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A new term was created in Hollywood a few years back called “Young Hollywood” the movers and shakers of Hollywood who are doing big things and barely legal. The term came about because gone are the days when teens are looking at their elders to show them the fashion way. They now occupy front row at fashion shows or even hosting their own. Not only do these young gals stay ahead of the trend they set the trend.

Today’s teens have become more so the coveted trend setters than their previous occupation as fashion followers. More than ever we are seeing a younger variation of influencers sitting front row at fashion week and therefore setting the standard by which every designer strives to exceed. With the minimum age requirement slipping it seems we owe it to these innovators to give them what they crave, what they envy, what they demand. Life is meant to be lived, which is why every minute should be honored in well loved jeans. In this respect Celebrity Pink strives to offer a product whose brand stands not only for quality and comfort, but for fashion forward thinking and cutting edge creativity.

From music to art to fashion, these young, smart consumers are setting trends that reverberate internationally. They are the new age influencers and in this light we must allow them their desired effect on the fashion world. Celebrity Pink responds to this new league of trendsetters by offering more than just premium denim at a junior price point. Celebrity Pink offers a very LA lifestyle that is attainable to anyone who reaches for it.

Celebrity Pink believes you can be both fashionable and comfortable without sacrificing fit. The young, active lifestyle of today’s youth should be reflected in the ability of one’s clothes to transition seamlessly from day to night vibrancy. Girls deserve to love their jeans as much as they love their genes, and it is by this standard it is ensured that every pair of Celebrity Pink’s denim is made to not only wear but to live in.

Who loves us:
At the company’s inception in 2004 Celebrity Pink’s high quality designs and unyielding attention to detail caught the eye of many major retailers and continues to expand its presence daily. Fashion cornerstones such as Macy’s and Dillard’s whole heartedly support the brand with continued product loyalty. Still further many of the most well known specialty retailers enlist the manufacturing services of Celebrity Pink’s extensive abilities, including Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, Arden B., and Hot Topic, with the list continuing its growth today. This doesn’t even begin to mention the hundreds of consistent national and international boutiques who boast Celebrity Pink as a favorite brand.

Meanwhile the vast world of media has taken notice as well. Celebrity Pink product continues to impress the pages of major publications including Seventeen, Nylon Magazine, Teen Vogue, OK! Weekly, Life & Style, InTouch, Women’s Wear Daily, and all of the Bauer Media teen magazines, just to name a few. Billboards emanating the company’s exuberance light up fashion capitals coast to coast, from Time Square to famed Hollywood and Highland. Celebrity favorites have taken heed as well and have even walked the red carpet in their very own Celebrity Pink apparel.

Need to Know:
From their New York showroom in the heart of Times Square to the corporate offices in Montebello, California the Celebrity Pink team works fervorously to ensure that their brand maintains persistent integrity and perpetual attention to detail. It is with this pride in workmanship than Celebrity Pink can continue to offer what they know to be a product of utmost excellence. It’s more than just a manufacturing of denim, it’s a project of passion. We make jeans so you can live in them

For those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to reside in the 90210 zip code there is fashion designers catering to those who have the same fashion sense but not the same fashion cents. Celebrity Pink has done an amazing job staying relevant and on trend. Dishing up high quality looks at very reasonable prices. Celebrity Pink Clothing probably most famous for their denim collection keeps their eye on the fashion pulse and season after season doesn’t skip a beat. Careful to keep their clothing edgy, fresh, and new Celebrity Pink knows a girl loves her jeans, and a big part of that love affair is fit. Style, fit and attention to detail is just the beginning of the Celebrity Pink Clothing recipe.

Since coming onto the seen in 2004 Celebrity Pink has given us gals fashion forward LA Style and incredible creativity. With a keen eye for the details Celebrity Pink understands that young consumers are not only well versed in fashion but super smart consumers. Selling their clothing to specialty boutiques, trendy e-commerce’s and major department stores Celebrity Pink clothing is as cool as the places where it’s sold. Eye popping ads and stunning beautiful fashion model has put Celebrity Pink on the fashion road map.

Celebrity Pink had made a name for themselves being featured in the magazines that their consumer read such as Life and Style, In Touch, Teen Vogue and OK! To name just a few.   Don’t have an eye for style and need a little guidance in fashion you can’t go wrong shopping the Celebrity Pink Clothing collection. Choose from dresses, tops, and specialty denim.

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