry in products such as the Phonofone III and the Ferguson Hill FH001, and featuring as more high-end competitor on looks, is the Trumstand horn-shaped iPhone speaker dock. Created with brass, and coated with precious metals like gold and silver, the device allows one to play audio content stored on the iPhone or iPod, with high quality sound output as expected.

Like most modern day technology and the direction it seems to move into, Pleiades Designs, the maker of the Trumstand, have relied on the natural powers around us, to give us a device of premium quality. From the concept of not using any extra-electronics to amplify and operate the device, to relying on the natural horn shape to give out high quality sound, the Trumstand seems to have been made for the modern day home where wiring needs to be kept to a bare minimum, and energy requirements looked into, without compromising on utility. Hence, what you get is an iPod/iPhone dock speaker that charges your device, and plays your audio content without any glitches whatsoever. A lot of this can be attributed to the fact that the horn has been created out of thick high-quality brass, and also the ‘S’ shaping of the tail end, which relies on the natural acoustic powers. This results in negation any sort of external vibrations, while doing justice to the audio. With the glossy finish and sleek design, it blends old world charm and modern day chic with aplomb.

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Complete Technique unveils Custom Nike ZF-1 Snowboard boots in gold

We have earlier seen the Nike Golden Boot for Ronaldo this year, we were indeed surprised as golden shoes either remained a popular accessory with the rappers, or were symbolic. But taking it all a step further, is the Complete Technique Nike ZF-1 American Eagle Snowboard golden boots. Inspired by Japanese art forms such as the Saint Seiya and Berserk, this set of boots use extensive amounts of yellow gold to form a carved structure, which perhaps is more like a cover of a white shoe inside.

Nicknamed the American Eagle Snowboard Zoom Force 1, these boots were the brainchild of Osamu Koyama from the designer label Complete Technique, who had got into a partnership with famous sportswear brand, Nike. Mr. Koyama used gold plates and carved them individually on the basis of each of the 2 Japanese entities, which we mentioned earlier. Capturing the designing cues, and putting it across in the abstract yet aesthetic way on the underlying Zoom Force Boot, indeed got the best out of the artist. The nooks and corners, along with the carving as one can see, requires quite the effort to get right, but at first glance might appear to be a bit overwhelming. However, it all doesn’t end here. The shoes have then been given an opal pendant on the front, furthering the core idea of an outlandish design. Internally, the Nike Snowboard Zoom Force 1 boot lies hiding, visible only from the back end.

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Louis Vuitton wooden sunglasses will keep the sun out in 2012

Louis Vuitton has always given us some interesting pairs of sunglasses, and their Spring/Summer 2012 collection doesn’t disappoint either. After the sporty 4motionand catty Ella this collection debuts the LV wooden sunglasses. Sporting a wooden frame the glasses feature an inner metal frame to hold the lenses in place. Available in two colorways the stunning pair should be up for grabs across LV stores in the world soon.

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Alexander McQueen's Britannia leather box clutch is for the patriotic diva

Ladies kindle your patriotic pride with this Britannia Leather box clutch from Alexander McQueen. The Union-Jack patterned leather box clutch is made from red, blue and white goat leather. The edge stitching details on the colored pieces of leather is very appealing. The clutch is luxuriously lined, and embellished with crystal and pearl skull hardware fastening on the top. It is chic enough for a night out and will definitely elicit a positive response. It retail for $1,450.

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Designed for let-your-hair-down nights, fine cognac house Hennessy has released its latest Privilege limited edition V.S.O.P, the sleek NyX. Fun fact: the bottle glows in the dark.
Very futuristic with its gleaming translucent "platinum" bottle with metallic purple accents, the logos are etched in luminescent ink along the label, collar, and cork, and are visible only under black light - the perfect lounge-slash-clubbing tipple. 

Packaged in a print reminiscent of a purple galactic vista, this is out-of-the-world cool, and very festive. Sky-rocketing the exclusivity factor to infinity and beyond, each Hennessy Privilege NyX bottle is also marked with a limited edition number of authenticity, as well as a flash code tag that you can scan with your smart phone to unlock access to Hennessy’s mobile hub.

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It's official: Mayor Bloomberg has personally extended an invitation to this year's biggest pop star to drop the crystal ball in Times Square on New Year's Eve at precisely 11.59pm on December 31...and it's Lady Gaga!
Thousands of party revelers and Little Monsters will be cheering and singing along to Auld Lang Syne, as one of the most influential people on earth today pushes a Waterford Crystal button to release the LED-lit ball.

