Nothing Will Stop Lauren Conrad From Getting a Manicure

"Had to wear a head lamp to give myself a manicure last night… #SafariProblems"

Lauren Conrad demonstrated a serious can-do attitude toward grooming when she gave herself a manicure—at night—while on safari in Tanzania. No electricity? No problem.
On Wednesday the stylish celeb tweeted, "Had to wear a head lamp to give myself a manicure last night." She also included an adorable picture of herself wearing the contraption as proof of her dedication to having perfectly polished nails.
This kind of discipline doesn't surprise us. Lauren continually appears in photos looking put together in her own effortlessly chic way and her tweet inspired us with her obvious commitment to looking good even when a red carpet appearance isn't on the agenda. Now it's really time we did something about these ragged cuticles and chipped lacquer.
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credit - By Heather Gunderman at Style Bistro
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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