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Cute Umbrellas

Along with Spring, comes the rain. After many days of nice clear blue skies and warm breezy wind, the rain has inevitably reached my corner of the globe. Fortunately for me, this means that I can finally use the new super cute umbrella I bought from London during spring break! Always look on the bright side right?

Anyway, about my super cute umbrella, its from Accesorize (as are the two shown above) with cute floral pattern against a black background and its TINY. Thats my favourite thing about it. Its so tiny, it barely weighs anything and actually fits into my small shoulder bag along with my ipod, wallet, camera, mini hairbrush and lipgloss. Its amazingly portable. I LOVE my new umbrella. The only downfall is that its so tiny, it feels very fragile against the Chicago wind. But I'll be careful ;)

Ever the business-minded, Juicy Couture ofcourse makes umbrellas as well. They're cute. The black one is . . . usable I guess, even cool if worn properly. But the pink one, if you see it opened, is covered with pink hearts. Waaaaaay too much, unless you're age 10 or below, it can in no way be considered cute.

Other cute tiny umbrellas I found was this spotty Kate Spade one and this personalised initial one from Neiman Marcus. The Kate Spade one, is playfully elegant, just the right touch to be fun but not childishly so. And who doesn't like their own initials right?

Ever thoughtful to their customer's needs, Neiman Marcus also makes these plain tiny umbrellas and waterproof poncho. Although I really don't see how a waterproof poncho will protect one from the rain. Is that thing at the neck a decoration or a hood? Either case, its not very attractive. Good thing the ladies of Neiman Marcus have drivers and cars, and would never be caught out in the rain to begin with.

And of course, there is always the super uber cute tiny umbrellas from Burberry. The tiny pouch that comes with the red one is just darling!

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Embellished Summer Thongs

Embellished thongs are classic summer shoeswear. You can basically buy one pair and wear it until it breaks since their designs don't change much each year. I used to dislike such fancy sandals because they looked so overcrowded with shiny stones and seemed like the type of shoes that only slutty rich girls type would wear. But when I was shopping with my mum, she kept trying on embellished thongs, and I realised that as long as these thongs were matched well with clothing, then they are excellent summer shoes.

Embellished thongs, which are basically fancy flip flops aren't exactly this year's most fashionable shoes (platforms.) But they are comfortable and great to wear for doing casual stuff, like shopping in the local mall and the beach.

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Cole Hann Gala Thongs -My mum bought these in gold. I love how the crystals are so simple. This pair would match practically all daytime outfits.

Guess flip flops -This pair is really similar except instead of crystals, the embellishment are rhinestones. I think the crystals on the Cole Hann pair looks classier, but this pair would look great with jeans.

Manolo Blahnik embellished thong sandal -This pair has a lot of crystals, so be careful when matching outfits. It would look great with wrap dresses and evening wear.

Jimmy Choos jeweled ankle wrap thong -Sooo gorgeous! Perfect to wear with white shorts and pretty, neautral coloured tops.

A. Marinelli 'Idal' thong -Since we can't all afford Choos and Manolos, this is a cheaper choice at only $84.95 (Nordstrom.) The great thing is that it doesn't look cheap. I really like the colors of the little beads.

Michael Kors metallic flat thongs -OK, this thong isn't exactly embellished, but it's such a great investment because of its simplicity and would go with all outfits.

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Miu Miu gold gemometic sandals -If you prefer not-so-simple looking sandals, then you would love this one. Another great pair to wear with this season's neatural colored clothes.

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Stuart Weitzman Starfish sandals -I LOVE this pair. It's soo pretty with all those starfish...

Kate Spade Kimora embellished thong sandals -This is another one of my favourites. I have no idea what those white blobs are but they're so cute! (And the color is totally this season!)

J. Crew nautical sandals -These would go perfectly with this season's nautical-themed clothes. Most of them are about $98 per pair so you're looking for something to wear everyday this summer, or if you're the beachy/ yacht club type of girl, then go check out J. Crew!