Fun cocktail fact: the New Year's Eve Ball weighs exactly 11,875 pounds, the combined heft of 2,688 LED-equipped crystal triangles bolted onto the sphere. That's just about as much megawatt star power Lady Gaga possesses at the moment.
Bonus: if you're reading this while getting ready for your New Year's bash, why not play the vid below of the pop star singing White Christmas to get you in the mood for a snowy last night of 2011

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For the health- and style-conscious designer homeware collector, meet the ultra-sleek 0.6 liter Bugatti Vita Juicer.
Specially designed for use with citrus fruits, the dishwasher-friendly juicer is powered by a motor, while the stainless steel filter helps to remove any pulp. The v-shaped body is hinged onto a pillar, allowing it to rotate up to 60˚ for your convenience - so when juicing is complete, just tilt it over and voila, you got yourself a glass of freshly squeezed juice packed with vitamin goodness – the perfect remedy for seasonal viruses or winter blues.

Offered in a dazzling array of hues including magenta, lime green and citrus orange - buy all colors to use for corresponding fruits! - the juicer comes with an equally gorgeous carafe and two reamers in different sizes.

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Chanel French Cane 
We can just imagine ol' Uncle Karl—that’s Lagerfeld for you—pottering around his grounds wielding this old-school cane and idly watching Baptiste Giabiconi playing tennis with his model buds, using Chanel rackets and balls, of course.
The French cane, which used to be considered a sport in the XVIIIth century, has now been re-appropriated as an essential accessory in the refined gent's wardrobe. Embossed with interlocking Cs in graphic black and white and sheathed in quilted black canvas, this is an immediately recognizable Chanel object - and can be brandished as a stylish weapon, too.

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{feathers & lace}


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{backstage : chanel}


[the coveteur via sarah at haute design]

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[paris nights & new york mornings]

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Auto lover designs TV stands out of the Porsche rear for upscale living rooms

Auto enthusiasts love for autos is not just restricted to roads, but for some it the passion for autos has made inroads into their homes; from car art and even full-sized car sculptures, there are a number of options for auto lovers to furnish their homes with. We have earlier also told you about many such options including the unconventional X-series gas grills from Porsche Design Group. And, the latest in the unconventional automobile-inspired furniture specially for the Porsche-lovers is the custom TV stands made from genuine Porsche models. The innovative range of 996 TV display centers uses the rear of Porsche models. With the press of a button, the rear-end Porsche artwork will transform itself into a technologically advanced entertainment center.

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300 Luxury Series is the most luxurious Chrysler sedan ever

Chrysler doesn’t needs a new introduction when it comes to inducing luxury features in the cars. We had previously seen the Christina Aguilera edition of the eco-car from Chrysler, and now it’s the turn of the 300 luxury series, which will set a benchmark of sorts in the niche segment. Apart from ultra-premium fabrics used within the vehicle, the series will also have several new technological additions like the state of the art 8-speed auto transmission amongst others.

Beginning with the rather elegant exteriors, one sees plenty of precious platinum being used on the grille and ascents, 20-inch alloy wheels, and the rear-view mirrors as well. Coupled with the muscular shaped exterior with soft curves, the vehicle exudes an aura of being sophisticated and ultra premium in every way. On the insides, one would see a plethora of parts which use Mochachino Poltrona Frau Foligno Leather especially on the instrument panel, center console side panels, upper front and rear door panels, where as Nappa leather is seen on the seating, arm rest, gearing and even the steering wheel. What makes it all very aesthetic is the dual tone composition of light and dark toned coffee of the leather, with the premium smooth texture; perfect drooling recipe! To match it all, there is the single-grain natural Pore Mocha wood with matte finishing, which contrast the whole setting, but still manages to blend in rather classically as the rest.

On the tech front, there have been some new additions like the advanced 8-speed transmission, 8.4-inch touch screen infotainment system, Garmin navigation system, Sirius XM traffic control and information system, instrument cluster with LED lighting, power steering with height adjustment, power adjustable pedals with memory feature, and also the electric sunshade, which one can use to soak in the natural view outside. Other than the transmission, there is the 292 HP engine output received from the 3.6 liter Pentastar V-6 machine, which will pack in the punch during the high-speed rides. The prices for the car will be ranging from $40,145 - 45,245, depending on the edition chosen. For the one with the money, we could take a guess that pricing wouldn’t be so much the obstacle. For the rest, we perhaps have to make do with some serious admiration in 2012!

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Louis Vuitton Polo Bike adds more style to the game of polo

Dating back to the 5th century, Polo had become a game enjoyed amongst the rich and elite, henceforth a reason for their pride and prestige. In time, like other sports, everything relating to it received sophisticated makeovers, especially the equipment, and now is a time when it is played on bicycles instead of the traditional horses. To cater to the modernized version of Polo, Louis Vuitton has introduced the special edition Polo bike, for the lovers of the game and the Italian designer brand. With several new customizations, the human powered bicycle adds more glamour and style than what already exists in the game.

The French duo of Hennes Hengst and Gregory Barbier who have been professional players of Polo, have been a part of the project to develop this bike, keeping much of the professional sport’s demands in mind, while also adding to the glamour factor. The noticeable changes or rather the additions noticed, include the stitched and embossed leather paddle straps and mallet holders, leather wrapped bike shaft, etched bar plugs, special machine chaining by Victoire, and also the equipment which includes the hollow body of the mallet head, gloves and helmet. Color synchronized according to elegant tastes, special attention has been paid to the detailing and fine texturing of the surfaces, even the odd ones likes the chequered wheel cover of the bike. Some technicians would argue a more free and open design would have been better while playing the sport, but in terms of styling, it noticeably makes a difference in aesthetics, and build quality which are granted attributes of the brand.

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With festive dinner planning in full swing right now, there can be no better time to unleash your inner Nigella Lawson by discovering the Pure Gourmet Initiative, a campaign by the French spirit house to encourage the sublime experience of pairing Martell with fine food.
Designed to be an ingredient-led experience, Martell's Pure Gourmet experience culls only the best from renowned terroirs worldwide to accompany the most special of Martell cognacs.

Spearheaded by two star chefs, Eric Danger and Christophe Pienkowski, alongside Cellar Master Benoît Fil, the Pure Gourmet philosophy is one of careful pairings. Benoît Fil explains: "The culture of flavor, of tasting and of discovering the terroirs are perhaps the most obvious links between the Martell cognacs and the recipes that have been created for Pure Gourmet.'
"It is impossible to make a good eau-de-vie without a good wine and you cannot make a good wine without a good grape… all stems back to the origins, the ingredient. The Pure Gourmet recipes are ingredient-led, each with a focus on three pure ingredients from the most renowned terroirs, this is why my team and I have worked closely together to create ingredient and Martell pairings on which the recipes are based."

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What better way to while away an idyllic weekend afternoon than a spirited game of English chess with your best bud? For the ultimate board game experience, get this handsome chess set from Hermès’ Spring-Summer 2012 collection.
Giant-sized for maximum fun, the set with lovely rosewood and mahogany hand-sculpted pieces are laid out on a 95cm board in the most luscious and decadent etoupe Clemence taurillon leather: the entire setpiece will look equally good in your reading room when not in use.
While we're at it, why not purchase the Sellier Chair, also from S/S 2012, for your friendly opponent to sit in while contemplating his next move? In saddle-stitched Everlisse cowhide, these comfy seats come in multiple color and material combos - the orange leather and chocolate brown version is classic Hermès, as is the summery canvas option with lemony yellow arm-rests.

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A sumptuous cocktail party-cum-dinner was held on November 29 to fete the arrival of S. Pellegrino X Bulgari limited edition bottle in Hong Kong. As previously reported, only 50 million "S.Pellegrino sparkles with Bulgari” bottles will be distributed worldwide. Served alongside S. Pellegrino, a unique fine dining experience was presented, whereby Amber's Richard Ekkebus cooked up a storm of delectable canapes.

Amber's Richard Ekkebus
For those who missed the launch – fret not, the Bulgari-dressed S. Pellegrino bottles will be available at selected locations in town, including Bo Innovation, 8 ½ Otto de Mezzo, L’Atelier De Joel Robuchon, Aqua and Coast.
To further tease your taste buds, S. Pellegrino is also collaborating with 8 ½ Otto de Mezzo and Bo Innovation to launch a special Christmas and New Year’s Eve menu. 

Century egg, pickled ginger (Bo Innovation)

Saga-gyu beef, black truffle soy, cheung fun (Bo Innovation)

Red tuna belly, black truffle bruschetta; black winter truffle & jerusalem artichoke salad, 6 years Iberico Ham (8 ½ Otto de Mezzo) 

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In a darkly imaginative project between champagne house Dom Pérignon and auteur David Lynch, the filmmaker spent two days in darkness, creating ghostly sets and conjuring up mythical stories of his own. The result: two breathtakingly precious portraits of Dom Pérignon's iconic bottles.
David Lynch, working in a California studio transformed into a darkroom, spent two days contemplating the timeless silhouette of the Dom Pérignon bottle. In those 48 hours, he invented stories, created sets and cobbled together strange theatrical machinery - and took many, many photos. In the end, this massive trove was culled to just two precious images, a distillation, if you like, of his journey into Dom Pérignon.