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US Weekly Hot Hollywood Awards

Talk about a pathetic excuse to party. On Wed night, the lovely tabloid US Weekly hosted the Hot Hollywood Awards. Huh? you ask. Well apparently, it's to celebrate Hollywood crowd's "outstanding taste in fashion." The funny thing is, none of the the real fashionable IT girls, aka la Lohan, Nicole Richie, MKA Olsen, Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson weren't even there. Prepare to see the fashion in this seriously unstylish party:

Style Icon of the Year -Jessica Alba. She has got to be the only stylish star there. She looks gorgeous in everything.

Hottest Sexy Style -Carmen Electra. Err, I don't usually pay attention to her, but I suppose she picked a good and not too slutty dress here.

Hottest Body Style -Jennifer Love Hewitt. Huh? How does she have the 'hottest body style'? Actually what does this award even mean?

Hottest Rock Star Style -Avril Lavigne. Oh surprise surprise. Her outfit here is really poorly put together. I thought she recently converted from Sk8er Girl to Chanel Girl, but she's obviously decided to change back for her upcoming CD!

Hottest Red Carpet Style -Paris Hilton. Err yes, flashing your bra on the red carpet is definately the way to go. That's hot Paris!

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Nicky Hilton -The poor girl didn't get anything! They should have made an award for 'Hottest Styligh Designer' for her!

Best Makeover Style -Kelly Osbourne. Yup she's gotten a makeover all right. I'm just not so sure about the 'best'. My opinion: Hilary Duff should be getting this.

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Michelle Trachtenburg -No idea if she got any award, but I'm not such a big fan of her style.

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Hottest Movie Star Style -Brittany Murphy. If you ignore the rest of the well-dressed movie star that is. But I suppose Brittany's not too bad.

Hottest Popstar Style -Jesse McCartney. Omg, what happened to him!? He was so cute in Summerland!

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Rachel Leigh Cook -She's so off the 'it' radar that you hardly see her in photos anymore. But she's got such cute features. I wish some TV show would have her as a main character!

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Prom Dress 06 II: Off the Runway

Off the runway, we look to the stars and the stores for inspiration.

Conveniently for us, ABS has a collection of dresses that is literally off the red carpet, called the "Red Carpet" collection. I think its pretty cool. They have Natalie Portman's vintage Chanel that she wore to the Golden Globes this year, which I love, because it is just SO classic and elegant. It looks so similar that I noticed the resemblance even before I read about the idea behind the collection!

Sometimes, the ABS copy is even better than the real thing. I bet Charlize Theron wish she wore this ABS copy to the Golden Globes instead of the real Dior by Galliano see-through version.

Also in stores are dresses in the color of this season's brown. I adore the brown/gold dress BCBG on the left, its just good to see something different in dresses. And the model looks good in the brown BCBG dress on the right, especially with that tan!

Look young and cute in these BCBG taffeta dresses with a bow. They are so fun! Although I'm not too fond of the slight 'bubbling' of the skirt on the right.

Then there is the ever elegant goddess look. I especially like these two from BCBG, with the fading wash of colors. Although with that length, you really have to be tall to carry it off.

But if you, like me, are not that tall, there is always these goddess-like dresses from ABS with the short or assymetrical hem.

So happy prom dress hunting everyone. And remember, find something that is flattering to your body and that you won't cringe at when you see your prom pictures 10 years from now!

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Sexy Tattoos for Low Rider Jeans and Exposed Bellies

From Jessica Alba to Britney Spears tattoos have become hot, sexy fashion symbols.

In fact, 6 of the top 10 Sexiest Women in the World according to FHM magazine sport tattoos
including Britney Spears (2),
Halle Berry
(3), Alyssa Milano (4), Jessica Alba (6), Angelina Jolie (8) and Sarah Michelle Gellar (9).

With the advent of low rider jeans, and the appearance of booty cleavage, the desire to enhance the lower back with sexy back tattoos has increased.

Woman can now turn the lower back into a beautiful work of art. Drawing attention to that booty cleavage being displayed in those low rider jeans and Brazilian thong - string bikini bottoms.

Today, with full color temporary tattoos, you have everything to gain - without any pain or worry about infections that may come from tattoo needles.

In fact, if you decide that you don't like a tattoo design, it can be easily removed.

With the low cost of full color temporary tattoos, you can easily change the tattoo to reflect your mood, or to complement those new low rider jeans or thong bikini.

Belly buttons are also on display this time of year.

You can really attract attention to that firm stomach with beautiful full color temporary butterfly, moon, dolphins, fire bird, heart, flower, sunflower, flower petals, dragon, flaming sun, tribal to heart and roses belly button tattoos.

Tattoos on the breasts and buttock are especially sexy, with tattoos ranging from a rose tattoo to a resting faerie, to those clubbing bad girl and tribal
breast tattoos.

Arm tattoos have ranked high since the release of the movie Barbwire, in which Pamela Anderson had her arm tattooed for real with a barbed wire armband tattoo.

From barbwire, to roses, tribal wolf, dolphins, flames arm tattoos make a definite fashion statement.


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Prom Dress 06 I: On the Runway

A lot of readers have been asking us for inspirations for the perfect prom (or equivalent) dress. So I went directly to the source-the SS06 runways- for inspirations.

First stop, I went to the Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera runway for inspiration from the master. The elegant, champagne colored and brocaded dresses blew me away. Its just so royal and elegant.

For a similar feel, try these two dresses from BCBG. Both has a tint of gold/champagne color and a simple elegant design.

Take a page off Marc Jacob's runway and have a magical prom night. Sheer sky and sequinned stars, let the magic begin! (Left by Marc Jacob, Right by BCBG)

Don't be afraid to stand out and go bold with red-think of how great the pictures will turn out. I'm loving these red dresses from Elie Saab and Nicole Miller, hot but not tramp-y.

Add glam to a plain white dress with shiny silver sequins/beads. I LOVE the Elie Saab dress on the left, it is light, flowing, flirty and glam! For a more sophisticated glam, try the dress on the right by BCBG.

As you can see, I clearly LOVE Elie Saab's SS06 runway. Flowers on an outfit makes it all the more fun and romantic. That with the bright yellow color of Betsey Johnson's dress reminds one of a fresh blooming flower. Just beautiful!

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SS06 Makeup Trends: Purple Eye Shadow

Normally I'm not a big eye shadow fan. Don't get me wrong, I think eye shadows are great for brightening up one's looks. But I have always had the problem of oily eyelids, which means that the eye shadow powder tends to gather at the creases after a few hours. I'm still trying to find a solution to this so if you know how to make eye shadow stay on oily eyelids, please let me know!

Anyways back to the topic, just like
pink is for our face, purple is apparently the color of the moment for our eyes. (Excuse my lack of knowledge for the names of the different shades and hues of purple.) As seen on the SS06 catwalk:

Twinkle -This is such a pretty purple! This light, shimmery purple is perfect for both day and night.

Badgley Mischka -This is a solid, greyish purple color. Another good day or night color if you prefer to not look so sparkly and more 'proper' and sophisticated.

Missoni -Another solid purple. The pink blush on the models make the whole look 'prettier' than the look in Badgley Mischka.

Libertine -Very strong, shimmery purple. This is serious hardcore purple, so only wear it for parties at night!

The Chanel and Dior eye shadow palettes are both great for the looks above. I prefer the Dior one simply because there are five shades to mix and play with, but Chanel eye shadow is simply too divine to resist!

I'm also loving the Nars SS06 campaign. The purple (and the whole combination of makeup) used here makes Lily Cole look so haunting!
The Nars duo eye shadow gives a more matte effect than the Chanel and Dior palettes, so you may prefer this palette if you don't like shimmery eye shadow.

Purple is especially compliments brown and blue eyes, but it goes for all eye colors so do try it out!

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