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Hermès, Omega and Breguet Now Open at Bellagio

The new Omega store is located in the lobby of the Bellagio.
Two watch companies and one of the top luxury lines in the world just opened at the Bellagio just in time for the holidays. Now you can shop at Hermès, Omega and Breguet while taking in the holiday scene at the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.
Hermès is a preeminent maker of luxury products including leather goods, silk scarves, homeware, tableware, jewelry and fragrances. The 2,594-square-foot boutique reflects the iconic characteristics and modernity of its flagship location in Paris. The design personifies the tradition of Hermès with furniture made of European cherry wood varnished with decorative ironmongery and 1920s inspired lights. The new boutique is located in the lobby of the Bellagio and open daily from 10 a.m. to midnight.
Omega is a prestigious Swiss watch company with more than 163 years of experience creating fine time pieces. The 1,252-square-foot Omega boutique offers the brand’s entire product line, including selections from the fine leather and jewelry collections only available at flagship stores. The boutique’s façade has been conceived around the themes of sun, water, earth and time. On display in the store windows, products are illuminated to symbolize the sun’s energetic light rays. Omega is also located in the Bellagio lobby and open daily from 10 a.m. to midnight.
Breguet is a leading high-end maker of luxury watches and jewelry creations. With only five U.S. locations, this is the brand’s first and only Las Vegas location. The 2,400-square-foot boutique invites visitors to discover the work of the Swiss watch manufacturer’s skilled artisans, through interactive themed film displays. Visitors can browse the films at their leisure using a touch screen. Breguet is located in Via Bellagio and open daily from 10 a.m. to midnight.
Bellagio is located at 3600 Las Vegas Blvd. S. For information, call 702-731-0300 or 1-877-957-9777

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It's official: The Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Collection auction by Christie's has set a new world record for the most valuable private collection of jewels sold at auction, fetching US$115,932,000 in one night.
The star of the night came from under the sea: Ms Taylor's La Peregrina natural pearl, diamond, ruby, and cultured pearl necklace (below) went under the hammer for $11.8 million, including fees, breaking two world records at once: for an historic pearl, against the previous record of $2.5 million set by La Regente at Christie’s Geneva auction in 2005, and for a pearl jewel, surpassing the $7 million record paid for The Baroda Pearls at Christie’s New York, 2007.

The Mike Todd Diamond Tiara, an antique diamond tiara circa 1880, sold for $4.2m. As recounted in her 2002 book, My Love Affair with Jewelry, Elizabeth Taylor’s husband Mike Todd presented this antique diamond tiara to her, saying, “You are my queen.”

Bvlgari emerald and diamond bracelet, sold for US$4m

Bvlgari emerald and diamond pendant brooch, sold for $6.57m

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Here's something darkly cool to buffer you from the elements, rain or shine: the Westminster Umbrella by Archer Adams London, an exquisite, hand-crafted instrument wrought from silver and topped with a clear Swarovski crystal top shaped in an array of gothic skulls or quirky animals.
Available in long classic and collapsible form, the Westminster Umbrella - its name a nod, perhaps, to Britain's infamously gloomy weather - comes in eight different designs, including a Lion’s head, Snake and Labrador. And because you'll be paying a pretty penny for one of these brollies - they start at $265 a pop - the Westminster Umbrella by Archer Adams London is guaranteed for life. Available online here.

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Above and below: It-Girl Camilla Belle wore look 42 from Spring Summer 2012, a flashy black, gold and white cocktail dress with all over embroidery featuring sequins, beads and chain fringe detail, accsessorized with gold leather evening sandals and a black python box clutch

At the inaugural Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s (LACMA) Art + Film Gala, Gucci was the star House of the night, as its divine couture pieces were seen on a virtual constellation of the biggest and brightest names in Hollywood. 
The glitzy event was held in honor of the legendary actor-filmmaker Clint Eastwood, artist John Baldessari and the cinematic arts in general. Style observers, on the other hand, were glued to the screen for entirely different reasons, transfixed by the spectacle of Gucci-clad luminaries from the arts and film industry strutting down the steps of the museum in the latest fashions from the flamboyant Italian house.

Olivia Wilde was an absolute stunner in a Cruise 2012 long sleeved coral gown with a plunging neckline and flower waist detail
"Supporting LACMA's mission to celebrate the art of filmmaking is a natural extension of Gucci's longstanding commitment to the film community," said Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini.
If supporting the arts means dressing beautiful people in beautiful clothes, bring it on, we say. Scroll down for more images of the hottest celebs in the latest from Gucci.

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